Hinative Vs Pimsleur: #1 Review For The Best Language App

Is it true that language learning applications are as practical as they promise to be? Can they assist you in learning a new language? Are the language learning apps worthwhile, or are they a waste of time and effort?

For beginner language learners, conventional online learning programs are the most effective method. They are now highly used for acquiring and practicing specific vocabulary and grammar. One of the most appealing features of language learning applications is their easy access and interactive exercises

My advice is if you also want to study a foreign language choose an award-winning language learning software like Ling App. It helps you learn quickly and gets you the results you deserve.

However, not all applications are helpful. Some applications try to replicate the unsuccessful classroom language learning experience. They squander their language learners’ time, money, and energy in the process.

Here we present a review of the two best apps for your guidance. This Hinative Vs Pimsleur review will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of these apps in depth.


Pimsleur Review

Hinative Vs Pimsleur

If you need to learn a new language, Pimsleur might be your best bet. Why? Because for persons whose primary language of instruction is English, Pimsleur offers 50 languages to learn from. There are also different dialects within languages such as European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Pimsleur began as an audio-only language learning program on cassette. However, it has gone a long way in recent years to expand its online services. Pimsleur includes high-quality interactive activities for specific languages.

Why Is Pimsleur Amazing?

Students are exposed to a word or sentence. Then wait for some time before being asked what they learned. This is known as spaced repetition.

The goal is to determine the best set of intervals for maximal retention. As a consequence, the instructions in the Pimsleur programs are exceedingly clear. You’re meant to complete one lesson every day, and you’re required to accomplish them all in the same sequence.

There are even specific guidelines for when you should repeat a task rather than going on to the next one. These language courses offer you a clear picture of what you’ll be doing, how long it’ll take, and when you achieve important milestones, like completing a level.

Pimsleur is a language learning program developed by Pimsleur International with native speakers. The Pimsleur language study curriculum is available in various formats.

To begin, you may subscribe to Pimsleur online as a per-language membership. You may buy a program using the Pimsleur app, which is available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

I. Available Languages

One of the trendiest language learning fads of the twenty-first century is learning a new language using an app. They’re claimed to be changing the way people learn languages.

  • Pimsleur offers Albanian, Arabic (Eastern, Egyptian, and Modern Standard). Armenian (Eastern and Western), Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, and Dari Persian. Moreover, it offers Dutch, Farsi, Persian, Finnish, French (German and Swiss), and Greek. Haitian, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian. Norwegian, Ojibwa, Pashto, Polish.
  • There are also English language learning programs for speakers of 14 other languages.
  • Arabic, Cantonese Chinese. Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese are taught in English classes.
  • Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Latin American and European), Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese are among the languages taught through Pimsleur.

II. Pimsleur Works For Your Speaking Abilities.

Ideally, it would be best if you studied in a face-to-face immersion situation where you can often use your target language. This aids in retaining and transferring new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to your active memory.

You know how annoying and restrictive it can be to study a language in high school. And yet you struggle to do more than order a drink in your new language.

Even if you’re having fun while learning, language learning applications that depend on memory, translation, and repetition are ineffective.

This is another area where low-quality language learning applications fail. Many are designed without paying attention to this crucial part of language acquisition. Hence they simply provide a classroom-style, passive learning experience.

III. Pimsleur Offers Ease To Its Language Learners

Pimsleur is advantageous if you want to make sure your pronunciation is perfect. Learning a language with reading, writing, spelling, and grammar exercises are better taught with Pimsleur.

The Pimsleur language learning application may significantly impact people who feel language learning is complex. And sometimes, they find conventional language sessions uninteresting.

In comparison to Hinative, Pimsleur is fast to download and use. You may use it anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Even if your life is already busy with your job, family, and other social responsibilities, language study becomes simple to include in your day.

If you are comparing Hinative vs Pimsleur, Pimsleur provides small bite-sized classes. This helps you avoid feeling wholly overwhelmed. It encourages you to keep up with your language study.

Moreover, the gamified experience also helps bring the language to life. It adds fun to the learning process and language resources making it far more enjoyable. It is intended to create an atmosphere in which you may gain confidence and enhance your talents.

IV. It Is Easy To Get Pimsleur

Dedicated language learners may purchase the same application using a web browser. You can learn a language using an Amazon Alexa device also.

When you purchase Pimsleur in this manner, it functions similarly to any other online language learning program. You can log in to your account from any device. The app brings up your course and remembers where you left off. That may seem self-evident, but Pimsleur’s web presence hasn’t always been this up-to-date.

The second option for buying Pimsleur is to purchase MP3s that you can download and keep forever. The courses in the MP3s are identical to the audio lessons included in the subscription or purchased by any other method.

