HelloTalk Vs Drops: 2 Best Language Resources?

Searching for the best language learning app that can help you improve your linguistic skills? Let’s see which of these two apps, HelloTalk Vs. Drops, is the one for you in today’s head-to-head review. Let’s learn more about their exclusive features and the best alternative too. If you are ready for that, then let the learning begin!

Today, learning a language is made easier and more efficient because several language resources and platforms are accessible online while textbooks and other print-out materials become outdated. Since many apps to choose from, we understand that selecting the perfect app that suits your learning style is very hard. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll give you honest feedback and reviews if these two apps (HelloTalk Vs. Drops) are convenient and practical to use in your language learning journey.



Are you looking for language partners in learning your second language? HelloTalk is the language learning app that you are looking for.

HelloTalk is a language exchange app that helps various language learners to communicate and learn a new language with the help of other native speakers. This learning style will help learners not only to master language skills but also to improve their social skills in learning a language.

On the other hand, HelloTalk is often compared to various dating apps because the user-graphic interface and features are very similar to other dating applications. In general, HelloTalk does not help you achieve fluency in your desired target language because some of the app’s features are limited in teaching other language skills like grammar and sentence structures.

How To Use HelloTalk

After signing up, you can choose a language you prefer to use to teach and learn another language. Then you need to set up your profile (upload pictures, enter personal details, etc.). Afterward, search for the ‘search tab’ and select your target language. If you are done, you may now start to look for your desired language partners.

Note: Make sure that you reviewed the profile of your desired language partner if they dare to teach a specific foreign language. You can also reject or decline messages from other users.

Impressive Features Of HelloTalk

  1. Equipped with 150 different languages.
  2. Send voice chat and text messages to your language partners.
  3. Provides livestream classes from online tutors.
  4. Equipped with an amazing feature called the Doodle Share. Using this feature will help you to have visual discussions or video lessons in learning and teaching the target language through drawing or sketching.
  5. Share and post photos with the use of Camera share.
  6. Equipped with smileys and other emojis in expressing feelings and emotions in communicating to other users.
  7. Note and review texts, images, audio lessons, and save conversations for review sessions using the Mark exchanges.
  8. Availing the paid version will put down all the advertisements.
  9. Access three languages and modify other languages at any time.


HelloTalk has a freemium version that offers limited features in studying your target language. You may also bump into numerous ads. The freemium version will let you use the app for 48 hours and learn only one language. Also, you can only communicate with ten language partners per day.

Premium Version And VIP Membership In HelloTalk

  • The price of monthly subscription is $6.99
  • The price of an annual subscription is $45.99
  • The price of Lifetime membership is $175.00

HelloTalk Language App: Pros And Cons

Choose several language partners and learn more languageReceive numerous messages from other users
Socialize with other language learners and native speakersThe available layout is only in portrait style
Equipped with chat translation and transliteration in learning a second languageNot for serious learners
Guides learners to improve speaking practice, reading practice, and listening practiceIt is often associated with dating apps.
Visual lessons (Doodle Share) are a great help in the learning process. 
Easy to use language learning app 

Drops App

Drops App

Drops is one of the best language learning apps known for having an aesthetic gamified feature in language learning. The app is also useful for beginners because the primary focus is to teach basic vocabulary about a specific target language.

While the app seems good, Drops cannot help you to reach fluency because the app only focuses on teaching vocabulary words of your target language.

How To Use Drops

Using the Drops app will let you learn a second language using your native language by enabling the ‘native language’ feature on the app’s settings. Afterward, you can select a particular level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) in whatever language you want to learn and master.

Engaging Features Of Drops (Free Version)

Drops has a free and premium version. Using the free version will limit the learners from mastering their target language. An example of this is that they can only use and study the languages for 5 minutes every 10 hours.

  1. Drops is the best language learning app to learn new vocabulary words and language quickly.
  2. Has a partnered language learning app that teaches writing systems of different foreign languages which is the Scripts by Drops. This app can be only accessed using the premium version.
  3. Droplets by Drops is also accessible using the premium version. This app is the kids’ version of Drops app, which can help children to learn their second language.
  4. The Drops app and other partnered language apps teach languages in a gamified structure. Learners can practice languages and new vocabulary words by answering letter mazes and photo quizzes.

Other Features Available In The Premium Version

Want the premium version? Expect to pay around $8.49 to $159.99 to unlock these features:

  1. Language learners can access all 43 different languages offered by the Drops app
  2. Ad-free
  3. Available In Offline Mode
  4. Purchase lifetime access
  5. Offers unlimited time for review sessions
  6. Choose more than one or other languages

Note: You can use the vouchers and discounts sent in your email to avail the premium version.

Pros And Cons Of Drops Language App

Aesthetic user-graphic interfaceDoes not teach conversational skills
User-friendly language learning app in learning languagesIcons are misleading
Equipped with the adaptive algorithmMay encounter a few bugs
Speech Recognition Technology 

HelloTalk Vs Drops: Final Thoughts

HelloTalk Vs Drops: Final Thoughts

If I were the language learner who would choose between the two apps, I honestly recommend a language app that can help me boost my confidence and suits my learning style. I think that Drops is a more helpful language resource than HelloTalk.

Using the Drops app will help me explore and master new words eagerly and seriously. Another thing is it is easier and more exciting to use. I also want to learn languages and new words in a gamified teaching method.

Best Alternative: Ling App

If you are a language learner looking for an alternative language learning app that suits your learning style, I will recommend you to use the best alternative app, the Ling App.

Chinese And Thai Language

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is one of the best language learning apps that offer interactive lessons to learn languages based on your learning styles. Using this app can make your language learning fun and exciting because some of the interactive exercises are free and other app features are a great help in your learning process to reach fluency.

Fascinating Features Of Ling App

  1. The Ling App has 60+ foreign languages available
  2. Provides various learning methods in teaching the second language from real native speakers to learn language quickly. You can download lessons to learn new vocabulary words of your target language, answer interactive exercises and quizzes, and review sessions of new vocabulary skills through interactive games like flashcards.
  3. The A.I. chatbot is available if the users or language learners want to ask various language questions.
  4. Read educational blog posts written by native speakers and language specialists related to the learner’s target language.
  5. Read honest reviews related to language courses and other language apps such as Drops Vs Busuu, FAQs about Ling App, and HiNative Vs Memrise.
  6. Like other language learning apps, Ling app is suitable for all language learners (beginners, intermediate and advanced learners) in learning new vocabulary words.

Hurry! Download the Ling App and start the smart way of learning a language today!

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