Busuu Vs LinguaLift: Effectivity Of These 2 Apps

Looking for an unbiased Busuu vs LinguaLift review and how good are these two language learning apps? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s post, we will discuss how these language platforms work and whether they can help language enthusiasts like you achieve fluency and reach personal objectives right away.

Choosing an online course is never easy as you have to consider several factors including your expectations, target language or languages, preferred learning methods, previous learning experience, and current language skills. For this reason, some applications may work well for others but there is no guarantee that they will also work well with you too.

Busuu Language App

Busuu vs LinguaLift

Lately, we’ve talked about Busuu a lot and it is a great language app with amazing features guaranteed to help you learn right away. It also goes into the group of free language learning apps, and besides that, it also has some premium subscription plans perfect for passionate learners. But it’s not all that great when it comes to the Busuu language app. Why? Well, there is so much difference between the completely free plan and the premium plans which will leave you with no choice but to upgrade in order to make it more useful.

Also, another big minus is a lack of language choice. There are only 12 languages you can choose out there so if your target language doesn’t belong to this group then you should check some alternatives.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

Let’s take Ling or Memrise for example, while we are talking about choosing a target language. They have more than 50 languages and are completely free!

Can You Become Fluent With The Busuu Language Learning App?

Let’s simplify this one right now… Yes, you can become fluent with practice and regular study when you use its premium version! However, its free version is not that useful at all and it mainly works like a sample app where you will be prompted from time to time to upgrade your subscription/

When you are using this, you’ll probably have to meet some people of that nation, even visit that country, try out their food even if you find it awful. Perhaps, you have to work a lot, read other literature, you must be interested in the culture and history of that language and its country. The main reason for this is because Busuu only allows free users to choose one language to focus only by using flashcards.

You won’t get too far with these free lessons, and you probably won’t get any further from the basic vocabulary of your target language. But that’s also okay because these free language courses can make you think of does this app combines with your learning style.

But let’s talk more about the good sides of this language learning app. Probably one of the best things when it comes to Busuu is that a large community of users. You can always chat with them and even with the other languages users. Another amazing feature is the offline mode where you can watch your lessons offline and study on the bus, train, or at your own pace. You can study wherever you want and even download lessons you want to watch and listen to some other time.

Vocabulary lessons and also grammar lessons are filled with plenty of detailed explanations and real-life situations. Grammar tips that this amazing language learning app offers you will skyrocket your speaking level as a near-native speaker in just a couple of weeks.

You can also practice speaking with professional teachers which are native speakers of your target language and always get their full support.

Busuu Language Platform Premium Features

As I previously said, Busuu is one of the best language learning apps out there! Offline learning and other learning methods like learning new vocabulary words and speaking practice will help you a lot in your language learning journey.

There are two premium plans and there is a lot of difference between them in everything except the price. This is something you have to know so you could get your learning method even more advanced.

Let’s check these two plans and after that, we are going to say something little about them.

  • Busuu Premium Plan price is €5,83 per month.
  • You can learn up to 1 language only.
  • You can learn anywhere with Offline Mode
  • You get a lot of grammar practices
  • Learning with AI(Speech recognition technology)
  • Support of native speakers

The other one is called Premium Plus Plan and it has the same features as the previous one with a few more extra. Check them out!

  • Busuu Premium price is €6,66 per month.
  • You can learn up to 12 languages.
  • Community of native speakers which can tell you all the language learning secrets.
  • Official foreign languages tests from McGraw Hill
  • You get your native speaker personalized Study Plan

If you decide to learn languages with this app, and if you ask me for my personal opinion, you should always go with the Premium Plus Plan. At almost the same price you’ll get a lot more, and the greatest is that either way, you’ll have that speech recognition technology available.

LinguaLift Language Learning Platform

Busuu vs LinguaLift

Lingualift is much more than just an ordinary language learning platform. It provides a different experience than any other app offers. It offers so much more than most apps can offer, especially from those which offer nothing more than flashcards.

Is Lingualift a free app? Yes, you can get some introductory lessons just by signing up on their website. So why is it so special? That’s because it offers you a different concept of language learning which some other best apps don’t offer at all.

With every completed lesson you get a gold medal as a reward. Also as a reward, you get some cool cultural insights about your chosen language. The interesting fact about this app I found out, is that is more popular among English speakers than for example people from some Russian-speaking country.

Lingualift is a book constructed with multiple online courses and other learning programs that allows everyone to learn a language using amazingly structured content. It was developed in the year 2011 and its main purpose was to help busy people learn a new language.

