Busuu Vs Mondly: A 2022 Review Of Two Best Apps

When it comes to comparing these two, Busuu and Mondly, we can only say that’s a pretty hard request. They are whole a lot different so that’s why we can’t say for sure which language learning app is better but we can say that both of them are just amazing. If you are interested to know how they work, then you have come to the right place! In this Busuu Vs Mondly post, we will walk you through what these apps are all about and if they are any good in terms of teaching you a foreign language.

Depending on your needs, Busuu and Mondly can sure make things work for you. As we said, they are different, they also don’t cover the same language, and also the learning concept is different. Mondly is more like a game, and Busuu is covering a lot of grammar and it can make you a near-native speaker of your target languages.

Also, when it comes to Mondly we have to say that it is based on Augmented reality, which would be pretty fun if you decide yourself for this app. You’ll have your own virtual teacher who will guide you and repeat with you all words and phrases you are interested in.

On the other hand, Busuu covers a lot of exercises, quizzes, and also feedback and support from other users. If you want to enjoy full support, and even support from native speakers then Busuu should be your app of choice.

If neither of these two covers your expectations then you should check some alternatives. We always suggest our Ling app, which is probably the best language learning app on market. Start your free trial today!

Mondly Language Learning App Review

Busuu Vs Mondly

So, let’s talk about Mondly. We just have to admit that Mondly is probably one of the most interesting language learning apps. As we said before, it is based on Augmented reality, so if you choose this one, you’ll have the experience like you are playing a video game. Sounds like fun, and it definitely is.

This app is more beginner-friendly and you will learn new words that’s for sure but, if you want to get yourself a more native language speaker, then you should check other apps for more intermediate or advanced users.

With 40 available languages you can choose from, each day you will get new lessons for improving your knowledge. Like other language learning apps, Mondly prefers short but at the same time, very frequent lessons.

As we said, the platform will provide you a daily lesson with new words and phrases, which will include new vocabulary and sentences. At the end of the class, you can recap everything you learn. 

They say that they want to change the language learning experience, and we have to admit to them that they are giving a nice try.

Also, each day you will get notifications for your new lessons. You just need to set them to appear at the time that works most for you.

Also, feel free to check another blog post about a more detailed Mondly review right here.

Mondly Language Learning App Pricing Plans

If you subscribe yourself for Mondly then be prepared to pay $9.99 monthly or $47.99 for one year for one language. The annual price for Mondly is low if we compare it to other language learning apps, and the monthly price is something you are going to pay for other apps.

Mondly Available Languages

Mondly has a lot of available languages on its platform. Definitely, it has more than Busuu, and we can surely say that Mondly has won this part of their Busuu vs Mondly comparison. There are very good chances that if you choose Mondly, you will find your target language. Let’s check their list right away!

English (British) Greek Turkish Bulgarian
English (American)  Romanian Arabic Czech
Spanish  Afrikaans Persian Hungarian
French  Croatian Hebrew Ukrainian
German Polish Portuguese Vietnamese
Italian Indonesian Dutch Hindi
Russian Bengali Swedish Lithuanian
Japanese Catalan Norwegian Slovak
Korean Latin Danish Tagalog
Chinese Latvian Finnish Urdu

If you still can’t find the language you want to learn, then you should learn a language with our Ling App.

Busuu Language Learning App Review

Busuu Vs Mondly

We talked about Busuu a lot in our previous posts, and some of them you can check right here. Now, let’s get back on it. Busuu is definitely a great app, as we mentioned earlier, and it covers a lot of quizzes, writing and pronunciation exercise its specialty is grammar.

With a couple of minutes a day, you’ll become a true native speaker.

It’s a fun way of learning a new language, and you won’t make a mistake if you choose this app for the language you want to learn. The list of languages available with Busuu is pretty short, so if you can’t find the language of your choice, you should probably with some alternatives. We always recommend our Ling app if you want to learn a new language the right way.

Busuu Language Learning App Pricing Plans

Busuu covers two plans, the free one and the premium one. Or actually, three because there are two variations of premium plans.

The premium plan and the premium plus plan. The price is pretty much the same so we are going to recommend you the premium plus plan because you are going to get much more with it. You’ll get personalized lessons, and also you can learn as many languages as you wish.

The price for the Busuu Premium Plan is €5,83 monthly.

The price for the Busuu Premium Plus Plan is €6,66 per month. Not much of a difference right?

The support you’ll get with this app is amazing so you definitely won’t feel lonely on your new language learning path.

If you want to get more deeply into this subject and check what each plan covers then check our other blog post about that topic right here.

Busuu Available Languages

The biggest minus for Busuu is definitely its available language list. It covers only 12 languages, so if you don’t find your language on that list, then check for the alternatives. Let’s see the list of available languages.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

As we said, if you don’t see the language of your choice here, then you should check our Ling App.

Can Busuu Make You Fluent?

Yes, Busuu can definitely make you fluent. This app is more advanced than Mondly so you can skyrocket your new language learning skills, especially writing and grammar. Also with the free plan, you can choose one language and check if you like this app or language.

This language learning app has awesome features and it’s pretty nice. You’ll enjoy your learning each day. Also, you have amazing support from native speakers and you can ask them anything you want. It has a large community of native speakers, but you can also get support from other users as well.

If you don’t find yourself with Busuu for learning a new language, you can check our Ling App and explore everything you need right here.

Busuu Vs Mondly Language Learning Apps: Final Thoughts

We said a lot when it comes to Busuu vs Mondly comparison. The review is pretty simple. We cannot say which one is better because everything comes down to your requirements. The quality of exercises and lessons you’ll get each day from both of these apps is great and you’ll definitely learn a lot.

You should maybe start with Mondly if you are a beginner but as soon you get more advanced the quality of their lessons won’t bring you a lot. Your skills will get higher with Busuu so if you want to learn some different then start with this app.

If you want to get your skills even more advanced, or you can’t find your target language either on Busuu or Mondly then you should find some alternatives. Feel free to check the best language learning app called the Ling App and start to learn a new language for free.

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