Guide To 7 Thai Cats And The Famous Siamese Cat

Thai Cats

Are you a cat lover? Did you watch Lady and the Tramp growing up and fall in love with Siamese cats? Well, this article is all about the most famous types of Thai cats and other Thai cat breeds.

We’ll teach you a bit about the Siamese cat’s traditional history. How to take care of these cats, any medical issues they might have, how much it typically costs to buy Siamese cats, and what kind of personality they have.

All right cat fanciers, let’s go!

Thai Cats History Of Siamese

History Of The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats were introduced to North America in the 1800s and originated and are native to Thailand. Thailand used to be called Siam, hence where the name Siamese cats come from.

In Thai, Siamese cats are called “Wichienmaat,” which means “moon diamond.” Mythology surrounds this gorgeous creature within Thailand, where people believed that when a family member dies, their soul enters the body of a Siamese cat. 

The cats are still regarded as high-status today and were esteemed as royal cats for the Thai royal families throughout history.

The cats were seen as so valuable that when the Burmese army invaded Siam in 1765, they thought them to be more valuable than gold and believed that those who owned one would be wealthy. 

At this point, Siamese cats were first exported out of Thailand.

This breed of Thai cat in modern-day Thailand is now regarded as a good luck cat. They have grown in popularity among the middle and upper class, and people see them as a rare breed.

The Thai Siamese cat is actually different and unique compared to the inbred Siamese cats of the west. Those cats are known as ‘show style’ cats, and in 1990, the World Cat Federation decided to recognize the unique Thai breed as its own breed standard.

In order to preserve the Thai breed, in 2001, breeders in the United States began importing Thai cats from Thailand. They began breeding them to preserve their unique genetic makeup. 

Because of these efforts, the International Cat Association (TICA) appointed official advanced new breed status to this ‘new’ Thai cat breed.

Quick Facts!

  • Weight: 8-15 lbs (3.6 – 6.8 kg)
  • Length: 14 in (35.5 cm)
  • Height: 10-12 in (25.5-30.5 cm)
  • Color: Tan and black
  • Lifespan: 12-16 years
  • Temperament: playful, affectionate, loyal

Facts About Siamese Cats You Need To Know!

How To Say Siamese Cat In Thai?

Cat – แมว (maew)

Siamese cat – แมวสยาม (maew-siam)

What Do Siamese Cats Eat?

While you may see specialty cat food specific to Siamese breeds, a typical cat food diet is just fine for healthy cats.

Thai cat breeds need a mixture of dry, wet, and fresh food. They love slices of cooked ham and turkey!

As with all cats, milk products should be avoided as they are lactose intolerant.

What Is The Appearance Of Thai Cats

What Is The Appearance Of The Thai Siamese Cat?

The appearance standard for Siamese is particular. It makes them one of the most popular breeds in the world.

The Siamese cats have a sleek body shape compared with oriental shorthair. They are known as the diamond eye cat and have striking blue eyes or greyish-blue eye color.

Their coat color is typically diamond gold, and their legs are brownish-blackish, which is also typically seen on their brow and nose area.

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Common Health Issues And Medical Conditions

Surprisingly, Siamese cats are prone to be born cross-eyed. However, this is becoming rarer as modern Siamese cats are having this bred out of them.

Other common health conditions to be aware of are:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchial disease
  • Lower airway disease

These are minor conditions; however, there are some genetic severe illnesses and conditions to be aware of:

Grooming And Care

Thai pedigreed cats are short-haired, but this doesn’t mean they don’t shed. Grooming is quite simple, and you must give your cat a good brush now and again.

Do Thai Cats Get Along With Other Pets

Do Thai Cats Get Along With Other Pets?

Thai cats are territorial, so it may not be easy to introduce this type of cat to a household with existing pets. It’s best to bring more than one cat into a household simultaneously, preferably two cats that already know each other.

According to Siamese cat owners, this particular Thai cat breed gets along quite well with dogs, so that’s something to consider!

Are Siamese Cats A Good Pet For Families With Young Children?

Yes! Siamese cat breeds are very affectionate, although they are a bit attention-seeking. They may be better suited to a house with children who are bound to give the cats lots of attention. The cat is also likely to form strong bonds with everyone in the family.

Thai Cat Temperament And Intelligence

The Siamese breed is very affectionate and loyal. They prefer to have company so they won’t appreciate being left alone when you go to work or on extended holidays.

Being left alone can cause them lots of anxiety and stress. It’s recommended that you have another cat or pet to keep them company.

The classic Siamese is a domestic cat, and they prefer to be indoors, so don’t expect them to go exploring. They like to be around people and close to home.

Pet owners must know that these cats need more attention than any other cat breed. They are rather high-maintenance, and some people find them too demanding.

If this type of cat does not get the attention, they’re seeking. They can be very vocal about it. You’ll also need to play with them a lot when they are young and agile, to give them exercise and attention, and love.

Compared to other cats, the traditional Thai breed is considered to be more intelligent than other breeds. They seem to have a higher emotional quotient (EQ).

How Much Does A Modern Siamese Cat Cost?

It truly depends on what country you’re living in. For example, in the United States, a pure-bred Siamese cat can cost anywhere between $500-$1,500 USD.

However, in Thailand, you can find Thai kittens for free sometimes or offered by Thai breeders anywhere from 18,000 – 30.000 + THB ($515-$858 USD).

Other Types Of Thai Cats

There are, of course, more than one type of cat native to Thailand and the region. These are a few of the more well-known cats in Thailand:

Burmese Thai Cats

1. Burmese Cat

Although called the Burmese cat, its origins can be traced back to Siam (Thailand), although its territory is along the Thai-Burmese border.

Khao Manee Thai Cats

2. Khao Manee Cat (Diamond Eye Cat)

Known for its eyes of different colors and ‘diamond eyes,’ this Thai cat breed is always utterly white with pink paw pads, inner ears, and nose.

Korat Thai Cats

3. Korat Cat

This cat hails from the Korat region in Thailand and is a smoky grey color.

4. Mekong Bobtail Cat

Mekong Bobtail Thai Cats

The bobtail cat is called so because of its tail. The tail is ‘cut off, not really, but they are born with a stubby tail. You’ll actually find many cats around Thailand with a bobtail, but they were born that way!

Suphalak Thai Cats

5. Suphalak Cat

A gorgeous mono-color cat, the Suphalak cat, comes in various shades of dark browns and reddish browns. It’s short-haired and a common house pet in Thailand.

Lilac Thai Cats

6. Thai Lilac Cat

This pretty Thai cat breed is everywhere in Thailand. You’ll see it mostly outdoors, roaming the streets. Some people have it as a house pet, but it’s more common for it to be a street cat. They are affectionate and lovely.

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