FluentU VS Duolingo: #1 Amazing Prompt Review

Who is up for another language learning apps comparison? Today, we will compare the two awesome language learning apps: FluentU vs Duolingo. We will talk about their features, effectiveness, prices, pros, and cons.

But, first, let’s start with a brief introduction to Duolingo and FluentU before giving our input!



FluentU VS Duolingo

Duolingo is considered one of the best free language learning apps on the market today and it is usually the first choice of language learners. Let’s go over some basic information about Duolingo.

Duolingo currently offers 41 different language courses. The core feature of this app is its flashcards, bite-sized games, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and translating activities. In general, the app covers the four primary language skills which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Pros & Cons Of Duolingo

– Doesn’t have authentic voices in listening activities

– Not suitable for advanced learners

+ Reward system keeps you motivated

+ Completely free

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FluentU VS Duolingo

In comparison to other language apps, FluentU offers a rather limited range of just 10 language courses. One standout feature of the app is that if your target language is English, FluentU offers English courses to native speakers of Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Features Of FluentU


FluentU VS Duolingo

FluentU’s lessons mainly include videos that show you the necessary vocabulary and teach you how to form a correct sentence by using the words provided. The exercises in the lessons can usually be applied to the video lessons from YouTube and flashcards shown.

Video Lessons

FluentU VS Duolingo

FluentU uses videos from the Internet, mostly from YouTube, and creates interactive lessons with them. The video lessons cover almost all daily topics in various difficulty levels. FluentU also offers grammar tips, but usually, these aren’t very detailed.

A unique feature of the video lessons is the transcription feature, which allows you to hover over individual words, as you can in the course lessons, to find their meaning as well as improve your listening skills.


Although flashcards might be the most traditional way to study a language, that doesn’t mean they are ineffective! FluentU uses flashcards to teach vocabulary, words, and phrases at the beginning of each lesson.

The FluentU Dictionary

In reality, it’s a lot more than a dictionary. When you want to look up a new word in the FluentU dictionary, it will also show you various example sentences so that you can understand how to use that new word. This is an awesome feature because it adds context to otherwise foreign vocabulary. You can make use of this feature in different ways such as:

  • To find the meaning of words and phrases
  • To find related content with the words and phrases
  • To find content about vocabulary and grammar points

Many other language apps don’t have this feature that can translate a word and show you its usage in all different kinds of contexts!


FluentU offers language learners a free 2 week trial of its premium version where you have unlimited access to all of its content. However, you do have to select a payment method when signing up for the premium trial. Don’t worry, it won’t charge you until the end of the free trial period and you can cancel it anytime!

A monthly subscription to FluentU costs about $30 a month or $360 for a year. However, if you choose an annual subscription initially, you’ll only have to pay $240 instead of $360. This can save you exactly four months off in comparison to the monthly subscription.

Pros & Cons

– Subscription is quite expensive

– Not enough speaking practice

– Limited range of languages offered

+ Teaches languages with context

+ Supportive lessons from native speakers

+ Provides transcriptions of video lessons for better comprehension

Who Is FluentU Best For?

Since the app mainly focuses on teaching through examples, it’s not very beginner-friendly compared to other language learning apps. If you are just getting started learning a new language, you might want to consider other apps, such as Duolingo, to help you.

Once you master the basics of your target language and have developed a more intermediate or advanced language skill, FluentU can really help you take your language skills to the next level!

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Final Thoughts

FluentU is particularly great at providing an immersive language learning environment. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t help enough when it comes to pronunciation and speaking. Of course, you can always repeat the audio you hear, but you won’t know if you’re pronouncing it correctly or not.

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Learn A Foreign Language With Ling!

If you still can’t decide which is the best language learning app for you, you can try the amazing the Ling app!

Ling is a great language app that enhances your language learning process and offers courses in over 60 languages. One of the best parts of Ling is that it uses engaging and interactive activities to help you improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. If you don’t believe us, go check out the thousands of user recommendations in the App Store and Google Play!

Besides the app, Ling has a huge language blog filled with hundreds of pages of content related to languages, countries, cultures, food, and even language tips! Anything you need, you can most definitely find on the blog!

Let Ling help you get a jumpstart on your language learning journey today!

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