iTalki Vs. Memrise: The 2 Best Apps Today?

iTalki vs. Memrise, which is the best language application for you? Today, we will help you figure out the best platform for you. Whether learning new words, finding a tutor, or doing it for fun, knowing what will work best for you is highly encouraged. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

There are various ways to learn a language besides using a language learning platform. It could be through getting a tutor, speaking to native speakers, having language partners, or even through free resources. Although language learning is exciting, it is also essential to know the best resources for language learning. As you read this blog post, hopefully, it becomes easier for you!



This application is popular because of the learning style that it provides. Apart from that, various popular languages are taught. A common question that people usually have with this app is that it will make there become fluent speakers of a certain language that they want. This brief and honest iTalki review will answer your questions!

iTalki’s teaching styles are unique and new to the market. It is through having one-on-one sessions with the tutor. These teachers are native speakers of the language they want to learn, or they have sufficient experiences to make these courses fun, interactive, and educational. The learners who use this application can practice speaking the language they want to learn. Hence, this makes language learning more effective and easier.

Will it make you fluent? It depends. Ultimately, the fluency that you can have in a specific language will depend on the phrases you want to learn, the lesson you commit to, and the focus you have. However, if you think that iTalki is the perfect application for you, here are some pros and cons that you might want to read to help you decide.


iTalki’s Pros And Cons

Let us start by knowing the benefits of using this application!

italki vs memrise

Allows You To Have 1 On 1 Lessons

This is what makes this application very popular. With iTalki, you can talk with a fluent speaker in the language that you want to learn and state the learning goals that they can help you with. This is also a very convenient way of learning a language. The lessons actually happen through video chat which makes it very convenient to do.

The Course Is Not Limited To Vocabulary Lessons

Because the language teachers are on the other end of the screen that you can talk to, the language learners can speak to them and practice their skills. This does not limit you, the student, to just learning about new words, new phrases, and grammar rules, but it gives you an idea of what real-life conversations are like. The course is made to be interactive, which makes the students retain the lesson more.

There Are A Lot Of Teachers And Languages That You Can Choose From

iTalk caters to about 150+ languages which makes this platform very diverse. This sets apart the application from the other platforms from the most popular languages and the less common languages. This is also one of the ways a person can earn money which is through teaching languages. This makes the students choose from various language tutors that can teach them. iTalki lessons make language learning very enjoyable and have teachers that can cater to your needs as a language learner. Not only that, but they have trial lessons that will help you decide too!


What Are iTalki’s Cons?

It Is Not Free

Yep, this app is not free. Although there is a trial lesson, it is not entirely free. Depending on your teacher, the prices range from $4 to $30 per hour. If you are just a newbie in language learning, this might be something that you want to think about and if it works for you.

Some Teachers Cannot Be Booked Right Away

And because this offers one on one lessons, the course can only be done through booking the teachers. This makes the lessons a bit inaccessible, and it might make language learning a bit discouraging to some. Depending on the tutor, some are fully booked, while some have the option to have let them be booked right away, though this is not a common occurrence.



Memrise is one of the language resources that people use as well. This is also one of the best language learning applications in learning languages, especially in learning vocabulary. With various languages that you can choose from, this makes learning a new word easier. Not to mention that this application also has an excellent review from the customers! Memrise is one of the typical applications people use when learning a new language. Accessible online, the interface of the application and the presentation of the words are like flashcards. So what is Memrise, and how does this language platform differ from others?

Please continue reading to learn about its pros and cons!

italki vs memrise

Good Free Version

There are two versions of Memrise – the free one and the paid version. The paid one can range from up to $8.49 to $119.99, depending on what you will avail. However, using the free version of the platform is already good! This makes students be more at ease in learning. Because it is free, they get to have a brief glimpse of what they are buying if they want to upgrade to the free version.

Very Easy Interface

Because of how the application is meant to depict a ‘flashcard way’ of presenting the words and phrases, this makes its interface very easy to navigate. When you use the website, you will be able to see the section you are looking for without any hassle and the lessons having instructions.

It Is Very Convenient

No matter where you are, Memrise makes language learning easier. This is because you can download it on your phone and carry it around with you. Just have data, and you are already good to go!


What Are Memrise’s Cons?

It Mainly Focuses On Vocabulary

Because this does not have teachers that can tutor you intently, the app is made just to help you retain new words and phrases. It is good for learning vocabulary, but it is limited to just that. Although it might give you an idea of how certain words and phrases sound, it does not depict real-life situations. Moreover, it does not focus on how sentences should be structured and the lack of lessons that go beyond vocabulary.

It Is Repetitive

Because it is somehow limited to just learning and widening the students’ vocabulary, the lessons are somehow repetitive and do not offer a variety of learning styles that one can choose from. Although it is low cost, it does not practice someone in speaking, writing, and grammar compared to other available language resources.

Not that we have laid out iTalki and Memrise’s pros and cons, now is the time for you to decide. Learning a new language takes work. At the end of the day, not only does it take a good teacher for you to learn, but it really takes commitment, interest, and above all, patience. Practice these in mind, and you might be speaking and writing a new language in no time.


What If These Apps Don’t Work For Me?

italki vs memrise

Well, if these applications do not work for you and what you need, you might want to consider the Ling App. This app is equipped with quizzes and activities developed to help you retain the words faster and know the language in a more straightforward learning style. It is very convenient, enjoyable, and highly effective. If you are looking for an application that will not bore you but still makes you learn, the Ling App is the perfect platform for you. Check it out now!

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