HelloTalk Vs Busuu: The 2 Best Platforms?

Want to learn a new language? For language learners out there, we must recognize the fact that having the right mix of effective educational resources can undoubtedly boost our learning process. In today’s post, we will give our honest stand regarding the quality, usefulness, and major features existing in Hello Talk and Busuu. Let’s master everything about this in this exclusive review.


HelloTalk Vs Busuu: A Quick Thought

There is no denying that there are many language learning apps available in the market. Various language apps offer unique promos like a freemium version or features like connecting with native speakers as language partners. You can also answer interactive exercises about your target language.

So if you are a language learner who wants to have a conversation with a native speaker, you may choose to use HelloTalk. On the other hand, if you are a language learner who likes to read, Busuu is the best app for you to use. They also provide different reading exercises to master the fluency and vocabulary of your target language.

If you want to discover more about HelloTalk and Busuu, let’s find out which is the best language app for you!


HelloTalk Review


HelloTalk, from the word ‘hello’ and ‘talk,’ this language learning app is all about having a conversation with a native speaker as a language partner to learn your target language.

If you are a person who loves to socialize with other people, this language app suits you. Many foreign language speakers can help you master your target language. For instance, you can find language partners (like a dating app), and they can teach you to learn languages through (phone calls, voice messages, voice calls, or video calls) by exchanging language questions.

Can HelloTalk Help You Become A Native Speaker?

HelloTalk can’t help you become a native speaker of your target language. The reasons are, most of the language partners were not easy to find. Even though having a chat partner may teach you to learn more about informal language like slang words, it is not mostly fact-checked and approved by any individual.

Also, unlike any other language app, HelloTalk does not offer interactive games like minigames, flashcards, quizzes, and lessons that can help you master the fluency of your target language. But they offer chat translation and transliteration.

How To Use HelloTalk

HelloTalk offers 150 languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Thai, and Hindi. They also provide online course content like self-guided lessons and live stream classes with various instructors to help you learn your target language.

You need to sign up first, then select languages that you are most comfortable in speaking and/or teaching. After that, set up your profile. Once you’re done, go to the ‘Search tab,’ then look for your target language. After doing so, you can look for a potential language partner, check their profiles and send them a direct message to start the language exchange learning experience. Also, remember that it is okay not to leave a response if someone is not comfortable if someone messages you.

Features Of HelloTalk

Below are some of the Key features of HelloTalk:

  • Voice chat and Text chat through language partners
  • Doodle share (users can use this feature if they want to draw or sketch something that they want to discuss)
  • Camera share (post pictures)
  • Smileys and other features
  • Language learning specific features
  • Mark exchanges (you can mark images, text, voice) to study it later. Also, you can save the whole chat to refer to later.

Is HelloTalk A Free App?

Yes, HelloTalk is a free language app, but it also offers paid version. The free plan of HelloTalk is also called the Freemium version.

In the Freemium version, there are a couple of limitations and various advertisements while using the app. Furthermore, you can send new messages with at least ten language partners every day. On the other hand, within 48 hours, you can only learn and teach one language. You need to wait after 48 hours to learn a new language.

HelloTalk Premium Version And Subscription

Unlike the Freemium version, the paid version or the VIP membership removes all the advertisements when using HelloTalk. Also, it gives your profile more exposure when other users are searching for language partners. Moreover, if in the Freemium version, you can only learn and teach one language every 48 hours, but in the paid version, you can use three languages. You can also change it whenever you want or not. The paid version is available for $6.99/month.

They also provide audio courses ranging from $99 to $119/yr, depending on the language you want to discover.


Busuu Review


The Busuu language app is one of the most popular language-learning platforms that offers classical language courses more comprehensively than HelloTalk by providing structured lessons like listening skills and grammatical terms in just a few hours. It has a million users from all over the world.

Since Busuu offers structured lessons, most users who have to speak and write activities were checked by the real native speakers, so most of the app users are serious learners than HelloTalk.

Can Busuu Helps You Become A Native Speaker?

Having a free plan of Busuu can’t make you become a native speaker. Since it offers limited features, unlike in the pro or premium version, this will not help them master common phrases of their target language.

But if they choose to have the premium version, it may help them achieve their target language and become a native speaker. We will talk about the features of the premium version as we go on.

How To Use Busuu

Busuu is a better app for a beginner than HelloTalk because of the repetitive reading exercises it offers. These reading exercises may help them master the languages. Busuu also provides engagement activities and games using flashcards of different languages to learn a language quickly in a fun way.

Other Features Of Busuu

HelloTalk offers more language than Busuu because this application only provides 12 languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Polish.

Users can try them all and study other popular languages among the available languages. Still, they need to avail of the Premium Plus subscription by simply switching from one to the other.

Moreover, the German language is the most commonly used language among the foreign languages that Busuu offers because it has German specialists that can help users with German grammar.

Is Busuu A Free App?

Busuu is a also free app like HelloTalk. On the other hand, if you won’t have the best features and want to become a native speaker, you need the premium version.

Busuu App Premium Version

The Busuu Premium Plus plan will offer and teach languages up to 12 languages!

Below is Busuu’s subscription plan:

Busuu Premium price is €5,83 or $9.99 per month.

  • One language only.
  • Offline Mode – learning without an Internet connection
  • A lot of grammar
  • Speech recognition software
  • Learning with AI system.

Busuu Premium Plus price is €6,66 per month.

  • You can learn all 12 languages available.
  • Large community and support of native speakers.
  • McGraw Hill official tests
  • personalized Study Plan provided by AI learning software.

The lifetime Subscription price is $ 159


 HelloTalk Vs Busuu: Wisest Choice


After reviewing the two language app, HelloTalk vs Busuu, which do you think is the wisest app to use?

As a language learner who wants to learn a language or other languages from different countries, it depends on the learning style and other learning methods that they wish to. For instance, if a beginner wants to learn Spanish more naturally, like conversing with a native speaker, it is wise to choose HelloTalk over Busuu. On the other hand, if a language learner wants to learn new vocabulary words through reading or writing, it is wise to select Busuu over HelloTalk.

If I am a language learner, my wise choice would be HelloTalk because having a conversation with people is one of my learning styles. Also, Busuu is more pricey than HelloTalk. If you want to know more reviews in other language learning apps, you can check LingQ vs Busuu and Busuu vs Memrise.


Best Alternative Learning Language Application: Ling App


Language today is evolving, and we as humans should forever be language learners. So, we need to study and discover different languages (more vocabulary and words) to understand one another. If the two language apps above overwhelm you, you can use a better and alternative language app: Ling App.

Ling app by Simya Solutions is a user-friendly learning app that is entirely free and hassle-free.

Since it is entirely free, it also provides new content articles that provide information that helps you quickly understand your target language. They also offer interactive exercises for you to learn in a fun way. You can learn various foreign languages because it provides 60 languages from different countries worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Discover and learn with Ling App now!

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