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I Love You In 50 Languages: The Foolproof List

May 16, 2021

Whether it is Valentine's day or a sudden urge to say the three words out loud, you can never go wrong when you express I love you in 50 languages. Not only is it impressive, but it definitely shows how willing you are to learn different ways that will tenderly show how much your partner or family member means to you. In today's post, we will take a stroll on a number of languages and expand your vocabulary on this ultra-sweet expression.

The English expression "I love you" has always been regarded as one of the most powerful statements that can change anything. We have also been raised to understand that this is not something that you say to someone but should be reserved for the people who are really close to your heart- your family, close friends, and your partner. With this being said, combining these three simple words is somewhat freeing, especially if you have been bottling up the feeling for so long!

Freeing in the sense that it allows you to say with so much weight, passion, and adoration how you feel while allowing yourself to be vulnerable (due to potential rejection) at the same time. Also, it is so magical to think that we usually do not plan out when we will utter the I love you, but it somehow comes out naturally when you feel it is the right time.

And perhaps this is what makes love interesting. 

It is spontaneous. It is not forced. You cannot choose. It is not some part of a plan… love just happens! And maybe, this is the reason why you landed on this page since you probably find yourself ready and have mustered the courage to level up your relationship today!


I Love You In 50 Languages Around The World

The world has around 6,500 languages, and while it is almost impossible to learn all of these in your lifetime, you can, however, master a few of the common expressions. One of the easiest and classic statements that you should learn, for instance, is how to say I love you in the correct way possible. Below are some of the most native translations, but please note that the intonation and tone on how you will say this must also differ depending on the language. Therefore, we highly recommend that you also listen to how native speakers pronounce these.

Language I Love You  Pronunciation Guide Language Family
Afrikaans Ek het jou lief / Ek is lief vir jou Ek het jou lief / Ek is lief vir jou Germanic language
Arabic  أنا بحبك / أنا بحبك Ana behibek / Ana behibak Semitic language
Belarusian Я табе кахаю Ya tabe kahayu Balto-Slavic language
Bulgarian  Обичам те Ubicham te Slavic language
Cambodian / Khmer ខ្ញុំ​ស្រលាញ់​អ្នក Soro lahn nhee ah Austroasiatic language
Chinese 我愛你 /  Wo ai ni  Sino-Tibetan language
Croatian  Volim te Volim te Balto-Slavic language
Czech Miluji tě Miluji te Slavic language
Danish  Jeg elsker dig Jeg elsker dig Germanic language
Dutch Ik hou van je Ik hou van je Germanic language
Fijian  Au domoni iko / au lomani iko Au domoni iko / au lomani iko Austronesian language
Filipino  Mahal kita Mahal kita Austronesian language
Finnish Minä rakastan sinua Mina Rakastan Sinua Uralic language
French Je t’aime / Je t’adore Je t’aime / Je t’adore Romance language
German Ich liebe dich Ich liebe dich Germanic language
Greek Σε αγαπώ S`agapau Indo-European language
Hawaiian Aloha wau ia oi Aloha wau ia oi Austronesian language
Hebrew  אני אוהב אותך Ani ohev otah / Ani ohev et otha Semitic language
Hindi मैं आप से प्रेम करता हूँ Maim tumase pyara karata hum Indo-Aryan language
Hungarian Szeretlek Szeretlek Uralic language
Icelandic  ég elska þig ég elska þig Germanic language
Indonesian  Aku cinta kamu Aku cinta kamu Austronesian language
Irish Taim i`ngra leat Taim i`ngra leat / Is breá liom tú Indo-European language
Italian  Ti amo Ti amo Romance language
Japanese わたしは、あなたを愛しています Aishiteru / Anata ga daisuki desu Altaic Language
Korean 사랑해 Sarang heyo / Sarang hapnida Altaic Language
Latin Te amo Te amo Indo-European language
Lebanese Bahibak Bahibak Afro-Asiatic language
Lituanian Aš tave myliu Aš tave myliu Baltic language
Malay  Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu Austronesian language
Norwegian Jeg elsker dek Jeg elsker dek Germanic language
kocham Cię
Kocham Ciebie Slavic language
Portuguese Eu te amo Eu te amo Romance language
Romanian Te iubesk Te iubesk Romance language
Russian  Я люблю вас Ya lyublyu vas Slavic language
Serbian / Bosnian/ Croatian Volim te Volim te Slavic language
Slovak Ľúbim ťa Ľúbim ťa Slavic language
Slovenian Ljubim te Ljubim te Slavic language
Spanish Te quiero / Te amo Te quiero / Te amo Romance language
Swahili Ninakupenda Ninakupenda Niger-Congo language
Swedish jag älskar dig Jag alskar dig Germanic language
Syrian Bhebbek / Bhebbak Bhebbek / Bhebbak Afro-Asiatic language
Tahitian Ua here vau la ie Ua here vau la ie Austronesian language
Taiwanese Gwa ai lee Gwa ai lee Austronesian language
Turkish  Seni seviyorum Seni seviyorum Altaic Language
Ukranian я тебе люблю Ta tebe kahayu Slavic language
Vietnamese Tôi mến bạn Ta tebe kahayu Mon-Khmer language
Welsh Rwy'n dy garu di Rwy'n dy garu di Indo-European language
Yiddish איך האב דיר ליב Ikh hob dikh Germanic language

Now that you know the best 50 different ways to say I love you, now is the best time to belt it out and use it for your loved ones. After all, these should not only be said during valentine's day since every day is a good day to express love and adoration to our partners. If you enjoyed this article, we highly recommend checking out our other posts today if you are seriously want to learn a specific language. You can also download for free and practice over 60+ languages just by using your mobile devices! Want to learn more? Read on below!


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