5 Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes

5 Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes

Wondering what are the best apps with engaging language quizzes? We can’t blame you for considering that, especially if you are a serious language learner. Ever woken up and felt the urge to say ‘Bonjour’ instead of ‘Hello’? Ever wished you could order ‘paella’ in perfect Spanish while sitting in a local restaurant in Barcelona? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of watching your favorite anime without the subtitles? Yes, we’ve all been there. In this global age, we don’t just crave to visit different countries, we desire to experience them, and the first step is through language.

And guess what? There’s an app for that too!

Language learning apps transform linguistic dreams into reality, one engaging quiz at a time. Gone are the days of scribbling irregular verbs onto flashcards or reading textbooks that put you to sleep faster than you can say “Sieste”! It’s the era of ‘language learning 2.0’ – a period of smartphone apps where learning happens with a swipe, a tap, and many fun quizzes.

And let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a good quiz? It’s like a mini-challenge to your brain, a fun distraction, and a learning tool all rolled into one. We will dive into this world and explore the Best Language-Learning Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes. Get ready for a linguistic adventure right on your screen!

AppWhy It’s The BestPricing
DuolingoUses gamification and bite-sized lessons to make learning fun.Free, with in-app purchases. Duolingo Plus: $6.99/month
BabbelFocuses on practical conversation skills and uses comprehensive quizzes to reinforce learning.Subscription-based, starting from $12.65/month
QuizletOffers a variety of study modes, including flashcards, tests, and interactive diagrams.Free, with in-app purchases. Quizlet Plus: $2.99/month
MemriseProvides real-world language learning from native speakers, enhanced by engaging quizzes.Free, with in-app purchases. Memrise Pro: $8.99/month
LingUses chatbots, native speaker videos, and quizzes to provide a comprehensive learning experience.Free, with in-app purchases. Ling Premium: $14.99/month


Let’s talk about the first app on our list – Duolingo. Now, if you’re anything like me, sitting down to learn a language can be intimidating. There are so many words, phrases, and rules to remember that it feels like climbing Everest. That’s where Duolingo comes in, with its vibrant owl mascot and welcoming interface.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that Duolingo makes learning a new language feel less like a mundane task and more like a fun game. Who said games are just for kids, right? 🙃 The app uses gamification brilliantly, making the learning process enjoyable and entertaining. Trust me – each is a mini-adventure where you earn XP, level up, and compete in leagues.

The lessons are broken down into bite-sized chunks, perfect for those quick learning sessions during your lunch break or commute. And the best part? The interactive quizzes! They cover everything from vocabulary to grammar, keeping you on your toes. They’re not just engaging; they help reinforce what you’ve learned.


  • Gamified Learning: Duolingo uses gamification to make learning engaging. Each lesson feels like a game where you earn XP, level up, and compete in leagues.
  • Bite-sized Lessons: The lessons are broken down into digestible chunks. This approach fits well with busy schedules, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Duolingo’s quizzes cover a wide range of topics from vocabulary to grammar, reinforcing what you’ve learned in a fun and interactive way.
  • Wide Language Selection: Duolingo offers a broad range of languages to choose from, making it a one-stop shop for language learners.
  • Progress Tracking: Duolingo offers comprehensive progress tracking, giving learners a clear picture of their language learning journey. This includes daily streaks, XP points, and fluency scores.


Duolingo is quite economical when it comes to pricing. The base app is completely free, allowing you access to all the lessons and quizzes. This means you can start learning a new language without spending a single penny. It’s an excellent option for learners who are just starting their journey or those who are unsure about committing financially to a language app.

However, if you want an ad-free experience and some extra perks like offline access, you can opt for Duolingo Plus. This premium version comes at a price of $6.99 per month. Considering the wealth of features and high-quality content, this is quite a reasonable price, especially when compared to traditional language learning methods like classes or tutoring.

Overall, Duolingo’s pricing structure offers flexibility to learners. You can start with the free version and see if the app suits your learning style. If you enjoy the experience and want more features, upgrading to Duolingo Plus is always an option.

