Drops Vs Anki: 2 Best Language Learning Apps?

Do you prefer to learn a new language with the help of an app? When it comes to learning a new language, several individuals opt for a straightforward approach. This article examines the Drops vs. Anki app to see which one is best suited for you. If you are interested in that, let’s get this discussion started.


Drops App

Drops Vs Anki

Drops is among one of the best language learning applications for teaching a specific and basic target language vocabulary. This app has a convenient and desirable graphic user interface that is ideal for language learners. Using this language application is identical to playing games while learning your target language.

Can Drops Assist You In Acquiring Fluency?

Drops is a language learning application that directly teaches the vocabulary from a certain target language. Hence it may not assist beginners or advanced learners in becoming fluent the same as native speakers. Apart from it, there seem to be no grammar exercises like speaking practice, comprehension and listening skills, and writing activities that will help the language learners improve their language knowledge. Want to get a detailed review? Read this!

Drops’ Functions

When studying a new language using Drops, you can make your native language the default language. However, suppose you would like to immediately start mastering new words and proper pronunciation of your target language. If you want to learn the Spanish language, you can select Spanish as the app’s default language. You may also select which of the three stages of learning a second language you are: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level.

You may also progress to a new level by memorizing words and answering a few of your flashcards accurately.

Drops’ Key Features

Drops have the following amazing features:

  1. It includes 43 languages, including popular languages, minority languages, and dialects.
  2. It features audio recordings and audio lessons, and simple descriptions of basic vocabulary words with English translations.

Drops’ Free Version

Drops does have a free version that allows you to access it for at least 5 minutes every 10 hours. Using this version may also overwhelm you with too many advertisements.

Premium Version And Subscription

Drops sends numerous deals and discounts to your email for you to avail of the premium version. If you purchase the app’s premium subscription, you will have access to the following features:

  1. All 43 foreign languages are readily accessible.
  2. Ad-free access
  3. It is possible to use it without an internet connection.
  4. You have an unlimited amount of time to use the application.
  5. There are several language courses to pick from.
  • The subscription fee is $8.49 per month.
  • The annual subscription fee is $69.99.
  • The cost of a lifetime subscription is $159.99.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Aesthetic design that is visually pleasing for language learners It provides simple linguistic tasks 
An enjoyable language-learning app Learning a new language using the app is only good for absolute beginners
Has Spaced Repetition System (SRS Algorithm), which helps in acquiring new vocabulary quickly The free version has a limited access


Anki App

Drops Vs Anki

Anki is a fantastic flashcard application that makes remembering things easy. You might use it to memorize anything, from vocabulary terms to other essential words. This app is also suitable for long-term memory skills. That’s why it can certainly assist those individuals with autism, ADHD, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Anki adopts a spaced repetition technique based on information theory’s memory consolidation. The SRS schedule is based on studies of how long people can have a long-term memory. Want to get a detailed review? Read this!

Can Anki Assist You In Acquiring Fluency?

Because using Anki focuses solely on learning new words, it may assist language learners in achieving fluency but not native speakers. Anki, for example, can be used by students in learning vocabulary words and historical facts for assessments. Language specialists and professionals can use it to recall job-related data or other necessary details regarding their work.

Anki’s Functions

Anki has a great tool which is the deck system. This allows users to arrange pre-made cards. For instance, you might wish to create pre-made decks for various subjects or topics so that you can learn them individually. Alternatively, you could have one component for learning vocabulary words and another for historical facts from the same period. You’d like to have the words combined alongside their relevant issues.

Whenever you install Anki on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, it will request you to select a “Source” from which to pull your flashcards. This can be an online page or document (even if it is offline) generally containing information in the form of texts, graphics, or audio that is related to what you wish to learn. Anki will therefore generate this information into flashcards for you to study on your Desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Anki’s Key Features

The following are some of the remarkable characteristics of the Anki language learning app:

  1. Available and accessible on multiple devices (Android devices, desktops, iPad, tablets, etc.)
  2. As you analyze the Anki flashcards, you may visibly mark them.
  3. Using Anki’s deck system to organize and create flashcards.
  4. With the free version, you may answer questions from the flashcards in two ways: multiple-choice or open-ended (typing words and phrases), depending on the flashcard.
  5. It has an adaptable system that provides comments and feedback on your answers (praise, inform, or criticize). This feature allows you to learn from your errors and gain confidence in answering similar questions correctly next time.
  6. Anki’s online user community is a huge assistance in memorizing new words.

Anki’s Free Version

Anki is a free language learning app and has made its application accessible for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android apps. It provides accessibility to AnkiWeb, which allows for synchronization among any device with a web browser.

Lifetime Subscription

The premium version costs $25 and is exclusively accessible for IOS devices.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Free access to all android devices and AnkiWeb It isn’t easy to set up and use, especially if you are new to the app.
Individuals with memory impairments (ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, etc.) would thoroughly enjoy this tool. Other users or language learners do not make extensive use of Anki’s other functionalities, unlike other language learning applications.
Effective online user community  


Drops Vs Anki: Final Review

Drops Vs Anki

I’ll go with the Drops language learning app since it’s more entertaining and user-friendly than the Anki language learning app, in my viewpoint. Even if Anki is accessible for all Android devices and desktops in the free version, the Drops app is still convenient because it is simple to use.

However, these two language applications are constrained in their methods for teaching grammar, such as sentence construction and precise pronunciation. These two applications cannot be used to study languages on their own.

To become a native speaker of your target language, you will need additional language resources and access to alternative language platforms. As a result, I encourage you to try one of the excellent alternative language learning applications. Want to find out? 


Best Alternative: The Ling App

If you’re pursuing an alternative language learning app, I recommend downloading Ling App. This app makes it simple to learn different languages.

Drops Vs Anki

The Ling App is one of the considerable language learning applications available in the Appstore and Playstore. This convenient app is perfect for learning different languages since it incorporates various instructional vocabulary exercises to learn a new language. Because this app offers 60+ multiple languages, language exercises such as mini-games, stimulating quizzes, and flashcards for memorization are available to master new words concerning your chosen language. 

You may also take on new words by studying educational blog posts concerning your second language authored by native speakers and language specialists, covering themes such as culture, history, basic grammar lessons, alphabet, common vocabulary used in a real-world context, and other communication skills. Furthermore, you might read other posts concerning honest reviews and comparisons of different language apps, such as FluentU Vs Busuu and Mango Languages Vs Speakly.

Are you interested to learn foreign languages uniquely? Download the Ling App right away!

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