Busuu Vs Anki: How Amazing Are These 2 Apps?

Hello, dear language learners, and welcome to this post where we are going to find out something new about these two language learning apps: Busuu vs Anki. We cannot say which one is better, but there are definitely some pros and cons you are going to find out.

Also, we will get you closer to these two and make it easier for you to choose which one is better for your purposes. They do not support the same language. They have different concepts and lectures, so you should always be careful or get pretty much disappointed.

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Busuu Language Learning App

Busuu Vs Anki

We have talked about this one pretty much, and there are many other blog posts from us. However, this one is definitely a great language learning app, and you can learn quite a lot if you choose it for your language learning service.

Depending on your target language, you must know that there are not so many options when it comes to Busuu. Also, if you want to learn Chinese, you should be aware that these lessons are not so great. You should better check our Ling app because our lessons will knock you out!

So let’s get back to Busuu. The content is high quality on this language learning app, and it also has a free plan available. With a free plan, you’ll only have flashcards, but with a premium, you’ll get a lot more. We are going to compare these two plans later, but we just needed to mention that this app has a beautiful interface, so you are definitely going to enjoy lessons for your target language of choice.

It also has a large community of users, so if you ever get stuck, you can search for the answers online, and you’ll probably going to find solutions.

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Busuu Plans Review

We are going to review a Busuu app plan a little deeper. It is pretty simple, and it contains two of them, free and premium. So now, let’s go deeper into each one of them.

  • The Busuu Free Plan free plan is great for beginners and someone who just wants to check how this app actually works. Most of the lessons are flashcards that help you learn new words and vocabulary. With Busuu’s free version, you may not learn as much vocabulary as other free language learning apps like LingApp or AnkiApp. They cover much more, and you’ll probably become a more native speaker if you chose these.

When it comes to Busuu’s premium plan, well, we can just say it’s pretty awesome. Actually, there are two of them Busuu premium and Busuu premium plus. There are similarities between, but of course, you’ll get more advanced options with a premium plus plan, and there is no much difference in the price.

  • Busuu Premium price is €5,83 per month.
  • You can learn up to 1 language only.
  • You can learn anywhere with Offline Mode
  • You get a lot of grammar lessons
  • Learning with AI

The previous plan is nothing special in comparison with the Premium Plus plan. You get all the features you get with the ordinary premium plan, but you’ll get these as well:

  • Busuu Premium price is €6,66 per month.
  • You can learn up to 12 languages.
  • Community of native speakers.
  • Official tests from McGraw Hill
  • You get your own personalized Study Plan

Busuu For Language Learners

We are going to get a little deeper into this subject and first talk about what languages this app offers, and it is worth it. The list of languages is pretty short, so if your target language doesn’t belong in their list, you should probably check for the alternative. We recommend our Ling app.

However, if you decide on Busuu, we must admit that it definitely wouldn’t be a wrong choice. As we may say in the previous part of the text, Busuu covers two plans, the free one and the premium one. If you want to become a native speaker of your target language, you should definitely go with the premium. It covers a lot of exercises, quizzes, and also feedback and support from other users.

You definitely won’t feel lonely with this language learning app, and you can choose as many languages as you want but only with premium.

How Many Languages Busuu Support?

As we said the list is pretty short and it contains only 12 languages.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

So if you choose some of these languages and you decide yourself for the Premium Plus plan, you’ll get support from native speakers as well. Again, pretty great support. If you want to become a native with the language of your choice, then you should consider this as an option.


Anki Language Learning App

Busuu Vs Anki

Anki is definitely an amazing language learning app with unique features. You can learn so much from it, and it has pretty awesome features. This is definitely one of the best flashcard learning apps.

There are 48 languages you can learn, and 14 of them are covered with the AnkiApp for mobile users. Also, we must include that this app supports people with conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and it’s pretty good for them to use this app. It has a wide range of flashcards which will definitely improve your memory.

Besides languages, you can also keep track of your appointments, day-to-day tasks, and other stuff.

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Anki Plans Review

We won’t take ourselves too long on this topic, and there’s one main reason for it. Anki is completely free. Yup, that’s right, it is free for all users except if you want to use this app on your iPhone. Then you have to pay a one-time fee of 25$ dollars.

Other users are covered with the free version, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. There are different versions for each one of these platforms, so feel free to check them.

Anki For Language Learners

With Anki, there’s nothing more than flashcards, and that’s the first thing we have to mention. If you want more than this, you should probably check for alternatives. It covers a varied number of languages, and it depends if you use Anki on your computer or smartphone. Later we are going to check languages available on this platform but for now, let’s consider other things.

If you want more than a language learning app, then you should consider Anki as your option because you can keep track of your appointment and tasks. But if you are just into learning a new language, and you need more than a flashcard, then check out other alternatives, and we suggest you our Ling app.

With Anki, you won’t get any quizzes, vocabulary lessons, or grammar, but you can get great support from other users as well.


Busuu And Anki Alternatives

There are many alternatives for these two apps, so if you don’t find yourself with these two, then check other options. We cannot say which learning app is the best one because it all depends on your needs, and that’s why you should always consider that.

We wrote a lot of language tips articles, so feel free to check them.

We also want to say that you can check our app as well. It supports many more languages than these two, and also you’ll get more than flashcards. Click here to see what the Ling app offers you.

Is Busuu Better?

If you want more than flashcards, then yes, Busuu is a better option for you. You’ll get a lot of support, a large community of native speakers, AI-powered reviews,s and many more.

Depending on the plan you choose, we must admit that Busuu is one great app. But if you go with a free plan then there is no difference between those two apps. With the free plan, you’ll not get anything more than flashcards, we always suggest you go with the premium.


Busuu Vs Anki: Final Conclusion

Our conclusion when it comes to Busuu and Anki comparison. With Busuu’s free plan, you’ll get the same as with Anki, and that’s flashcards only. But we must say that Anki is completely free, besides the iPhone version where you have to pay a one-time fee of 25$.

Now, if you chose more than a free plan with Busuu, then you’ll get pretty much more. Also, if you want more than a language learning app, then go with the Anki.

If both of these apps don’t offer you what you have expected, then search for the alternatives. If the language you want to learn is not covered with Busuu or Anki, then consider it also.

Feel free to check the best language learning app provided by Simya Solutions Ltd., called the Ling App.

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