Busuu Vs Pimsleur: Which Is The #1 Language App?

When you’re interested in learning a second language, conventional online language learning programs are the best option for beginners. The apps speed up your learning process and help you achieve the success you’re looking for.

Read our detailed review on Busuu vs Pimsleur in this blog. Find the best language learning app between them and discover some alternatives.

Many people now use online learning apps to learn vocabulary and grammar in particular contexts. Thousands of people are using the award-winning language learning program, the Ling App. Ling’s accessibility and interactive exercises are the two most enticing aspects that have made it the most successful program.


Are The Language Learning Apps Worth Your Time And Effort?

Certain programs attempt to recreate the ineffective classroom experience of learning a foreign language. They waste time, money, and energy on their students. But many of them contain powerful resources to let users master any language.

This evaluation of Busuu vs Pimsleur will go into great detail about the pros and cons of each software.


Pimsleur Overview

Busuu Vs Pimsleur

When analyzing Busuu vs Pimsleur, the Pimsleur method might be your best choice if you need to learn a new language. Why? Because Pimsleur provides 50 languages to learn for those whose main learning language is English. There are also dialects within languages, such as European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Pimsleur originated as a cassette-based language program. It has made significant progress in recent years in terms of expanding its online offerings. For certain languages, Pimsleur provides high-quality interactive exercises.

What Makes Pimsleur So Special?

Spaced repetition is the term for the method used by the Pimsleur. A word or a phrase is presented to the students. Then, when some time has passed, students will be asked what they have learned.

The objective is to find the ideal intervals for maximum retention. As a result, the Pimsleur programs’ instructions are quite straightforward. Every day, you’re supposed to finish one lesson, and you have to do them all in the same order.

There are even rules for when to repeat a task instead of moving on to the next one. These language courses provide you with a clear image of what you’ll be doing, how long it’ll take, and when major milestones will be reached, like finishing a level.

Pimsleur is a natural speaker-led language learning program produced by Pimsleur International. The Pimsleur language learning program is accessible in a variety of forms.

To begin, you may sign up for Pimsleur as a per-language subscription online. The Pimsleur app, accessible for Android and Apple mobile devices, may be used to purchase a program.

Popular Languages That Are Available On Pimsleur

Learning a new language with an online app is one of the most popular language-learning trends of the twenty-first century. It is stated that they are altering the way individuals learn the native language of any country by taking online courses from a native speaker.

Pimsleur provides language programs like Albanian, Arabic, and other languages (Eastern, Egyptian, and Modern Standard). Armenian (both Eastern and Western), Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, and Persian (Dari). Dutch, Farsi, Persian, Finnish, French (German and Swiss), and Greek are also available. Haitian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, and Lithuanian are also available languages. Norwegian, Ojibwa, Pashto, and Polish can also be learned with Pimsleur.

For speakers of 14 other languages, there are additional English language study programs.

Arabic and Cantonese Chinese are two of the most widely spoken languages globally. In English lessons, students learn Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Pimsleur teaches languages such as Romanian, Russian, Spanish (both Latin American and European), Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Pimsleur Helps With Interactive Style

It is ideal for studying in a face-to-face immersion scenario where you can use your target language often. This helps you remember new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar by shifting them to your active memory.

Language learning apps that let you rely on memorization, translation, and repetition are unproductive, even if you’re having fun while learning.

Many are created without considering the critical aspect of language development. As a result, they essentially give a passive, classroom-style learning experience.

Pimsleur Teaches Pronunciation

If you want to make sure your pronunciation is impeccable, Pimsleur is a good option. Pimsleur is a better way to learn a language by doing reading, writing, spelling, and grammar tasks.

Pimsleur is much faster to download and use than Busuu. It may be used whenever you have a few minutes to spare. If your life is busy with work and other social obligations, language learning with Pimsleur becomes an easy task to fit into your schedule.

When comparing Busuu vs Pimsleur, Pimsleur offers smaller, more manageable lessons. It keeps you from being completely overwhelmed. It motivates you to continue your language studies.

