Honest HiNative Vs HelloTalk Review: Which Is #1?

Multilingualism is a great way to secure a long-term career. To stay relevant in today’s global economy, professionals must do all to keep their current positions.

Those who are fluent in many languages are already a step ahead of their peers in a job. In addition to providing job stability, bilingualism may lead to progress and salary increases. This post will inspect two popular language apps, HiNative vs HelloTalk, to find the best option to master a language.

If you’re interested in working as an interpreter or a translator, you’ll have a leg up on the competition if you’re bilingual. There are also mandatory foreign language examinations for government workers who want to brighten their careers.

But are you unable to take offline lessons due to a lack of time?

If so, get a language study app like Ling and use it whenever you can. Language learning through mobile applications is a viable option for those who are short on time.


Why Choose Language Learning Apps Like HiNative Or HelloTalk?

You can look up any course or native language with only a few clicks. With a mobile app, you may study any language of your choice and any course suitable to your current skill level.

While there are tons of other apps to aid in learning a language, here we compare HiNative vs HelloTalk to let you know what is better.


HiNative Review

HiNative Vs HelloTalk

HiNative is a web and mobile app. It is essentially a language learner Q&A software. Here you get interactive exercises with the correct pronunciation.

HiNative is unlike other native language exchange apps. It is designed for rapid translations, language fundamentals, and cultural questions. In other words, nothing too time-consuming or difficult.

Languages Available

With language learners from 170 different countries and 113 languages supported, you are highly likely to discover the language you want on this app.

You may provide and receive assistance in any language. You may learn English (US), Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Spain), French (France), Simplified Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish.

How HiNative Works

When you sign up for HiNative, you’ll be asked a few questions about your language level (both native languages and target languages). You can learn your target languages for direct talks, work, school, communication, and other scenarios.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to several features. Some of those other features are discussed here;

  • Native speakers will answer your questions. They may provide written or audio replies, edits, or advice. There’s an option to display the Google translation if the text replies are in your target or another language. You may also view the pinyin for text-based Chinese answers.
  • Answers may be rated as well. Other language learners may also rate the responses. Each upvote earns quality points, which may be taken away with each downvote.
  • You may also send a “gift” to another user. These “thank you” presents are simply gratitude stickers that you’ll have to buy with money.
  • You may, of course, ban or report the person if the response is offensive.
  • You can also answer learners whose target language is your mother tongue. This platform is more about giving and taking.
  • When answering, you’ll be asked about their level of competence. This is a reminder to make your responses as simple as possible.

As a result, your responses may be graded, and you can earn quality points. Likes from native speakers, particularly highly ranked ones, will win additional points.

You’ll get bonus points if your answer is chosen as the featured answer to that question.

1. HiNative Has A Simple User Interface

The interface of this app is excellent. It is simpler and easier to use for those who are not tech-savvy. When it comes to Q&A software, everyone wants the user experience to be simple. It is an area where HiNative excels.

When you look at the website and app, you’ll see that it’s not fancy—and hence not tricky. It has been designed for technologically challenged language learners. So everyone could use the app features with little to no problems.

HiNative’s layout isn’t the most appealing, making the app more user-friendly. It allows you to submit your queries without difficulty.

2. You Get Real Expert Answers In A Snap

Users or language learners can go right to ask questions to the native speaker with HiNative. You will receive instant responses to help you grasp cultural differences and sound more like a native speaker. It also removes the burden of speaking directly to native or proficient speakers. This free language app and language course allow you to seek assistance immediately.

3. Encouragement To Assist Other Students

Language learners love how supportive the HiNative community is to one another. Of course, you don’t need to answer other language learners’ queries if you don’t want to. But replying to posts increases your chances of receiving likes and quality points.

These points help you create a reputation. The more high-quality points you have, the more likely your queries will be seen as they go through the stream.

As they declare, this language app is all about ‘give and take’. If you want people to help you, you must first help them.

HiNative Pricing Plan

HiNative’s website and applications are both free to use, making them ideal for language learners of all levels.

Fundamental operations and the majority of the question templates are available with a free account. In addition, you may get up to four translations every day.

For $15, the app also sells five premium tickets. Premium tickets may be included in your posts to make them stand out and stay at the top of the feed. On average, questions with a premium ticket get more attention and responses.

Another in-app purchase you can make is coins. These are required to give presents. These may be purchased in bundles ranging from $1 to $250.

Premium Access of HiNative costs $5.68 as a monthly subscription or $59.63 per year.

HiNative One-Week Free Version

You can enjoy an ad-free language learning app experience that lets you get the most out of your questions for less than $6 per month.

It includes features like the Foreign Language Diary template and video sharing. You may also listen to and see all audio lessons and video responses to other people’s inquiries. You will receive limitless text translations that are not just your own.

The bookmarking tool is another benefit of the premium version. You may get updates whenever a new response is added to your favorite Q&As by bookmarking them.

In addition to these, with this free version language learning app, you’ll be given ten premium tickets every month. If you run out before the end of the month, you can always purchase more.

In general, searching gets more convenient. You will not only be able to search for your bookmarks, but you will also be able to filter the results.

