Busuu Vs Speakly: The Best 2 Apps Today?

Wondering what language learning app to use? In today’s post, we are going to find out about the Busuu vs Speakly comparison and check out their pros and cons. We never prefer to say which app is better, but we are definitely going to tell you which of these two is more suitable depending on the language learners.

No matter if you are a complete beginner, someone with more advanced language skills, or even a native speaker, these two apps are guaranteed to help you with a lot of language-related stuff. But, a very important thing we always have to mention to you is that you should check if any of these two apps support your target language. If they don’t support the foreign language you want to learn and they do not provide language courses you find attractive, then you should check out some alternatives.

Is Speakly A Good Language Learning App To Use?

Busuu Vs Speakly: The Best 2 Apps Today?

Yes, it definitely is a pretty decent app, it has beautiful features, and learning with Speakly might become quite an interesting journey. With these language apps, you’ll learn more than 4000 most commonly used words, you can learn at your own pace which is also quite important.

So, the biggest advantage when it comes to this app is that you’ll learn more than just some basic words. They’ll try to teach you more new words, that you could use in some ordinary like everyday speech.

They are also good at boosting your writing skills, which is the result of providing incredible spelling exercises. Like some other apps, you can also hire your own foreign language tutor which is the best solution if you want to practice speaking, and if acquires your learning preferences. Of course, those tutors must have acquired teaching skills, and your target language must be their native language.

That is also ok if you belong to the group of those ones who wants to become native speakers as well. But that considers a lot of blood, sweat, and tears(not literally!) if you want to achieve that kinda level. Besides that speaking practice, every online tutor has their own teaching style, which could probably get you confused in some situations.

Is Speakly A Free Language Learning App?

Yes, Speakly is a free language app but only for 7 days. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see anything strange around here. It’s enough period so you could make your own decision about this great app. With that free trial, you check available features, choose a language of your choice or even do a language exchange if that’s needed.

So yes we can say Speakly belongs to the group of free apps. While we are talking about this app already I need to mention something… they like to call themself a mobile app with a common European framework. So whatever does that mean, if it’s okay for you then there is no reason to try out that free version.

Speakly Paid Subscription Plans

Okay, so we’ll just go through their premium version. As I may say already, there are only monthly subscription plans available and there is not much difference between them besides the price you are paying for it. And the price is always the most important, although I think it shouldn’t.

If you are paying for something which you find worthy then the price is never that high. But, actually, there is also one pretty important thing here. The first two plans consider just one language of your choice, while the other two versions consider multiple languages, all let’s just say all of them. Let’s now check their paid version plans, so you don’t confuse.

  1. This first paid subscription plan considers one language of your choice with a payment fee of 10.99€ per month.
  2. The second one also considers one language but you pay 27€ every 3 months, which comes down to 9€ per month.
  3. This one will cost you 49.98€ every 6 months which comes down to 8.33€ per month. With this plan, you can choose more than one language you want to learn, because all of them will be available to you.
  4. Last but not the least, this one will cost you 69.96€ every 12 months, which comes to only 5.83€ per month. And just like the last one, all languages will be available to you.

So there is no lifetime subscription plan. I had to mention this one because I was reading something about this topic on some other website so they made this mistake. I thought you should know this. Now, are these plans good? Yes, they are, and they have the exact same features except for language availability. Let’s check these features more deeply.

  • They will provide you lessons with more statistically relevant words. This will help you spread your vocabulary with the words that are most commonly used, and your progress will be much faster.
  • You’ll also study grammar a lot and at the same time you’ll get the insightful tips you must know about the language you chose.
  • They are trying to make you effectively use that language and they are always pushing you with some interesting writing and speaking exercises. This might be a little bit tougher for beginners so if you like you are at the more intermediate level point right now, then this will make you progress in your new language even more than you expected.
  • You will also have to take some of the challenges providing by Speakly which is some kind of placement tests you’ll be getting periodically.
  • You’ll get your own personal support from native speakers. This would be quite helpful because this will boost your learning style with some awesome tips you might get from these experts.

Speakly Live Language Courses

So this is some kind of special feature provided by Speakly. It considers learning a language with your online tutors. If you want to learn a new language this way then you should consider this one as an option. This is a faster way of learning and it considers more conversational lessons so you’ll probably have to take a placement test so that could get to know your language skills a little bit more.

It goes with two available plans:

The first is the Individual plan. It means that you’ll learn alone with your tutor. This plan is a little bit more expensive and the price is 179€ per month + VAT. You’ll get eight 45 minutes lessons with your teacher each month. He/She will give you some tasks and daily lessons you’ll have to follow.

