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Thai Vocabulary

The Many Ways To Say Goodbye In Thai

July 8, 2020
No one likes to say goodbye. Maybe some introverts do, but it can be quite sad to part ways with...

The 2020 Thai Calendar: The Important Dates To Remember

June 17, 2020
2020 has proven to be an interesting year for the Thai calendar. Due to the vast number of restrictions, curfews,...

Buddhism In Thailand: The Necessary Vocabulary

June 10, 2020
Buddhism in Thailand has played an important role in the development of its culture. In fact, one of the very...

How Do You Say Hello In Thai And Other Greetings

May 20, 2020
What is better than a warm greeting from a friend? It is great to hear them say hello after a...

Wish Someone A Happy Birthday In Thai: #1 Guide

May 13, 2020
Birthdays are kind of weird when you think about it, right? They are these special occasions that take place once...

What Does น้ำ (Nam) Mean In Thai And Why Is It Used So Much?

April 8, 2020
I am always interested in words that you hear often in a language. It makes me wonder whether they are...

Coronavirus In Thailand: The Impact

March 24, 2020
It is safe to say that the Coronavirus, known as covid-19 or ‘ko vid 19’ (โควิด-19), has impacted people’s lives...

A Guide To Giving Directions In Thai

March 18, 2020
A guide to giving directions in Thai Are you the type of person who gets lost all the time? It...

Thai Vocabulary

Thai Vocabulary

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