Busuu Vs Memrise: #1 Review And The Best Alternative

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 09:58 am

Do you know which App is excellent for learning a foreign language? Let’s compare Busuu vs Memrise and find the best language learning app to learn a new language. Also, find out one of the best alternatives to master your target language with native speakers.

You don’t necessarily have to sit in typical classrooms to learn a language. Many other language learning tools are not as worthy as typical language learning apps. Some language applications focus on a specific skill, such as vocabulary, while others offer grammar explanations.

Whereas some language apps, such as Ling App, provide extensive language courses that focus on language learners’ needs. For now, read our Busuu vs Memrise review and comparison of language learning apps that will help you decide which language app is best for you.


Busuu Vs Memrise Review

If we compare Busuu vs Memrise, Busuu offers typical language courses more comprehensively, providing proper grammar training in just a few hours. It also covers listening skills and seemingly abstract grammatical terms. Memrise teaches languages covering more vocabulary lessons. You can learn many languages vocabulary of all usual topics having vocabulary range in the grammatically correct way.

Busuu Review

Busuu Vs Memrise

The Busuu language app is a popular language-learning tool that can take you from a complete beginner to a completely conversational level. The lesson format is similar to other apps like Duolingo and Babbel, but Busuu’s social feature sets it apart.

You can submit speaking or writing exercises as you finish lessons, and native speakers will correct them for you. Overall, the courses are interesting and useful for language learning.


  • Busuu has German lessons specialists that can help you learn German grammar properly.
  • You can also have French and modern Greek language learning experiences from combined conversational practice on Busuu.  
  • After mastering the Greek grammar, you can offer small group German courses for teaching grammar as a language teacher.
  • You can learn modern Greek by having proper lessons and using example sentences.
  • Busuu’s writing and pronunciation feedback relied not only on speech recognition software or some other automated system but also on other users.
  • Bussu’s conversational lessons provided will master you form sentences in a grammatically correct way.
  • It helps you become a German tutor by having the official courses on Busuu App.

Languages Available On Busuu App

English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, and Polish are just a few languages you may learn with Busuu. You can try them all and study various languages with a Premium Plus subscription by simply switching from one to the other.

Pricing Plan Of Busuu

Busuu Premium is available for $59.99 for a twelve-month subscription, which works out to $9.99 a month. Although the fee is a little steep, it is comparable to what other language learning apps charge. Following is the pricing plan.

  • $9.99(Monthly)
  • $59.99(Annually)
  • $ 159(Lifetime Subscription)
Lessons on Bussu cover helpful topics.It does not provide official language certificates.
It provides engaging language learning content.It compromises quality from language to language.
Professional native speakers correct you on your mistakes.Chinese course offered by Busuu is not worth taking due to some poor content quality.

Memrise Review

Busuu Vs Memrise

The language learning process on Memrise includes learning speech recognition using sample sentences. Because app users create most courses on Memrise, it’s impossible to know if what you see is accurate and beneficial.

However, in Memrise, a rigorous quality control system must be present to have correct information about the App. An absolute beginner course for learning poor active vocabulary using particular real-life situations is available in Memrise. So, try to practice speaking learning vocabulary with the Memrise language app.


  • A lot of content in Memrise is in the free version. It helps learn very poor active vocabulary by spaced repetition.
  • Combine conversational practice by phrasing sample sentences can make you speak multiple languages like native speakers.

Languages Available On Memrise App

If we compare Busuu vs Memrise, Memrise gives you access to 23 different languages. It teaches languages like Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, and other languages.

Pricing Plan Of Memrise

It’s a free language learning software with a lot of exciting features. You can also get premium features if you upgrade to the premium version. The following is its pricing strategy:

  • $9(Monthly)
  • $59(Annually)
  • $129.99(Lifetime Subscription)
It offers exciting learning with a handwritten flashcard bridge.There isn’t enough content to allow for advanced language learning.  
It provides never-ending vocabulary teaching content.The paid premium edition does not provide significantly more value than the free version.
Other automated systems like spaced repetition help memorize vocabulary.Suitable for beginners only.


An Honest Review About Busuu Vs Memrise Language Apps

Not all the users of language learning online resources can learn the target language like a native language. That’s why they prefer making a comparison between apps to find the best for their needs. Both Busuu and Memrise are the other flashcard apps. The App’s reward system in both apps differs from all the apps.

Busuu vs Memrise comparison make other users realize that Busuu is the 6th while Memrise is the 1st ranking language learning app. Learning vocabulary using daily encountered words with Memrise helps in learning a new language in the best way. So, if we compare Busuu vs Memrise and have to choose between Busuu and Memrise, then Memrise takes the lead.


Consider Using Ling App Along With Busuu Or Memrise For Better Language Learning Experience

Consider Ling App by Simya Solutions if you still want to look into more options after reading the Busuu vs Memrise comparison. It is a language mobile app that will assist you in learning your target language in a simple manner. With its gaming components and quiz challenges, it is possible to learn a language while having fun.

Busuu Vs Memrise

Chatbots can help you improve your conversational abilities. You will have a clear understanding of your language, from vocabulary development to grammar instruction. Start learning a foreign language today by searching for the Ling app in your browser.

If you like our Busuu vs Memrise review, also read more comparisons between “Pimsleur vs Memrise” and “Memrise vs Lingvist.”

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