The second plan is a Group Plan. These groups consider 4-6 students and you’ll have eight 60 minutes lessons per month. This plan is less expensive than the previous one and you’ll have to pay 79€ per month + VAT.

With both of these plans, you’ll get a Speakly subscription for the duration of your study period, on all of your devices. I must say that this is a hell of an offer despite the thing it’s quite expensive. This is why this app belongs to the group of the best language learning apps with the full support of native speakers s well. And, you’ll get the first lesson as a trial, and it would consider doing a placement test which is fair enough.

Speakly Available Languages

Language learning platform with only a few languages available, and yes we are still talking about Speakly. Exactly what do I mean by that? I talked in a quite positive context about this app previously, so now it’s time to be a little rougher about this one.

So if you dream about becoming a native speaker, then I’ll have to say that you’ll only be available to do it so in these couple of languages. The list is short, so you won’t get lost:

  • Estonian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

Wow, and that’s it? Unfortunately, it is. So if you want to learn Spanish, or you are interested in learning French then this will do the work, but there are other mobile apps providing you much better learning resources.

Is Busuu App For More Advanced Learners?

Busuu Vs Speakly: The Best 2 Apps Today?

So here we are talking about Busuu again and again, but why not? This app is so popular that it definitely deserves a lot of attention.

Great feature, amazing content, vocabulary lessons, interactive captions, learning with AI technology, yes it all comes with this amazing app. Some lesson takes interesting cultural insights, you should probably have to be interested in. I always say that because if you already decided to learn some foreign language, then you should also be aware of the culture and history of that nation and their motherland.

Busuu Free Version

Since we’ve been already talking about this topic in some of our other language tips blog posts then we won’t take long about Busuu review especially when it comes down to its free version. This is, I must say, the solid experience you’ll get for free.

You won’t get more than just digital flashcards, and you won’t be able to do any language exchange. So if you choose to speak Spanish for example, then that would be pretty much it until you decide to subscribe yourself to a more advanced version, and by that, I mean the paid one. Also, feel free to check out other blog posts where we compare Busuu with some other language apps.

Busuu Premium Subscription For Native Language Speakers

So if you are interested in joining the group of native speakers of the new language of your choice, you’ll probably gonna ask yourself if this app is good enough for you. No matter if you are a total beginner and you are just starting to learn a new language, Busuu is definitely a good choice!

With the Premium plan, you’ll get much more than just flashcards. You’ll get more vocabulary lessons, you can choose more languages you want to learn, you can learn even in offline mode and download lessons so you could learn anywhere you want. If you are more interested in Busuu reviews then you should check out this blog post called Busuu where you will get the more necessary information you need about these two, especially when it comes to Busuu.

Busuu Vs Speakly: Final Thoughts

We talked about these two quite a lot today, maybe a little bit more about Speakly than Busuu but we have a good reason for that. It’s not because we find Speakly a better app for learning, it’s just because there is nothing more than a couple of posts online you could find about it. For users, the whole quality might be a bit disappointing because Speakly deserves much more attention, especially if you are more interested in spreading your vocabulary with all the amazing exercises provided by this app.

Now, on the other hand, Busuu is much more popular and everybody is talking about it. It has a large community of users, so there is no question you won’t find an answer to it. Now, which one is better? We will let you decide… Like always, we only consider one app as the best language learning platform and it’s called the Ling App by Simya Solutions Ltd. Check it out and see why is it the best one for learning.

The Most Effective Language Learning App: Ling App

What is the most effective app is probably the most popular question that everyone must be Googled at least once in his life. Of course, you want to find many answers online, because there is no one that honest, unfortunately. There are many things that some language app should be providing, and there are always some pros and cons, whatever platform we are talking about. I must say that there is one app I consider the best and that is of course our Ling App.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Ling App For Learning Languages

So let’s just consider all the advantages of this app. There is a lot that you should consider using for the language learning journey. Let’s see some of them.

  • There are more than 50+ languages available, so the language you want to learn is probably there.
  • Well structured daily lessons provided
  • Mobile game experience
  • It has a great blog and it teaches you about cultures, languages, and so much more
  • It can make you fluent even with the free version
  • Advanced grammar lessons for boosting your skills
  • You can study languages anywhere on each device and OS

So that’s about it for today’s blog post, hope you enjoyed it and you find it helpful. See ya soon!

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