In a comparison of HiNative vs HelloTalk we find the following pros and cons of HiNative.


  • You will get quicker answers if your target language is more widely spoken.
  • There is a free version.
  • Native speakers can assist you in correcting your pronunciation (but only on the premium version).
  • HiNative now supports over 110 languages.


  • There is no possibility for sending private messages to let you meet new individuals and practice discussions with locals.
  • Smaller languages may not have as much support or a community as more common languages.
  • You may believe you’re learning a new language. Still, all you’re doing is accumulating ‘points’ and competing with other language learners on a meaningless scoreboard.


HelloTalk Review

HiNative Vs HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a messaging app with built-in support for language translation. Instead of teaching you a language, it aims to connect you with native speakers. As a consequence, you and your companion may both practice speaking in your target language at the same time.

See What HelloTalk Can Do For You?

1. Locate Language Exchange Partners

The app’s well-known “HelloTalk” feature enables you to communicate with language partners all around the globe.

When you join up for HelloTalk, you’ll be asked to provide information about your native language and the language you want to learn. Premium version users can learn up to three different languages at once, while completely free members may only study one.

After identifying your target languages, you may begin searching for partners. Your location may help you locate nearby students. You can choose a certain gender or level of interest to refine your search. A user’s self-reported fluency level may provide this information.

It’s also possible to control how your name appears in search results. You can hide your location or limit the people who can find you based on gender and language.

In order to turn off some filters, you must first choose to turn them on. If the program previously hid your personal information, this seems to be the opposite case.

Once you’ve picked a friend with whom to converse, you may begin a chat. There is no limit on the number of times non-premium users may initiate contact with new people every day. On the other hand, Premium customers get access to up to 25 recent talks each day.

2. Auto-Translate

By single-tapping any message bubble, it is automatically translated to or from the language of your choice. You can receive a rapid translation if a language partner sends you anything in your target language that you don’t understand.

Non-paying users are limited to five translations a day, while premium members have access to an unlimited number of translations. The program basically charges you for the use of a free service that is unreliable.

3. Transliteration

There are other possibilities for those who don’t want to use the auto-translation tool. When you press and hold any message, a new menu opens. This option lets you transliterate for different languages that don’t utilize the Latin alphabet (Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic).

4. Narration

Another feature is the “speak” option, which narrates the message to you. Options allow you to alter the tempo of these narrations. Unfortunately, this text-to-speech function is powered by Google Translate. Computer-generated narratives sound artificial, so don’t expect much of them.

5. Corrections

To help your language partner improve their writing skills, you may edit any message you send to them. They can do the same for you as well. This is the program’s most important feature.

There are also media-standard chat services, including the exchange of photographs, videos, and short audio lessons as samples.

You may also use the doodle tool to send hand-drawn characters in the form of finger-drawn doodles. Using this function when playing games with a friend could be useful. Writing non-Latin alphabet characters may also be practiced using this tool.

HelloTalk Languages

HelloTalk supports 150+ languages, including:

  • Simplified Mandarin Chinese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Arabic

Several of these languages, such as Spanish, are spoken throughout Latin America and Europe. Finding a conversation partner who can converse in the dialect you’re learning might be beneficial. Otherwise, you run the risk of being disoriented.

How Much Does HelloTalk Cost?

Using HelloTalk will need you to pay a monthly membership fee. You have to sign up for a three-day free trial to use the app. Additionally, you’ll need an option for making payments.

The site’s marketing implies a “freemium” business model, which means you could use the site’s features for free in exchange for seeing advertisements.

While subscription costs of HelloTalk are competitive with the rest of the industry, subscribing to the service will cost you $4.99 a week, $8.99 a month, or $49.99 a year.


  • Due to the adaptable structure, the discussion may proceed at its own pace.
  • Practicing with real native speakers is preferable to utilizing pre-programmed robots.
  • Several built-in language tools are available as long as you’re willing to pay for them.
  • More than 30 million individuals are now using the service from over 150 different countries.


  • Separate subscriptions are required for various other features, and these memberships might be rather costly.
  • Your personal information is automatically shared when you use this app.
  • The service provider charges you for something that you could get for free somewhere else.


HiNative Vs HelloTalk? Which Is The Best Language Learning App

HiNative and HelloTalk serve different goals.

HelloTalk is for communicating with locals; you may send messages and chat about anything you like to improve your writing and speaking skills in your target language.

HiNative does not allow you to communicate with other people, and its objective is not to converse with natives. It’s solely for asking inquiries regarding a certain language or nation.

In a comparison of HiNative vs HelloTalk, HiNative, despite the app’s shortcomings, is a beneficial tool for all new language learners, regardless of their proficiency. Students who prefer to study independently might benefit greatly from this service.

Follow more reviews like Anki vs Quizlet or Fluentu vs Pimsleur to find out about other language learning apps.


Learn A Language With The Ling App – The Best Alternative

HiNative Vs HelloTalk

Learning a language with Ling is a great way to get your feet wet in your new language. You will be able to translate words and phrases, and you’ll also be able to test your knowledge of the new language. You get immediate feedback on your progress.

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