Hinative Vs Anki: The Best Between The 2

Last updated on April 27th, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Are language learning apps as helpful as they promise to be? Are they capable of assisting you in learning a new language? Is using language learning apps beneficial or a waste of time and effort?

Online apps are the most effective method for new language learners. They are becoming more popular as a tool for learning and practicing specialist vocabulary lessons and grammar.

Language learning applications have become more popular because they let users learn other languages quickly while on the go, from nearly anywhere. These provide not only a digital classroom but also a joyful environment. Learning occurs via games and quizzes that can be completed on the bus, train, or even in the restroom.

Not all language applications, however, are suitable. For your convenience, we’ve compared the two apps – Hinative Vs Anki.

The Best Hinative Vs Anki Review – Instant Feedback

You look at various apps and websites to make sure that you will be learning from the best app. Some may be effective for you, but if you choose the wrong app, all of your efforts will be for naught. This HiNative vs Anki comparison will undoubtedly assist you in learning your target language rapidly.

If you make a decision to use one of the apps in the HiNative vs Anki comparison, pair it with the Ling app. It will make the process of learning easier and more enjoyable.

Hinative Review – Hinative Vs Anki

It’s a proficient and organized language learning app with interactive lessons. It’s a program that pairs language students with native speakers. Here you will discover interactive exercises with the correct pronunciation in more of a social network style.

Hinative is unlike any other native language exchange program. It’s designed for rapid translations, language fundamentals, and cultural inquiry. 


Languages Supported By Hinative

This program has language learners from 170 countries and 113 different languages, so you’re likely to find what you’re searching for.

What Makes Hinative So Different?

When you register for Hinative, you will be asked a few questions regarding your languages, both native and target. You may learn your target languages for direct communication, employment, education, and other purposes.

After you’ve created an account, you will have access to all the features.

Once you ask any translation or question on the platform, a Native speaker will react to your question. They may answer with written or vocal comments, modifications, or ideas. You may select to display the Google translation in your target or another language. Answers may be evaluated as well. 

After each answer, the question “Was this helpful?” will be asked. Other language learners may evaluate the responses. You may also offer a “gift” to other users for each upvote, which can be taken away with each downvote. These gratitude stickers must be bought with cash as thank you presents.

  • If the response is offensive, you can ban or report the person.
  • Respond freely to students whose first language is your target language. The emphasis of this platform is on giving and receiving.
  • When you reply, you’ll be asked about their skill level. It serves to be as direct as possible in your remarks.
  • Your responses may be graded and quality points granted. Bonus points are awarded for likes from native speakers, particularly those with high ranks.
  • You’ll get bonus points if your response is chosen as the featured answer to that question.

Flexible Pricing Plan

Hinative’s web version and applications are both free to use, making it ideal for language learners of all levels.

The bulk of functions, including basic processes and most question templates, are available with a free account. Every day, you may obtain up to four translations and improve your speaking skills.

For $15, the app also sells five premium tickets. Premium tickets may distinguish your posts and keep them at the top of the stream. On average, premium ticket inquiries get more attention and responses.

Another in-app purchase option is coins. When presenting presents, they are necessary. Packages ranging in price from $1 to $250 are offered.

Premium Access is $5.68 a month or $59.63 a year.

One-Week Free Trial

With an ad-free language study app, you can get the most out of your inquiry. It costs less than $6 each month.

Among the features are the Foreign Language Diary template and video sharing. You may also listen to and view all of the audio and video responses to the inquiries of others. You will get an infinite amount of generic text translations.

The bookmarking feature is another benefit of premium membership. You may receive updates whenever a new response is posted by bookmarking your favorite Q&As.

This free language learning app will also provide you with ten premium tickets each month. If you run out before the end of the month, you may always purchase more.

In general, searching gets more convenient. You will be able to search for your bookmarks, but you will also be able to filter the results.

An Easy User Interface

The design, or should we say interface, of this software is excellent. It is simpler and easier to use for those who are not tech-savvy. When it comes to a completely free language learning app, everyone wants a user experience as simple as Q&A software. It is an area where Hinative excels.

You’ll notice that the website and app are not too difficult when you look at them. It was designed with language learners who are technologically challenged. Anyone may use the app with little to no trouble because of the user-friendly design. The question templates are straightforward to use.

Hinative’s user interface isn’t very appealing. However, it improves the software’s usability. It makes it simple to submit your inquiries.

Real Expert Answers

Users may go right to the source with Hinative. You’ll get fast feedback from native speakers to help you better grasp cultural differences and sound more natural. It also reduces the necessity to talk with native or expert speakers directly. With their free language app and language courses, you may receive aid right now.

You Can Assist Other Students

Language students love how cooperative the Hinative community is. You are not obligated to answer inquiries from other language learners if you do not want to. In contrast, responding to posts increases your chances of receiving likes and quality points.

These points will help you have better speaking skills. The higher the quality of your queries, the more likely they will be seen as they flow through the stream.

As previously said, this language program is all about giving and taking. So, if you want somebody to assist you, you must first assist them.

Built-In Search Engine

Because Hinative is powered by Google Translate, whatever you type in the search area will be immediately translated. The search results you order will appear underneath the translated text.

It might not be easy to do Internet research on a specific language or nation. It’s more difficult to ask these questions and get quick replies from knowledgeable people. Hinative excels in both areas.

The application attracts users by providing a range of questions and rewarding them for quick and accurate solutions. Long-term users who provide excellent content may be identified by their site rating.

If someone responds incorrectly, others may develop the proper response, which may then be “liked” by skilled language users.

