Souvenirs to buy when you travel to Chiang Mai!

Bring home some memories from your trip to Thailand.

Going on a holiday, aside from taking in the sights, doing activities and enjoying local cuisine, bringing home some souvenir for friends, family and maybe yourself is one of the important things to do.

Chiang Mai is famous for its night markets and weekend walking streets, where you can find many locally produced items.

Silk and silk products ผ้าไหม pâa-mǎi

Taking an hour trip out of the old city, you will find Thai Silk village in San Kam Phaeng district. The silk-making process is very interesting. There is an onsite shop that sells sheets of silk, as well as pre-made clothing and accessories such as scarves, purses. Silk products can also be found at the stores and markets in town.

Carved soap สบู่ sabùu

Carved soap is a perfect idea if you need to buy a large number of gifts for your love ones at home. They are not too expensive, they are quite small and can easily fit in your baggage, and most importantly, they look so beautiful. If you’re lucky, you can even see the artist hand-carves them right at the market.


If you buy in bulk, ask them if they will discount. They usually do.

Thai traditional clothing ชุดไทย chút thai

From fisherman trousers, sarongs to Karen hill tribe traditional outfit, you can find them at most night markets.

My favorite are the trousers with elephant printing. They are extremely light and comfortable. Although with the very thin fabric, they don’t last a long time, so make sure you get a few pairs.

Thai Umbrella ร่ม rôm

If you decided to take a trip to the silk factory, you might want to check out the Bor Sang umbrella village nearby. These colorful umbrella are made with Saa paper, then it is hand painted to create different designs. These beautiful paper umbrella are not for using in the rain, only for decoration. The Saa paper making process and the umbrella making process is breath taking.

Painting จิตรกรรม jìt-tra-gaam

These beautiful oil paintings on canvas are easy to find at Night Bazaar or the weekend walking streets and they are relatively cheap.

A few useful question to ask in Thai:

Can you lower the price?

ลด ราคา ได้ไหม

lót raa-kaa dâi-mǎi

Do you have a smaller size?

มี เล็ก กว่า นี้ ไหม

mii lék gwàa nîi mǎi

Do you have a different color?

มี สี อื่น ไหม

mii sǐi ʉ̀ʉn mǎi

Do you have a bigger size?

มี ใหญ่ กว่า นี้ ไหม

mii yài gwàa nîi mǎi

Can I try them on?

ฉัน ขอ ลอง ได้ไหม

chǎn kɔ̌ɔ lɔɔng dâi-mǎi

Can I pay by credit card?

จ่าย ด้วย บัตรเครดิต ได้ไหม

jài dûuai bàt-kree-dìt dâi-mǎi

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