Or, you can purchase CDs. If you want to possess something tangible, you can still buy some of the courses on disc since the software has been around for decades.

Public libraries also often have access to Pimsleur for free. Some libraries also provide online access. This allows you to learn a language from the comfort of your own home.

Audible.com is the last option for getting the program. If you choose this option, you will own the Pimsleur program just like you would any other audiobook you purchase on the site.

V. Pricing Plan For Pimsleur

The cost of Pimsleur courses varies. However, it would help if you listened to the first lesson for free before purchasing anything. If you buy the Pimsleur language learning program as a subscription, you can also get a seven-day free trial.

The audio-only version costs $14.95 per month. In contrast, the performance of the interactive exercise costs $19.95 per month (called Pimsleur Premium, available for Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and English for Spanish speakers).

 You get the greatest return for your money if you complete the audio courses as directed, one every day.

The cost is high compared to other language learning applications. It typically costs between $10 and $13 per month.

VI. Pimsleur Internet Access With CDs

This comes as the Pimsleur CDs. For instance, Level 1 offers introductory information in 30 30-minute audio lessons and classes. There are five levels to learn a language at the right place.

In general, a single level costs $119.95. (some languages vary). However, if you finish one lesson every day as directed, Level 1 will be completed in less than a month. It’s easy to understand how the membership cost is a better value.

CDs are also priced differently, and they are usually the most costly because they are no longer in great demand. The Level 1 to learn Spanish on CD costs $345 and includes 30 courses as the subscription and MP3s.

Other combinations of Pimsleur’s courses are available depending on the language skills. Still, you don’t need to browse through them all if you know that the monthly membership has the best value.

Learning Languages With Pimsleur Is Quick And Easy

An English-speaking narrator or teacher provides instructions in each program. At the same time, one or more native speakers supply material in the language you’re studying. The English-speaking teacher uses interactive exercises in the sessions, but he assists in your language skills.

You acquire new words and phrases in the gap between hearing a comment first. You are being asked to remember and repeat it.

As a result, it’s crucial when you’re requested to recall anything. You continually remember terms and phrases from previous classes or lectures. As you go, the narrator may ask, “How do you say, ‘I would like?”. And you will have to recall it from memory, even if you haven’t been prompted in a while.


  • For those who speak English, it is efficient and effective.
  • It provides a 50-language curriculum, as well as ESL classes.
  • It is well-organized.


  • It has a high subscription and purchase fee.
  • Only eight languages are accessible in the digital edition, including an interactive session.
  • Reading and writing are not taught via audio-based services in PDFs.


Hinative Review

Hinative Vs Pimsleur

What Is Hinative, exactly?

Comparing Hinative vs Pimsleur, Hinative is a web and mobile app created by the same people that made Lang-8. It is a language learning social networking site. It is essentially a language learner-to-native speaker Q&A software. Here you may get your interactive exercises with the correct pronunciation.

Hinative is unlike other native language exchange applications. It is designed for rapid translations, language fundamentals, and cultural questions. In other words, nothing too time-consuming or difficult.

Available Languages

With app language learners from 170 different countries and 113 languages supported, you are highly likely to discover the language you want on this app.

What Makes Hinative So Special?

When you sign up for Hinative, you’ll be asked a few questions about your languages (both native language and target language). Your motivation grows for using the program. You can learn your target languages for direct talks, work, school, communication, and other scenarios.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to several features. Some of those features are discussed here;

I. Corrections

  • Native speakers will answer your question after it has gone live. They may provide written or audio replies, edits, or advice. There’s an option to display the Google translation if the text replies are in your target or another language. You may also view the pinyin for text-based Chinese answers.
  • Answers may be rated as well. “Was this helpful?” will be asked after each answer. To this, you may react with “Hmm…” or “Useful.” Other language learners may also rate the responses. Each upvote earns quality points, which may be taken away with each downvote.
  • You may also send a “gift” to another user. These thankyou presents are simple gratitude stickers that you’ll have to buy with money.
  • You may, of course, ban or report the person if the response is offensive.
  • Feel free to answer from learners whose goal language is your mother tongue. This platform is about giving and taking.
  • When answering, you’ll be asked about their level of competence. This is a reminder to make your responses as simple as possible.
  • As a result, your responses may be graded, and you can earn quality points. Likes from native speakers, particularly highly ranked ones, will win you additional points.
  • You’ll get bonus points if your answer is chosen as the featured answer to that question.

II. Hinative Pricing Plan

Access is unrestricted (with In-app Purchases)

Hinative’s website and applications are both completely free to use, making them ideal for language learners of all levels.

Most capabilities, including fundamental operations and the majority of the question templates, are available with a free account. In addition, you may get up to four translations every day.

