FluentU Vs Drops: Which Is The #1 Best App?

On the search for the best language learning application in the market today? Then this FluentU vs. Drops post is perfect for you! Today, we will go above and beyond to share with you intricate details about these two platforms and their basic features. Moreover, we will share our opinion on which of these two apps can accelerate your language learning progress. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

FluentU Vs Drops

A language learning app with speech recognition technology is one of the best elements a complete beginner needs to learn their target language. It’s simply practical and removes the feeling of being afraid to expose yourself to the language. Basically, this function is ideal for people who want to learn how to pronounce words like a native speaker.

Some of us have different needs and desires for using a language learning application. Some learners may also try to partake in writing exercises to develop their skills, particularly if their learning language has its own writing system. They might just want the language learning application to be engaging and interactive. Other users prefer a simple or basic graphic interface since they only need a simple interface to focus on varied teaching styles.

Below, we’ll look at what these apps have to offer in teaching learners about their target language.

FluentU Language Learning App


FluentU is a language learning application that offers interactive videos with translations that can be downloaded. While watching a video, you can also select subtitles (in other languages). Beginners can learn new vocabulary and master a certain term in their target language by watching the various videos. This language learning app also includes articles similar to lessons for better knowledge and appreciation of the target language’s cultural aspects.

You have a 14-day free trial (one minute per day) as a first-time user of this app to learn a new word or language. If you would like to learn more, subscribe to the premium version, which enables you to use all ten languages in one go. FluentU is available in the online application as well as a mobile application. If you have an iOS smartphone, go to the App Store to download it, and if you have an Android device, go to the Play Store to download it.

Can FluentU Help You Achieve Fluency?

Because FluentU only offers ten languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, English, Russian, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese), it would not be an excellent resource for those that want to acquire a language effectively. Moreover, it offers limited descriptions and language activities, so you must supplement it with alternative language learning applications or resources.

Functions Of FluentU

You must log in and fill in your personal information. Following that, you’ll decide on your language study level (beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level). Following that, several instructive videos related to your target language will be shown. You’ll be given a quiz (language questions) when you’ve chosen and finished watching the movie, and you’ll need to repeat what it says. After that, you will be corrected by native speakers.

FluentU’s Basic Features

The following are some of FluentU’s features:

  1. Videos – presents real-world videos as video lessons with voice-overs and subtitles that may be turned on and off (provides grammar information, pronunciation, sample sentences in real-world contexts). You can learn unknown terms by putting them on flashcard reviews.
  2. Audios – provides beginners with audios with visuals to help them learn new words about their target language
  3. Sample words are used in various contexts on flashcards (with audio from native speaker, pictures)
  4. For lesson compilations, create audio and video playlists.
  5. Blogs with educational content – for a better grasp of the target language (history, culture, writing system, etc.)
  6. Interactive quizzes with corresponding points are included in the games.

Can I Use FluentU For Free?

FluentU’s free version is only available for 14 days. This sample version could be used for one minute per day.

FluentU: Premium Version And Subscription

You can select between two premium subscription plans: A monthly subscription will set you back $29.99. or an annual subscription at $239.99.

FluentU: Pros And Cons

It provides real-world situations and video lessons.The graphics are plain.
Provides a selection of audio and video lessons related to the target languageThere are only ten languages available.
Transcripts are downloadable.Beginners will find it difficult (beginner-level video lessons).
Keeping track of your progress and determining your goalsThe emphasis is solely on vocabulary development and listening comprehension.
Interactive quizzes and SRSThis is not the place for learning grammar.
Informative and entertaining blog posts about the target languageWhen compared to other language apps, it’s quite pricey.

Drops Language Learning App


Drops is one of the most effective language learning apps for teaching a particular target language vocabulary. This language learning application features a simple and attractive graphical user interface that is ideal for absolute beginners.

To put it in other words, using this language app is similar to playing a game while learning a new language or various languages.

Can Drops Help You Achieve Fluency?

Considering Drops is a language learning app that focuses solely on teaching a target language’s vocabulary, it may not assist beginners or even advanced learners towards becoming fluent like native speakers. Apart from that, there are no grammatical activities that can help learners enhance their target language knowledge.

Basic Functions Of Drops

When learning another language, you may designate your native language as the default language. But let’s assume you want to get directly into your chosen language’s vocabulary and pronunciation. In this case, you can make your preferred language the app’s default language. You can study a foreign language at one of three levels: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Furthermore, mastering a new word and successfully answering some of the flashcards will allow you to go to the next level.

Drops’ Basic Features

The following are some of Drops’ most intriguing features:

The paid edition of the Scripts app, Drops’ alternate and companion language app, is now available. This application teaches several writing systems as well as practices writing in a specific target language.

The Droplets app is another great companion language app for kids. This edition features a more child-friendly user interface and activities, as well as easy learning techniques that are suitable for children. 

There are 43 foreign languages available, including popular and minority languages.

Audio recordings and examples of vocabulary terms are provided, along with English translations.

Can I Use Drops For Free?

Drops has a free version that only allows you to use it for 5 minutes every 10 hours. Using this version will lead you to several advertisements, however.

Drops: Premium Version And Subscription

Drops sends you numerous promotions and discounts via email to encourage you to upgrade to the premium version. If you pay for the premium version of the app, you’ll get access to the following features:

  1. All 43 foreign languages are available.
  2. Ad-free environment
  3. It’s possible to use it even if you don’t have access to the internet.
  4. You have an unlimited amount of time to use the app.
  5. There are several lessons to pick from.
  • The cost of a monthly subscription is $8.49.
  • The cost of a yearly subscription is $69.99.
  • The monthly subscription costs $8.49 for a lifetime subscription.

Drops: Pros And Cons

Beginner-friendly aesthetic designIt includes simple linguistic tasks.
An app for learning languages that is simple to use.It is only for total beginners to learn other languages.
When it comes to acquiring new vocabulary terms, it has an adaptable algorithm.The free version has a time limit of 5 minutes every 10 hours.

Final Thoughts: FluentU Vs Drops

Final Thoughts: FluentU Vs Drops

If you ask me, I’ll go with the Drops language learning app since it’s more entertaining and user-friendly than the FluentU language. Apart from that, it is less expensive than FluentU.

On the other hand, these two language applications are limited in their ability to teach grammatical skills such as sentence structure and accurate pronunciation. These two applications cannot be used to study languages on their own. To become a native speaker of your chosen language, you’ll need more language materials and access to alternative language platforms. As a result, I strongly advise you to try one of the excellent alternative language learning applications, which is the Ling App. 

Best Alternative: Ling App

If you’re looking for a different way to learn a language, I recommend Ling App. This program simplifies the process of learning a new language.

FluentU Vs Drops

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is one of the best language learning apps available on the Appstore and Playstore. This user-friendly language application is the best for learning native languages since it provides interactive language activities to learn a new language and vocabulary phrases. Language activities such as mini-games, exciting quizzes, and flashcards are available to teach languages you wish to master because this application offers 60+ languages.

You may also acquire new vocabulary by reading an educational blog article about your target language written by native speakers and language experts, which covers themes such as culture, history, grammar, writing systems, common vocabulary terms, and other language skills.

Are you ready to learn languages in a new context? Now is the chance to get the Ling App!

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