Babbel - Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes


If Duolingo is the light-hearted friend who turns learning into a game, Babbel is the focused mentor who ensures you get the most practical skills from each lesson. As someone who has always strived for practicality in learning, I found a kindred spirit in Babbel✨

When I first opened Babbel, I was met with a simple, clean interface that immediately got down to business. The app didn’t just want to teach me a language; it wanted to prepare me for real-life conversations. I remember the first time I practiced ordering coffee in Italian on Babbel and how thrilled I was to use it in an actual coffee shop during my trip to Rome!

The lessons on Babbel are comprehensive, diving deep into conversational scenarios, grammar, and vocabulary. And just when you think you’ve grasped a concept, in comes one of Babbel’s engaging quizzes to test your understanding. These quizzes are excellent for reinforcing what you’ve learned and identifying areas where you need more practice. Most importantly, one thing that I particularly love about Babbel is its focus on pronunciation. The speech recognition feature ensures you’re not just saying the words, but saying them right.

So if you’re someone who likes to dive right into the deep end, Babbel is the app for you. It’s less about playing games and more about getting you ready to interact in your new language. And honestly, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of having a successful conversation in a language you’ve just started learning!


  • Practical Conversation Skills: Babbel focuses heavily on teaching practical conversation skills. The lessons are designed around real-life scenarios, preparing learners to use the language in daily situations.
  • Comprehensive Quizzes: Babbel’s quizzes are quite comprehensive, allowing you to thoroughly test your understanding of each lesson. These quizzes reinforce the learning material and help identify areas where you need more practice.
  • Speech Recognition Feature: One standout feature of Babbel is its emphasis on pronunciation. The app uses a speech recognition feature to ensure that you’re not just saying the words, but saying them correctly.
  • Personalized Review Manager: Babbel’s Review Manager personalizes review activities to strengthen your memory recall. It helps you remember the material you’ve learned and apply it effectively.


As for the pricing, Babbel operates on a subscription basis, starting from $12.95 per month. While it is more expensive compared to some other language learning apps, the investment can be justified by its comprehensive, practical approach to language learning. The quality and depth of the lessons, along with the pronunciation feature, make Babbel worth the price. The cost is a reasonable trade-off for an app that offers real-life language skills and effective learning tools.

Quizlet - 5 Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes


Let’s shift gears a bit and talk about Quizlet, an app that I found to be a learning revolution in its own right. Now, if you’re someone who believes that variety is the spice of life, Quizlet will be your best companion on your language-learning journey😘

I’ll be honest, when I first discovered Quizlet, I was just looking for an app to make flashcards. But boy, was I in for a surprise! Quizlet goes far beyond simple flashcards, offering a variety of study modes that keep your language learning engaging and dynamic. One of my favorites is its Quizlet Live version, where you can create a deck and press play to collaborate, interact, and challenge your friends!

Although this one is not a language-learning app on its own, you can still prepare cards on your own or use the ones already created by subject experts. Additionally, you can learn not just about languages but about other topics under the sun!


  • Diverse Study Modes: Quizlet offers a variety of study modes, including flashcards, tests, write, spell, and interactive diagrams, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Customizable Flashcards: Users can create their own flashcards, allowing for a personalized study experience. This is especially useful for learning specific vocabulary sets or idiomatic expressions.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Quizlet’s quizzes are designed to reinforce what you’ve learned and challenge your understanding, making sure your learning is comprehensive and well-rounded.
  • Study Sets: You can create, share, and find user-generated study sets on various topics. This collaborative feature allows you to expand your learning materials beyond what the app provides.


When it comes to pricing, Quizlet has two tiers. The basic version of Quizlet is free and offers access to most of the study modes, but some features, like offline mode and ad-free studying, require a Quizlet Plus subscription. Quizlet Plus is priced at $1.99 per month, which is quite affordable. This flexible pricing strategy makes Quizlet a viable option for both casual learners and those who are looking for a more comprehensive language learning experience. Whether you’re on a budget or willing to invest a little more for extra features, Quizlet has you covered.

Memrise - 5 Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes


Have you ever yearned to learn a language as naturally as children pick up their first words? Or wished to step away from the sterile, textbook environment and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the language you’re learning? If you resonate with this, then Memrise is the language app for you 👍

What sets Memrise apart from other language-learning apps I’ve tried is its focus on natural learning methods. Instead of robotic voices or artificially scripted dialogues, Memrise employs short videos from native speakers saying the actual words in their natural environment. The first time I watched a Japanese woman effortlessly showing how to pronounce ‘Yabai’ (something very bad or very good), I knew I was onto something special.

