FluentU Vs. Lingvist: 10 Minute Decisive Review

FluentU Vs. Lingvist! What does your gut tell you? Which language learning app do you think will win today’s face-off?

Often when Ling does these ‘versus’ reviews, they can be slightly unfair. For example, we recently compared FluentU and Anki. Although you could argue that Anki is a language learning app, this is very much a secondary function.

Comparing FluentU vs. Lingvist, it’s easy to say it’s a fair fight. Both apps often have similar content. 

This review will cover an ‘about’ section, pricing, languages available, pros and cons of both apps, and a final decision.

Ok, let’s go.

About FluentU

FluentU‘s unique selling point is the quality of its video platform. It has other features introduced recently, such as flashcards; however, the high-quality subtitled videos really set this app apart.

FluentU Available Languages

Spanish. French. Italian. German. English. Russian. Japanese. Mandarin Chinese.

FluentU vs. Lingvist

About Lingvist

Lingvist’s unique selling point is that it is a smart reading platform that utilizes cutting-edge big data technology to present you with vocabulary just within your reach. Science shows that you learn the most on this outer periphery between known and unknown words. When I used Lingvist, it felt like one of those apps I’d never get bored with because I was constantly presented with new content. However, because it is so reading-heavy, it’s bad for beginners.

A little about Lingvist’s history: Lingvist was founded by Swiss Citizen Mait Muntel, and it’s safe to say Muntel is a smart guy! He was one of the engineers who worked on the large hadron collider! It isn’t surprising someone on the cutting edge would focus so heavily on machine learning.

Lingvist Available Languages

British English, American English, French, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese.

FluentU Pricing

FluentU vs. Lingvist

Lingvist Pricing

FluentU vs. Lingvist

FluentU Vs. Lingvist- Pros And Cons


Subscribe and gain access to all languages(not just one) However, remember languages are limitedVery high price. FluentU hopes HD video will persuade users to pay extra
Designed for visual learners (65% of all learners)Only 8 languages(compare that to Ling’s 60)
You have access to content from Youtube, Netflix and other streaming platformsLimited speaking practice
In recent years there has been more and more supplementary materialUser interface looks a little shabby and outdated

FluentU Vs. Lingvist- Pros And Cons


The use of A.I is fantastic. The smart technology means you’re learning in a very advanced wayOnly 8 languages. This is poor for an app of this size
Good for advanced learners. Many intermediate and advanced learners hit a barrier of limited complexity after years of useBad for beginners. For example learning a non-latin alphabet
Beautiful U.INo speaking and writing practice
Price(Compared to other apps in the market) 
Free version is surprisingly good 

Which Should You Choose? FluentU Or Lingvist?

Often when we do these kinds of reviews, there is a clear winner and loser; however, today, it isn’t as clean-cut.

Perhaps it would be easier to go on a skill-by-skill basis.

Speaking And Writing- In truth, neither are particularly effective for speaking and writing. A lot of investment has gone into other skills. If I had to guess, I’d say the creators had decided that to solve a problem like adequate speaking practice is currently beyond the remit of an app

Vocabulary- Both are great for practicing vocabulary, which is traditionally where language learning apps perform the best. If you learn better by pure reading, pick Lingvist; if you learn better by reading and listening, pick FluentU.

Listening skills- FluentU is undoubtedly better for listening practice. Streaming video is a fundamental pillar of the app’s reason for existing.

Grammar- Neither app particularly has the market cornered regarding grammar. I’d probably have to go with Lingvist because reading often gives you a sense of the grammar more than listening does?

So which is best?

In terms of the actual product, there isn’t much to separate these apps, so perhaps it is best to judge them on the cold hard logic of cost. Lingvist is approximately 50% cheaper per month than FluentU, which is a big advantage. I still think FluentU is worth the money, but because of this reason, I think Lingvist steals the victory this week.

Winner: Lingvist!

Learn 60+ Languages With Ling language courses!

Ling is our suggested software to Improve your language skills!

By this point, it’s undeniable that downloading a language learning app is critical. It improves real-world job performance as well as your social life. Native speakers of English like me can learn valuable lessons by learning a new language.

I’ve been an avid user of Ling for a year and was a user before I was a writer.

So what makes Ling stand out compared to Lingvist and FluentU in the battle for the best language learning software?

Its two biggest advantages are its cost and the number of languages that feature on it. Ling is even cheaper than LingVist, which already comes at a very low price.

Also, remember that these 2 apps only have 20 languages between them. Ling has 60! And one subscription grants you access to all 60 target languages. Language learners can learn just about any language they want. That’s the kind of value for money you won’t find anywhere else.

If your mind still isn’t made up, check out some of our other reviews, such as Anki vs. Babbel and Rosetta Stone vs. Duolingo.

Come on over now and download Ling– your number 1 language-learning resource!

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