HiNative Review: #1 Useful Tool For Beginners?

Are you looking for a snappy platform that can help you connect with native speakers? In this exclusive HiNative review, we will walk you through our honest opinion about the suitability of this language learning app and its basic features for foreign language enthusiasts like you. After all, this specific platform has been making a buzz all over the internet, so we decided to dig details about it to help you answer whether this is worth your time, effort, and money at all. If you are up for that, then prepare to get your burning questions answered today!

For language learners, there is nothing more important than making use of high-quality applications and resources that can provide information related to your target language. Fortunately, there are several language-based materials out there that can boost your skills no matter what language you are planning to master- from apps that can connect you with other native speakers. These gamified platforms will keep you on your toes. There is literally something that will fit your learning style and needs to pretty cool flashcard apps with spaced repetition technology.

One example of a popular app that has over a million users from across the globe is the HiNative. Basically, this platform offers a unique way language exchange concept where users can start answering questions about their native language. In addition, you can also send in your questions and have other users (native speakers) help you out or correct your example sentences when needed. In short, this is pretty much like a Q&A app built to support anyone!

Are you interested to learn more about its basic functions? Get to know more about this app!


HiNative Review: What Is The App All About?

HiNative Review What Is The App All About

Whether you are learning Simplified Chinese, Korean, or even German, HiNative has native speakers who can answer questions at a blazing fast speed. The platform was created by a Tokyo-based company named Lang-8, which has been around since 2007 and has been an expert in language teaching. The HiNative app was released in 2014, and it was reported to be significantly growing to over 9 million users by this year! Due to the success of this Q&A app, it has been featured by LifeHacker, Business Insider, and TechCrunch.

If you will ask us, HiNative is not really the type of resource that will give you a structured language lesson the way Ling App, Drops, or Lingualift. It is only meant as an additional app to use when you want to clarify certain features of the language with native speakers so that you won’t ever have to rely on Google Translate or your textbook alone.

It is flexible to use and can be accessed using their website and mobile app. There is also some type of gamified feature here in the form of a pointing system. The more answers you provide to other users’ questions, you will earn additional quality points (if you have been chosen as a featured answer) and quick points (when you answer a new language question right away). The points can be used to level up, and this can also help other users identify your level as a native speaker in a certain language.

Aside from language-based questions, the app asks users to feel free to send in their questions related to cultures and traveling tips. For this reason, it is truly a great app for both new and fluent speakers!

Features Of HiNative

hinative review

As we have stated above, HiNative does not really have many features to offer in terms of helping you master a language. What it provides is an avenue for you to post questions using pre-determined question templates. It also has a search feature where you can check whether your question has been asked before in order to prevent a repetition of topics within the community.

Some of the question templates include the following:

  • How do you say this?
  • Does this sound natural?
  • Please show me an example sentence with…
  • What does this mean?
  • What’s the difference?
  • Please show me how to pronounce…
  • How’s my pronunciation?
  • Free question (about countries, language, culture, etc.)

The templates are brilliant in the sense that it helps the users construct their question appropriately. It also has a feature for unlimited translations if ever you need to answer a question of a user who does not speak English (or your language).

And since the app has been in the industry for a pretty long time now, there are instances wherein another user has asked your question before. You can simply use the search feature for cases like this and then bookmark it for future reference. As a rule of thumb, only bookmark answers from users with high-quality points.

HiNative Pricing

When it comes to pricing, HiNative offers two types, including the free version and the paid one ($5.68/month). The only difference between the two is that the premium version has extra features like allowing you to record and listen to voice or video. These features are good, but free users do not really need the additional features since this app is only good as an additional resource.

Target Language

The app supports all languages so long as there is a user who speaks that specific language. However, please note that unpopular languages may have very few speakers in the community, so this means that your question may even be left unanswered. For this reason, the app is a good choice only if the target language has a lot of speakers.


Final Thoughts

There is truly no one-size-fits-all application out there that can guarantee to help you master a language right away- some might work for you, while others may just not be fit for your level. For the case of HiNative, we firmly believe that it is useful only as a complementary app while you are taking German, Spanish, or Chinese classes. It is a good app only if you are planning to:

  • Subscribe to a language school
  • Use it as an additional resource when school is out
  • Use a textbook

Now if you are looking for something that is more flexible and offers a holistic approach, then the Ling App is what you should consider.


Ling App For Modern Language Learners

The Ling App is an innovative language-learning solution for those looking to level up their proficiency in over 60+ languages! Thanks to its compilation of best-in-class language lessons, you can get updated content that will teach you vocabulary words, grammar points, writing system and even provide information about a specific country’s common traditions and culture.

Aside from all that, it also comes with gamified content that will help you feel motivated to learn on the go. With just 10 minutes of use per day, you will be faced bite-sized lessons, challenging quizzes, and fun games that will strengthen your understanding of a specific lesson. Download it today via the PlayStore or the AppStore to find out more.

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