How Good Is LinguaLift For Serious Learners?

We can say it is, but only if you find the language you want to learn among that pretty shortlist. There are only 5 languages this app is offering. Check out that list:

  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French

But there are other good things about this great language learning app, or let’s better say something they like to brag about. Let’s find out, and after that, I’ll give me the personal opinion that no one cares about:)

  • If you want to learn a language with this app you’ll get your mother tongue, an online tutor, that’s how they call them. They have a large community of native speakers of all languages available on their platform.
  • Another one is Customised Study Plan where they create your language road map. Sounds pretty exciting and it is a nice one. If you are interested to learn a language the right way then this must be something that will catch you on. And of course, you can enjoy audio lessons as well.
  • The next feature is that LinguaList always remembers what you learn, which is something that all best apps are doing.
  • The last but not the least important is to Learn anywhere. Again, nothing new, or at least not something that best language learning apps haven’t done so far. And yes, that means you can use this app on your mobile device too.

Okay, so a few things are missing here, or let’s better say some things that should be improved.

First thing, they should have a free version.

Second thing is, there should improve their list of languages available(like our Ling App for example!). Oh, and you can only choose one language… Yikes!

How Much Does LinguaLift Cost?

We’ll get pretty short with this one I promise. There are four plans, and it all comes down to the same. It only depends on your payment method, or actually how often you are willing to pay.

If you want to pay every month that would be 19.99$ per month. You can calculate by yourself how much would it be per year. If you are more willing to pay every 3 months then you’ll have to set aside an amount of 50.97$. Divided by the number of three comes down to 16.99$ per month. For 6 months plan, the price is 89.94$ which comes down to 14.99$ per month. And for the 12 monthly plan, the price is $155.88which is 12.99$ per month.

And of course, there is no lifetime access. If you ask me I think that’s too much especially because of the lack of languages available.

Busuu Vs LinguaLift: Final Thoughts

All best language learning apps are offering a free version, and that is not something that goes just with saving some of your cash. They are permitting you to check those language apps, to make an opinion about it, and finally to make a decision is it for you or not. That’s why everyone should offer a free version or even a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is some kind of equal.

Also, great language learning apps should provide a wide range of languages available. But, also some of those language apps with a lack of language choice, actually prefer quality over quantity which is quite okay. It’s always better to provide good lessons rather than provide everything so they could just get more people and earn money.

For this reason, I do believe that there really is no “best” app here as it all depends on your needs and preferences. The biggest drawback for both is that none of them has a wide variety of languages to learn which makes both of them totally unusable especially if you are learning a language that is not popular.

Other Language Learning Apps

Ling App

Provided by Simya Solutions Ltd. our app is on the top of the list. Our app has more than 50 languages available and there are some of the languages you won’t find anywhere else. The user experience is amazing, everything is beautiful and perfectly compacted.

First time I’ve started working for this company I was surprised I’ve found my own language, or to be more precise my native ‘mother’ language, right here on this platform. And I’m talking about Serbian. Certainly, you won’t get just flashcards but also many other grammar exercises, practices, and the most fun part is that is designed like a mobile game.

You can use it on Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/IOS. That means you learn at your own pace anytime you want. You should check Ling App right now and you’ll probably be surprised how many other languages are there and some of them are really special and quite rare to find!

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages will offer you a lot of interesting material which can help you learn a language the right way. I find it quite similar to Rosetta Stone, and that’s my opinion, maybe I’m wrong. It’s quite flexible and made for busy people so they can learn anytime and wherever they want. But let’s get to the juicy stuff: the speech recognition activities.

This app also comes with speech recognition for plenty of phrases. The most interesting feature is made for languages that don’t use the Latin alphabet( like Bulgarian, Russian, and Macedonia for example).


If you don’t have too much time for learning, but you still want to pack it up and you want it the fast and easy way then you might find Babbel the most perfect app for your purposes. Babbel is able to teach everyone surprisingly fast. They will provide daily language lessons and courses that last only 10- to 15. And yes It has that power!

It always covers some of the most popular topics, like business, travel, shopping, dining, sports, and even transportation so they get ensured that the skills you’ve learned are most likely to be usable in real-life situations. Babbel’s speech recognition feature appears during vocabulary review. You’ll see the written word and its English meaning and you can also play an audio pronunciation.

From there, you have the option of speaking the word yourself. Your goal is to emulate the pronunciation you heard. If your pronunciation is good, you’ll get a new word. If not, you have four more chances before the app moves on regardless of your pronunciation.

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