Anki Vs Mango Languages + #1 Best Alternative

Is it possible to speed up your language learning progress through mobile applications? Well, the answer to that depends on what type of app you are using. In today’s Anki Vs Mango Languages post, we will evaluate the features of these hottest apps and tell you which one is worth your time. By the end of the post, we will also share the best language learning platform to use to learn 60+ languages. Are you ready for that? Keep reading below!


Anki Review

Anki Vs Mango Languages

Anki is one of the best language flashcard apps, making it simple to memorize things. It can be used to remember anything, from new vocabulary terms to other commonly used words. Anki is also effective for long-term intellectual and memory skills, which may significantly help those with ADHD, autism, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, this app employs a spaced repetition strategy focused on memory consolidation in information theory. The SRS pattern is primarily designed to gather information about how long humans can retain long-term memories.

Does Anki Help You Develop Your Fluency?

Even though Anki is primarily focused on learning new vocabulary and unfamiliar phrases, it might still assist an L2 learner in achieving fluency. Still, it will not turn you into a native speaker right away. A learner, for instance, may use Anki to study new words and phrases and historical topics for the placement test. Educators and experts can use Anki to memorize and understand job-related facts or other essential details for their job roles.

Anki’s Spotlights

A deck system is a wonderful tool provided by Anki. Users can use this to organize their flashcards. For example, you might want to develop pre-made decks for a language course or multiple courses so that you might study each of them separately. Furthermore, you might as well have one portion for mastering vocabulary and another for historical events within the same time frame, with the words and phrases being mixed with their related topics.

Once you launch Anki on your computer, laptop, or another device, it will enable users to choose a “Source” upon which to pull their flashcards. It can be any online page or resource (even if in offline accessibility) that has data in the form of words, images, or audio lessons on whatever you want to learn. As a result, Anki will convert this material into flashcards so that you can learn, review and practice on your computer, mobile, or other devices.

Anki’s Key Characteristics

Some of the notable features of the Anki language learning app are as follows:

  1. Compatible and suitable on various platforms (desktop, Android devices, IOS devices, tablets, personal computers, etc.)
  2. You can mark the Anki flashcards as you go through them.
  3. Organizing and creating flashcards with Anki’s deck structure.
  4. Depending on the flashcard, you can answer questions from the free version in two ways: multiple-choice or open-ended (entering words and sentences).
  5. It also has a flexible approach for providing feedback and comments on your responses (praise, inform, or criticize). This feature helps you learn from your mistakes and develop confidence for when you have to answer similar questions the next time.
  6. When learning new words and phrases, Anki’s online user community or a language exchange partner is a big help.

Anki’s Free Edition

Anki is a free language learning app that can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other Android devices. It gives you free access to AnkiWeb, which enables you to sync your data with any device that has an internet browser.

Anki’s Lifetime Subscription

Anki’s lifetime subscription has an incredibly reasonable price that costs $25 and is only available for IOS devices.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Anki

All Android devices and AnkiWeb are available for free.It is complicated to set up and control (especially if unfamiliar with the app)
Persons with cognitive difficulties like ADHD, autism, and  Alzheimer’s disease would undoubtedly benefit from using this application.Compared to other language learning applications, other users or language learners do not extensively use Anki’s different functionalities and extra features.
Online user community  and language exchange partners that collaborate 


Mango Languages Review

Anki Vs Mango Languages

Mango Languages has long been regarded as one of the favorite apps and the largest language course provider for absolute beginners because it supports language learners in learning popular languages and other major languages.

Using the Mango languages, users may get access to language courses in more than 70 popular languages! Furthermore, Mango Languages is accessible even when offline, enabling you to access its app practically anywhere with your device. It also supports both the iOS and Android apps, and you may browse the website on a desktop computer or laptop.

Mango Languages’ Spotlights

Mango Languages’ goal is to help you properly understand your target language better. Speaking practice, reading practice, listening exercises, and comprehensive questions can help a complete beginner to learn about the cultural context concerning their target language. You might as well practice a language based on your different learning styles after registering online. For instance, you might come across various speaking practice exercises (repetitive flashcards) in learning German and other reading activities to boost your vocabulary knowledge quickly.

Mango Languages’ Key Characteristics

The Learning Pathway feature of the Mango Languages app allows learners to master their target language per unit and chapter. The app may also assess the language learner’s long-term comprehension of the acquired language. Patterned and colored words, for instance, are indeed a systematic approach to teaching new language and new words.

It also offers machine translations for voice recording, similar to Google Translate. All the recorded message consolidates speech assessment anytime a user submits an audio message to decide the suitable responses. The machine translation’s tone, however, is tedious and repetitive. As a result, unlike other language applications, this one does not focus heavily on correct pronunciation.

Mango Languages also offers video content for learning advanced phrases and expressions commonly used in daily life and the workplace. Another bonus is the premium version of the online courses available in 70 foreign languages.

Mango Languages’ Free Edition

Mango Languages is a free app with basic features. For instance, you are only allowed to use offline downloadable resources. Consequently, you can learn only some languages available through the app’s local library, language courses, and other resources.

Mango Languages’ Premium Version And Basic Subscription

The three Mango Languages App Premium subscriptions are as follows:

  • Single Language costs $6.67 per month or $79.99 per year.
  • Subscribing to All Languages costs $14.99 per month or $179.99 per year.
  • The cost of an Enterprise is estimated on a case-by-case basis.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Mango Languages

This is an excellent app for learning a new language quickly and effectively.It’s not a great app for attempting to teach pronunciation.
Details about culture are included.Machine translations are dull.
There are quick well, structured grammar descriptions regarding new words.There are no available writing tasks for language learning.
The words are translated directly into English.Flashcards with a bunch of simultaneous repetitions
It has a simple UI (user interface).The voice of the machine translation is extremely slow
This is a fantastic app for boosting speaking abilities used in real conversations (Speech Recognition Technology). 


Anki Vs Mango Languages: Final Thoughts

Anki Vs Mango Languages

Suitability between both language apps is most often dictated by the language learners’ educational experience and way of learning. That is why I want to express my views on these two excellent applications.

Anki is available in a free version for all smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Aside from that, it is an excellent app for language learning, particularly for memorizing and recalling vocabulary words, similar to other flashcard apps. However, I genuinely think that this is not the best language learning app for language learners, especially if they are not familiar with the app because its functionality and language options are quite complex to set up. Unlike other apps, it is not a user-friendly language learning app.

The Mango Languages app, on the other hand, is best suited for beginners and even Intermediate level or Advanced level who desire to learn a native language immediately by attempting to play interactive games. This learning app excites and challenges learners in their language learning journey with its interactive lessons and clever features.

Based on the feedback of these two apps, if you believe they aren’t for you, I will present you with the best alternative app that will assist you in learning the language effectively.


#1 Best Alternative Language App: The Ling App

Anki Vs Mango Languages

The Ling App by Simya Solutions covers around 60 different languages. Because of the numerous language exercises available, this app’s teaching method makes learning enjoyable and straightforward. The Ling App also has the following noteworthy features:

  1. The language lessons are developed in consultation with real native speakers, language specialists, and teachers.
  2. There are fun mini-games and instructive quizzes to play with spaced repetition technology.
  3. Using A.I chatbot that transfers messages to help you with the process of teaching and learning languages.
  4. Apps for all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

Get the Ling App now and start speaking like a native speaker in no time!

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