Furthermore, the gamified experience aids with the comprehension of the language. It makes the learning process and language resources more pleasurable by adding fun. Its goal is to establish an environment where you may acquire confidence and develop your skills.

Comparing Busuu Vs Pimsleur, Pimsleur Is Simple To Get

Dedicated language learners may use a web browser to acquire the same program. You may also use an Amazon Alexa device to learn a language.

Pimsleur works in the same way as any other online language learning program when you buy it this way. You may access your Pimsleur account from any computer or mobile device.

The second way to get Pimsleur is to buy MP3s that you may download and keep indefinitely. The MP3 courses are similar to the audio lessons included in the membership or purchased separately.

Alternatively, you may buy CDs. Because the program has been available for decades, you can still purchase some of the language courses on disc if you want something physical.

Pimsleur is often available for free in public libraries. Online access is also open at certain libraries. You can study a language from the convenience of your own home.

The last method for acquiring the software is to go to Audible.com. If you choose this option, you will own the Pimsleur program in the same way that you would any other audiobook on the site.

Pimsleur’s Pricing Strategy

Pimsleur courses vary in price. However, it would be best to listen to the first lesson in a free version before buying anything. You may obtain a seven-day free trial if you purchase the Pimsleur language study software.

The monthly fee for the audio-only edition is $14.95. On the other hand, the interactive exercise costs $19.95 each month (Pimsleur Premium, available for Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and English for Spanish native speakers).

If you finish the audio course as advised, one every day, you will receive the most value for your money with this language learning app.

When compared to other language learning apps, the price is exorbitant. It costs between $10 and $13 a month on average.

Pimsleur Access With Cds

This is in the form of Pimsleur CDs. For example, level 1 provides introductory knowledge in 30-minute audio courses and workshops. There are five stages of learning a language in the appropriate environment.

A single level costs $119.95 on average. (Some languages are different.) Level 1 will be finished in less than a month if you complete one course each day as advised. It’s simple to see how the membership fee is a better deal.

CDs are also priced differently, and since they are no longer in high demand, they are the most expensive. The Level 1 Spanish on CD package costs $345 and contains 30 lessons and MP3s.

Many combinations of Pimsleur’s courses are offered depending on the language abilities. You don’t need to go through them all if you already know the most cost-effective monthly subscription.

Pimsleur Is An Effective Way To Learn A New Language Quickly And Easily

In each program, an English-speaking narrator or instructor gives instructions. Simultaneously, one or more native speakers provide content in the language you’re learning. In the lessons, the English-speaking instructor employs interactive exercises to help you improve your language abilities.

You pick up new words and phrases between hearing and responding to a statement.

Consequently, when you’re asked to recollect anything, it’s critical. You recall concepts and phrases from past lessons or lectures regularly. “How do you say, ‘I would like?'” the narrator can inquire as you go. Even if you haven’t been prompted in a while, you’ll have to recollect it from memory.


  • It is efficient and effective for people who speak English.
  • It offers ESL programs as well as a 50-language curriculum.
  • It’s well-structured.


  • The membership and purchase fees are both rather hefty.
  • Only eight languages, including an interactive session, are available in the digital version.
  • Audio-based services in PDFs are not used to teach reading and writing.


Busuu Overview

Busuu Vs Pimsleur

Online Busuu is a hybrid of a study app for use in conjunction with a classroom course for learning languages. Busuu is an online self-study program. It isn’t as severe as Rosetta Stone. But it has more essential learning information than Memrise, TinyCards, or Quizlet.

While comparing Busuu vs Pimsleur we see that Busuu offers a small collection of languages. But the information included inside is of extremely good quality as it focuses on real-life situations.

The app is well-made and well-presented. Busuu is one of the finest free language learning applications, but the Premium membership adds value and is well worth the money.

While Busuu is a nice app, it can’t compete with Duolingo for the Editors’ Choice award for free language learning applications. That said, it’s extremely similar in quality, and with Duolingo now adding adverts and providing a premium layer of service. Busuu may easily woo many language learners over to their program.