These videos add a layer of authenticity and context that other apps often lack. You get to see the words being used in everyday conversations, complete with the nuances and expressions that come with them. It’s like having a personal tour guide through the labyrinth of a new language. The structure of the lessons on Memrise centers around practical, real-life situations. The aim is to make you comfortable using the language in everyday contexts, from ordering at a café to navigating a new city.


  • Native Speaker Videos: Memrise’s standout feature is its use of short video clips from native speakers, providing an authentic and immersive learning experience. These videos help learners understand how the language is used in everyday conversations and also provide a glimpse into the culture of the native speakers.
  • Real-Life Situations: Lessons are structured around practical scenarios, preparing learners to use the language in daily situations. This makes the learning experience more relevant and engaging.
  • Personalized Learning Path: Memrise offers a personalized learning path based on your goals and daily learning habits. This feature ensures you are learning at a pace and manner that suits your needs.
  • Spaced Repetition System: Memrise employs a spaced repetition system, a proven method to help learners effectively remember new vocabulary and concepts over the long term.


As for the pricing, Memrise offers a free version with limited features. For full access to all features, you can upgrade to Memrise Pro, which is priced at $8.99 per month. While the cost is on the higher end compared to some other language learning apps, the unique immersive features and the use of real native speakers provide significant value for the price. Therefore, the cost can be viewed as a worthwhile investment for a comprehensive, authentic, and personalized language learning experience. Plus, you can also wait for special sales since they tend to give amazing discounts!

Ling - 5 Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes


The last app I want to share with you is one that I affectionately refer to as my “language workout buddy” – Ling. Just as a workout buddy keeps you accountable, motivated, and makes exercising fun, Ling does the same for your language-learning journey 🏆

You see, Ling has a unique way of approaching language learning. It’s not just about rote memorization or dry grammar rules; instead, Ling transforms language learning into an engaging game. It’s like turning your workout routine into a fun dance class.

Each lesson on Ling is designed as a series of challenges that you need to complete. One moment you’re matching words to pictures, the next you’re listening to dialogues or filling in the blanks. Each challenge feels like a mini-game, and I have to say, it’s pretty addictive.

The quizzes, though, are where Ling truly shines. They are comprehensive, covering all aspects of the lesson, from vocabulary to grammar. Completing these quizzes feels like a victorious end to a productive workout session.


  • Gamified Lessons: Ling turns language learning into an engaging game. Each lesson is presented as a series of challenges, ensuring that learning is both fun and effective.
  • Comprehensive Quizzes: Ling’s quizzes cover all aspects of the lesson, from vocabulary to grammar, providing a well-rounded assessment of your understanding.
  • Real-Life Topics: Lessons on Ling are centered around everyday topics and situations, making the learning experience practical and relatable.
  • Native Speaker Audio: Ling uses audio from native speakers, which helps learners understand the correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • Chatbot Conversations: Ling features a chatbot for learners to practice their conversation skills in a non-intimidating environment.


When it comes to pricing, Ling offers a free version with limited access to the lessons. For unlimited access to all features and content, a premium subscription is needed, which costs $8.99 per month. While this price might seem steep, the engaging, game-like nature of Ling’s lessons, coupled with comprehensive quizzes and real-life topics, makes it a good value for the price. It offers a unique, fun-filled approach to language learning that can keep learners motivated and constantly progressing.

Which Of The Best Apps With Engaging Language Quizzes Are You Using?

Having scrutinized a multitude of interactive language-learning applications, it’s your moment to plunge headlong into the experience. All enumerated software presents distinct characteristics and methodologies for grasping languages, yet if one were to bestow laurels, Ling would triumphantly ascend the podium.

Why Ling? Well, Ling’s unique blend of gamified lessons, comprehensive quizzes, real-life topics, native speaker audio, and chatbot conversations creates an environment that is not only effective for learning but also gripping and pleasurable. It feels less like a traditional language learning course and more like an exciting journey of discovery.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the world your language playground. If you’re ready to start learning a new language, download Ling from the App Store or Play Store now and embark on your language-learning adventure today!

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