HelloTalk Vs Mango Languages: #1 Best App?

HelloTalk Vs. Mango Languages, which do you think of these two apps will satisfy your learning style? In today’s post, we will walk you through these two unbelievable platforms and share with you our honest opinion. By the end, we will also discuss our most recommended platform that is guaranteed to help you learn a new language. If you are ready for that, continue reading below.

Learning a language is very exciting when you have fantastic language learning resources on your study table. One of the top resources you must use is a language learning app. They are simply practical and cost-effective solutions for mastering a new language. But with hundreds of platforms out there, you cannot quickly narrow down which is the best one for you, right? Today, we will discuss two of the most popular apps in that category, and those are HelloTalk and Mango Languages.

HelloTalk: A Quick Look

HelloTalk Language Learning App: A Quick Look

If you are a language learner looking for a particular app that offers a language partner in learning a foreign language, then HelloTalk is the best app for you.

This language software is a language exchange app that helps you to learn a language through socializing with other learners, even with various native speakers. As a result, exchanging messages and information about a particular target language will help learners master new words at their own pace. Furthermore, one of the language learning secrets of HelloTalk is many users use this app as a dating app. This is for the reason that the user interfaces, as well as the interactive captions, are much the same with various dating applications.

In addition, HelloTalk provides several online resources like self-guided lessons and live stream classes from different tutors and mentors that are native speakers from other communities. HelloTalk also offers 150 different foreign languages, and it is accessible both on websites and smartphones (android app and IOS).

Can HelloTalk Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Since this language learning app is limited in providing structured lessons about language skills, it also limits its users to be advanced learners of their target language, especially in achieving language fluency.

Having language partners with the help of native speakers is not sufficient in language learning. Though this app has chat translation and transliteration, it is not enough to become a native speaker of a second language.

How To Use HelloTalk

If you are a first-time user, you need to sign up first and enter information about yourself. Then, you need to select which language you are most comfortable with, both in teaching and speaking. Hereafter, you need to set up your profile. After that, look for the ‘Search tab’ and choose your target language. Once you’re done, it’s now time to search for a possible language partner.

In looking for a language partner, you need to look first at their profile if they have potential language skills in a specific foreign language. After doing so, you can now send a direct message and start the language exchange experience. On the other hand, if there are native speakers or language learners that want to communicate with you and you feel like it’s kinda awkward, then it’s fine not to leave a response.

Features Of HelloTalk

Some impressive features of the HelloTalk app are the following:

  • Exchange messages through voice chat and text chat to your language partners (native speakers or other language learners)
  • Languages learners can use the Doodle share feature if they wish to have a visual discussion to learn a language (draw or sketch)
  • Camera share is also available in posting pictures in the app
  • Smileys and other emojis can be used to indicate expressions and emotions
  • Mark exchanges are available if you want to note images, text, or voice for a better review. Moreover, you can save conversations of various language exchanges from your chat box to learn it afterwards.

Is HelloTalk A Free App?

HelloTalk is a free app. Using the Freemium version, the free version offers only limited features, and you might bump into several ads. You can also use this free version within 48 hours and only learn and teach one language. Furthermore, exchanging messages is limited to at least ten partners every day.

If you want to experience other features that the free version does not offer, the paid version of HelloTalk is up for grabs.

HelloTalk Premium Version And Subscription

Having the paid version or the VIP membership of HelloTalk takes down all the ads when using the app. The other convenient feature of the premium version is that it allows your HelloTalk profile to have more publicity when other language learners and native speakers seek potential language partners. More than that, you can access three languages and change them at any time if you prefer a new language to learn.

Below is the price range of VIP membership in HelloTalk:

  • The monthly subscription costs $6.99
  • An annual subscription costs $45.99
  • The Lifetime membership costs $175.00

HelloTalk Language App: Pros And Cons

There are several language partners to consider and choose fromBump into numerous messages from various users that wish to have language partners
Socializing with several language learners and native speakers may help you improve your language learning skillsThe landscape layout is not available
Provides chat translation and transliteration in learning a native languageA few language learners are not committed to learning and practicing languages.
A language app that helps you improve speaking practice, reading practice, and listening practice with text, audio lessons and recordings, phone calls, and video calls.Best language dating app? Not for serious learners
Use visual lessons in language learning with the help of Doodle share.
Simple graphic user interface and easy to use language app

Mango Languages: A Quick Look

Mango Languages App: A Quick Look

Mango Languages is one of the excellent language learning apps for a beginner. Unlike other language learning apps, Mango Languages teaches extraordinary cultural insights and grammar lessons, which are the advantages of this app. Also, learners can choose a particular language using this app because it offers 70 languages, both famous and unusual languages, from different parts of the world.