For $15, the app also sells five premium tickets. Premium tickets may be included in your posts to make them stand out and stay at the top of the feed. On average, questions with a premium ticket get more attention and responses.

Another in-app purchase you can make is coins. These are required to give presents. These may be purchased in bundles ranging from $1 to $250.

Premium version with premium features access costs $5.68 monthly subscription or $59.63 per year.

III. One-Week Free Trial

You can enjoy an ad-free language learning app experience that lets you get the most out of your questions. This is for less than $6 per month.

It includes features like the Foreign Language Diary template and video sharing. You may also listen to and see all audio and video responses to other people’s inquiries. You will receive limitless text translations that are not just your own.

The bookmarking tool is another benefit of premium membership. You may get updates whenever a new response is added to your favorite Q&As by bookmarking them.

In addition to these, with this free language learning app, you’ll be given ten premium tickets every month. If you run out before the end of the month, you can always purchase more.

In general, searching gets more convenient. You will not only be able to search for your bookmarks, but you will also be able to filter the results.

IV. The Simple Interface

The interface of this app is excellent. It is simpler and easier to use for those who are not tech-savvy. When it comes to free language learning apps as easy as Q&A software, everyone wants the user experience to be just as simple. This is an area where Hinative excels.

When you look at the website and app, you’ll see that it’s not fancy—and hence not tricky. It has been designed for technologically challenged language learners. So everyone could use the app with little to no problems. Also, the question templates are simple to use.

Hinative’s layout isn’t the most appealing, but that makes the app more user-friendly. It allows you to submit your queries without difficulty.

V. Real Expert Answers In A Hurry

Despite how detailed language courses are, native speakers’ experiences are seldom discussed (although this has been transforming in recent years).

Users or language learners can go right to the source with Hinative. You will receive instant responses to help you grasp cultural differences and sound more like a native speaker. It also removes the burden of speaking directly to native or proficient speakers. This free language app and language course allow you to seek assistance immediately.

VI. Encouragement To Assist Other Students

Language learners love how supportive the Hinative community is of one another. Of course, you don’t need to answer other language learners’ queries if you don’t want to. But replying to posts increases your chances of receiving likes and quality points.

These points help you create a reputation. The more high-quality issues you have, the more likely your queries will be seen as they go through the stream.

As it is declared, this language app is all about the give and take. If you want people to help you, you must first help them.


  • If your target language is more widely spoken, you will get quicker answers.
  • There is a free version.
  • Native speakers can assist you in correcting your pronunciation (but only on premium).
  • Hinative now supports over 110 languages.


  • With this language app, it is relatively uncommon for people to ask unanswered queries.
  • There is no possibility for sending private messages to let you meet new individuals and practice discussions with locals.
  • Smaller languages may not have as much support or a community as more significant languages.
  • You may believe you’re learning a new language. Still, all you’re doing is accumulating ‘points’ and competing with other language learners on a meaningless scoreboard.


Hinative Vs Pimsleur: Which App Is More Productive?

Hinative Vs Pimsleur

If we compare Hinative vs Pimsleur, Pimsleur is easy, fast, and more productive than Hinative.

Hinative is designed to be a one-stop-shop for custom language courses, translation, and vocabulary and pronunciation assistance. However, many individuals are not utilizing the app as intended.

Some language learners, for example, handled the app as if it were Google, asking for app suggestions and ways to learn Chinese characters and vocabulary.

Many people use Hinative for homework help. Rather than asking about individual grammatical problems or double-checking a translation; they request that complete phrases and paragraphs be translated into their target language.

Pimsleur takes around five or six lessons to get into the groove of. Once you understand how it works, you can trust that vocabulary and ideas will come up again.

So in the Hinative vs Pimsleur review, we found that; with Pimsleur, the native speakers assist you in expanding vocabulary and grammar. You can even practice your speaking abilities without requiring you to leave your sofa.

Language learning apps are an excellent alternative for learning a new language for work, a vacation abroad, or personal vocabulary development.

We hope you found this Hinative vs Pimsleur helpful. In the past, we’ve reviewed other apps like Pimsleur vs. Lingvist and LingQ Vs. Memrise. Check them out!


Learning Languages Is Easy With The Ling App

If you want more robust results in language learning, you can choose the Ling App. The Ling App by Simya Solutions was built with gamified features and chatbot technology. Also, hundreds of native speakers and language tutors are available anytime to teach you 60+ foreign languages.

Moreover, this language learning platform offers a secure and productive atmosphere to improve your communication skills or conversational skills and vocabulary in the new language. So, if you are serious language learners and want to master your target language quickly, download the Ling app NOW!

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