Hinative is a simple tool that might be useful to anybody learning a new language who wants to ask native speakers questions.

If your desired second language is spoken more often, you will get quicker answers.You cannot send private messages, which would enable you to meet new people and have speaking practice with locals.
There is a free version; native speakers can help you improve your pronunciation (but only on the premium version)Uncommon languages may not have the same community or support as common languages.
It is uncommon for users of this language program to have unanswered inquiries.You could believe you’re learning a new language. Instead, you’re still simply accumulating ‘points’ and competing with other language learners on a meaningless scoreboard.

Anki Review – Hinative Vs Anki

Anki is a useful flashcard program that aids with memory recall. You may use it to learn anything, from new vocabulary words to your coworkers’ names. It can help those with ADHD, autism, or memory problems like Alzheimer’s.

Anki employs a spaced repetition system (SRS) based on memory consolidation. The SRS schedule is based on studies that show how long individuals can remember new information before losing it. 


Here is what active recall and spaced repetition can do for you:

  • Remember facts long-term.
  • Can work even in just one sentence (gaps of 1 min, 10 mins, 60 minutes, etc.)
  • Using both active recall and spaced repetition simultaneously has much better results.

How Many Languages Is It Capable Of Supporting?

For users all over the world, Anki supports a broad range of languages. The desktop version is available in 48 different languages, while the mobile app is available in 14 languages.

How is Anki Helpful?

Anki is helpful to people who desire to increase their memory recall in various situations, including education and job assignments. Students may use Anki to identify vocabulary words and historical events in preparation for assessments. It may help professionals remember details about their workplace or other relevant information.

Persons with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia seek a tool to assist them in keeping track of daily activities. Anki was created expressly for people with these disorders. 

It’s important to remember that Anki is only valid if you know how to use it properly.

Because you may organize your cards as you like with Anki’s deck idea, it’s a huge plus. So that the language learner may focus on specific topics or activities, you might wish to create many decks.

You may have one layer for new words and phrases and another for historical events from the same period. And you’d want to have the terms grouped with the possibilities.

Anki will ask you for a “Source” from which to draw your cards when you download it to your computer. Any web page or file may provide relevant information in text, pictures, or audio lessons. Anki will then turn this data into Anki flashcards that you can study on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How To Use Anki

  • After downloading the accessible version of Anki, 
  • Go to File 
  • Open Deck
  • Choose deck 
  • Study Cards to access these cards. 
  • You have two options for answering the card’s question(s) (depending on card type). 
  • You may choose from various preset response alternatives for multiple choice cards. 
  • You write your answer into the textbox and press Enter for multiple flashcards.

Anki would give you the proper answer after answering each question. It will do it with feedback that praises, criticizes, or says if your response was accurate or incorrect. This “adaptive” feature makes it simpler for you to learn from your errors and feel more confident in your ability to answer similar questions in the future successfully.

Anki Price

Anki’s software is now accessible for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. It comes with access to AnkiWeb, which allows for synchronization between any web browser device.

The iPhone version, on the other hand, costs $25 once. This app works in conjunction with the online version. If you don’t want to pay the price, you can always opt-out and use AnkiWeb in your web browser instead.

Pros Cons
Anki is compatible with almost all modern PCs and mobile devices (with full support for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices). Setting up Anki and getting it to work takes some time (tutorials can help). Those unfamiliar with the platform or SRS, in general, may want more time to learn how to study well using Anki.
The program is available for free download, but a premium version unlocks additional functionality (backup/sync with other mobile devices and access across different PCs). While you can import or build your spaced-repetition flashcards, many users don’t utilize this function (you can always use third-party tools like Quizlet for the same purpose instead).
The card interface is intuitive and easy to use. You may mark cards graphically as you study them (a useful tool for persons with ADHD).  
Anki has various aspects tailored to memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease: People who use Anki say it helps them manage their symptoms and keep track of their daily responsibilities.  

Anki In A Nutshell

Anki is a fantastic tool for memorizing and learning material. People with Alzheimer’s illness have found it beneficial.

It may help you to learn vocabulary words, remember historical events, and gain vital knowledge for memory-intensive work. 

Anki is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone, and Android devices (Android 2.2 or later). Anki is available in several versions for each system (and a Linux app).

Which App Is More Efficient? Hinative Vs Anki

hinative vs anki app review

When comparing Hinative Vs Anki, Anki is easier, faster, and allows you to be more productive.

Hinative is a one-stop solution for personalized language lessons, translation, and vocabulary. Many people, however, are not using the software as intended.

For example, some language learners used the app as if it were Google. They kept asking for app recommendations and strategies to learn Chinese characters and vocabulary.

Many individuals prefer Hinative over Anki when it comes to homework assistance. They appreciate that whole sentences and paragraphs be translated into their chosen language, rather than particular grammatical faults or double-checking a translation.

Language study apps are an excellent tool for learning a new language for a job, a holiday abroad, or expanding your vocabulary.

The comparison between Hinative Vs Anki is now complete. We hope you find them beneficial. In prior blog posts, we compared and contrasted other top applications such as FluentU vs. Duolingo, Lingvist vs. Duolingo and LingQ vs. Memrise.

Learn A New Language With The Best Language Learning App

If you are interested in learning a new language quickly, the Ling App is a great app to start. Ling is a powerful platform with comprehensive multiple courses for individuals who desire to learn languages. The app offers more than 60 languages to learn from beginner to advanced levels.

Aside from teaching you common vocabulary, the program will also guide you through the writing system and grammar lessons from a native speaker. So, download The Ling app– and start your voyage right away!

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