Moreover, this fun app is accessible despite having no access to the internet. Learners can use this anytime and anywhere because it can be used offline. You just need to download lessons on your phone (both in IOS and Android phone), and it’s ready to go. You can also access its free website using your desktop or laptop.

Can Mango Languages Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Even though Mango Languages provides interactive exercises and diverse language content for its users, some may find it incompetent and insufficient to become fluent in a specific native language. Like other language apps, Mango Languages only aims to teach language learners vocabulary and other languages. Other than that, fluency and proficiency in a new language are not one of them.

How To Use Mango Languages

If you are a first-time user of this app, you should sign up first and set up your profile. Using Mango Languages helps you learn at your own pace and learning style. If you’re done signing up, you may encounter different language skills and activities like listening, speaking, and comprehension. You only need to choose which one of those activities you prefer, and it can help you learn a new language.

Features Of Mango Languages

Some exciting features of Mango Languages are the following:

  • Using the Learning Pathway, a beginner will learn a language per unit and chapter (full courses for language enthusiasts)
  • Colored and patterned words are provided to learn vocabulary in an easy and engaging way
  • Provides grammar lessons and cool cultural insights to acknowledge and appreciate their target language
  • Has speech recognition software called ‘Machine Translations’ in giving feedback to the answers of language learners
  • Provides real-life video lessons to explore non-verbal language like expressions about their target language
  • Online language courses are available and accessible in premium version
  • Offers 70 different languages (foreign languages and minority languages) to choose from

Is Mango Languages A Free App?

Like some free language learning apps, the free version of Mango Languages can only access free material such as offline resources in language learning.

Mango Languages Premium Version And Subscription

The three Premium subscriptions of the Mango Languages App are the following:

Single Language – only one language is accessible

  • The monthly subscription costs 7.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

All Languages – 70 languages are all accessible

  • The monthly subscription costs 17.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 14.99$ or 179.99$ paid every 12 months.

Enterprise – based on the preferred language that a user wants to learn

  • The price is custom-made

Mango Languages: Pros And Cons

Master new words quicklyUnreliable source for teaching correct pronunciations
Provides cultural lessons and notesConversations from the app are ‘set up.’
Provides grammar lessons and online coursesMachine translations have monotonous intonation
Offers direct English transcriptions and translationsWriting skills are not available
Smooth graphic user-interfaceDull and repeated flashcards
Good for speaking practice languages (spaced repetition)Machine translations are lagging

HelloTalk Vs Mango Languages: Verdict

HelloTalk Vs Mango Languages: Final View

After giving honest reviews about these two language apps, HelloTalk  Vs. Mango Languages, I will now deliver my final view.

I honestly prefer Mango Languages because of its various language learning content. I also love the methods of teaching that this app offers like there are several learning styles that you can choose (speaking, listening, viewing, and reading). Though it does not have writing activities, I think Mango Languages is a better language software than HelloTalk.

Nevertheless, choosing the best among the two still depends on the users’ way of learning. Likewise, if you are looking for an alternative language app, I introduce you to the Ling App.

Best Alternative: Ling App

HelloTalk Vs Mango Languages: #1 Best App?

As a complete beginner, one of the best free apps and alternative language apps to use is this fun app that I will recommend. Likewise, if you are not convinced about using the language learning apps mentioned above, then it’s time to avail yourself and download Ling App.

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is a language learning app that helps beginners and users to master their target language quickly. For the reason that a user can have free material in learning basic vocabulary and new vocabulary words using this app, I guarantee that the Ling app can help you achieve language proficiency.

Features of Ling App

Below are the incredible features of the Ling App:

  1. Ling App offers 60+ different languages like popular languages, foreign languages and minority languages.
  2. Ling App has real native speakers that teach language learners various language skills such as speaking practice, listening practice, and reading practice of a new language.
  3. Ling App teaches languages engagingly and interestingly. Like other language learning apps, it also provides structured lessons but in an enjoyable way like playing interactive flashcards, convivial quizzes, and other language-related games.
  4. Exchange messages on ‘how to learn a language’ and other language queries through Ling App’s A.I. chatbot that has speech recognition technology.
  5. Read informative blog posts written by native speakers and writers related to the language learners’ target language.
  6. Read concise blog posts related to languages and applications.
  7. This app is handy perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Ready to achieve language proficiency? Download Ling App now and start a fun way of learning a new language!

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