Paid Or Premium Subscription Vs. Free Version

Busuu, one of the engaging language apps, provides two kinds of service: free and Premium. The free membership comes with many restrictions, but it’s enough if you’re using Busuu to review vocabulary with flashcards for one language. Free users also get to sample the first set of courses for one language as a trial.

You may study as many offered languages as you wish with the Premium membership. You also receive a whole lot more stuff than simply flashcards.

Premium includes grammar exercises, quizzes, user comments, and the opportunity to download courses to your mobile devices to study and learn even when you’re not online.

Busuu Premium is good value for money when considering all you get. A year’s membership costs only $69.99 (equal to $5.83 per month) if paid in advance.

Another alternative is to pay $119.99 (equivalent to $4.99 per month) for a two-year membership upfront. However, not everyone wants to commit to language instruction for two years.

Busuu Premium is available for $59.99 for a six-month subscription, paying $9.99 a month. Although that price is a little high, it is comparable to what other language learning apps charge.

When you initially choose a language to learn with Busuu Premium, you may take a placement exam if you have some previous knowledge of that language. Busuu informs you how long it will take to finish the courses here and throughout. Busuu proposes a starting point for your studies at the completion of the placement exam.

Included Languages

All of the language learning materials are intended for English native speakers learning another language. Many of these applications also provide English classes for native speakers of other languages. Some include courses for other speakers (e.g., French for Spanish native speakers). Those courses are not included in this list.

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish is among the languages offered by Busuu. Although the list is limited, it includes many English native speakers’ most often studied languages.

Busuu Technique Is Based On Feedback

Busuu’s courses include language acquisition basics, such as reading, writing, speaking, spelling, and producing language. Busuu labels a sequence of workouts as ‘completed’ on your dashboard after finishing them.

The dashboard directs you to the next steps you should take. You may either continue to the next set of exercises or review what you’ve previously mastered. Each lesson includes a time estimate to estimate how long it will take. You may also test yourself by taking quizzes.

Some exercises need you to speak and record your answer. At the same time, others require you to write it and submit it to the community for correction.

Busuu will find someone who speaks the language you’re studying and will correct and remark on your mistakes. In turn, you may comment to others studying languages that you already know well. 

The issue with providing and receiving feedback is that you never know whether or not the feedback will be understood. I wouldn’t catch anything if a Turkish speaker gave me notes on the term for “dozen”!

Based on the complexity and length of their responses, you can assume how comfortable each individual is with the language they are learning. A star rating is helpful, but it could be useful for newcomers to get pre-written comments to keep things simple.


  • The courses are extremely well-structured.
  • Clear and precise.
  • For a long-term membership, this is an excellent bargain.


  • A small number of languages are available.
  • Some tiresome typing drills.


Busuu Vs Pimsleur – Which Is Worth Your Time And Money?

Busuu Vs Pimsleur

In comparing Busuu vs Pimsleur, the Pimsleur language program is easier, faster, and more productive than Busuu.

Once you have the hang of it, Pimsleur requires just five or six lessons to get you going. Once you’ve figured out the system, you can count on seeing the same words and concepts pop up repeatedly.

As we discovered in our Busuu vs. Pimsleur comparison, with Pimsleur, native speakers aid you in developing your vocabulary and grammar.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to get up from your couch, you may work on your public speaking skills online.

Language study apps like Pimsleur are a great way to learn a new language for business, a trip, or speaking skills growth.

You may find the comparison between Busuu and Pimsleur to be useful. Other applications like Pimsleur vs. Lingvist and LingQ vs. Memrise have been examined. They’re worth a look!


The Ling App Makes Learning New Languages Easier

Busuu Vs Pimsleur

The Ling App is a good option if you’re looking for more robust outcomes while learning a language. Ling App is a language learning app with gamified elements and chatbot technology in mind. Hundreds of local speakers and language teachers are accessible around the clock to teach you 60+ different languages.

It also gives you a productive environment for learning a new language’s vocabulary and conversational abilities in a safe and secure environment. The Ling app is a must-have for anybody serious about learning a new language and wants to become better at it fast.

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