10 Important Restroom Vocabulary In Thai To Learn Today

Restroom Vocabulary in Thai- Featured Ling App

Let us take a memory buried 6ft below the ground. Do you remember the time when number two is about to ruin your day? You know what we mean here! It can be embarrassing, but it’s normal! But if you’re visiting Thailand, you might want to learn this restroom vocabulary in Thai as you might enjoy their food too much.

There is no shame in finally running to the nearest gas station to release the unholy number two; in some cases, it’s just number one. Although there’s no guarantee that you’d be welcomed with a squeaky clean toilet, you may occasionally need to pay less than a dollar (3 Thai Baht) to use the public restroom. It’s not always the case, but you may encounter these fees when using the lavatory in parks and beaches in Thailand.

Now that you’ve learned a few facts about the lavatories in the country, you’re now ready to unlock more Thai vocabulary that’ll help you out on your trip. Hop on as we venture through sentences and questions relating to the use of restroom vocabulary in Thai.

Must-Know Basic Restroom Vocabulary In Thai

Everyone’s go-to is the restroom whenever they want to fix themselves and do a little retouching. So, if you ever need to head to the lavatory, you’ll need this restroom vocabulary in Thai to assist you.

1. ห้องน้ำอยู่ไหน? (Hong Nam Yòo Năi)- Where Is The Bathroom?

Asking where the bathroom is isn’t the most awkward question when you want to go to the toilet. So, if you’re seeking to use the toilet, you just need to ask ห้องน้ำอยู่ไหน? (Hông Náam Yòo Năi) and do your business once you get there.

2. ขอใช้ห้องน้ำได้ไหม (Kŏr Chái Hông Náam Dâai Măi)- Can I Use The Bathroom?

If you’re seeking a polite way to excuse yourself and head to the restroom, this question can help you. It’s one of the many useful Thai phrases you can use whenever you’re having a conversation in a restaurant or anywhere with your friends want to.

Restroom Vocabulary In Thai (Soaps, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper) Ling App

3. มีสบู่ไหม? (Mii Sòp Măi?)- Is There Any Soap?

Before you ask this question in a public toilet, remember that most lavatories in Thailand don’t have free sanitizer, soaps, wet wipes, and toilet paper. Although if you’re in someone’s home, you might find this phrase handy if you can find it in their toilet. However, it’s safe to just bring these items in a bag and just come prepared.

4. ห้องน้ำนี้เป็นของชายหรือหญิง? (Hông náam níi bpen k̄hxng chaai rĕu yĭng?)- Is This Rest Room For Men Or Women

Have you ever accidentally entered the wrong restroom? Before you make the same mistake again, learn to ask which toilet is for your gender! You wouldn’t want to hear horrified screams as you enter the facility. You also may want to look for toilet signs too. Who knows, the answer might be just right in front of you.

More Restroom Vocabulary In Thai

Now that you’ve discovered some of the sentences you can use when using the toilet in Thailand. You may now start familiarizing yourself with a few words related to restrooms that can help you.

Restroomห้องน้ำHong Náam
Peeฉี่ Chi
Poopขี้ Kêe
Male Toiletห้องน้ำชายHong Nam Chai
Female Toiletห้องน้ำหญิงHong Nam Yĭng
Squat Toiletโถส้วมนั่งยองTŏh Sûam Nâng Yong
Soapสบู่ Sop
Toiletส้วม Sûam
Bum Gunที่ฉีดก้นTêe Chèet Gôn

Things To Know About Restrooms In Thailand

You may run through a little culture shock whenever you visit a foreign country. One of the biggest examples that can make you a little bit uncomfortable, aside from the language and culture barriers, is probably the toilet facilities of certain places. If you’re used to the typical Western-style toilet seat, then you might need to prepare yourself as you enter the public toilets in Thailand.

Restroom Vocabulary In Thai (Squat Toilet) Ling App

1. Squat Toilets

So, have you heard of the squat toilet? It’s what you think it is. You have to squat as you excrete all the good and the bad from your last meal. It may sound uncomfortable, but if you don’t have a lot of options, are you going to hold it? Although no toilets in Thailand are like this, you may still find regular Western toilets in larger establishments like hotels, fancy restaurants, and theaters. While this variation may be found in smaller restaurants and traditional households.

Restroom Vocabulary In Thai (Bum Guns) Ling App

2. No Bum Guns

A common way to clean yourself after you go number one or two is to use a bum gun or bidet, or tissues. In a typical Thai restroom, you won’t find any of the two, but you may see a small bucket that’ll help you clean yourself. But these are usually available in Bangkok and other places. Still, make sure always to carry wet wipes or toilet paper if you’re not accustomed to using buckets when washing your private parts.

3. Never Throw Toilet Paper In Toilets

One thing that would bring nightmares to tourists is accidentally clogging a place’s toilet. To prevent this unwanted experience, you must never throw your used toilet paper in the toilet bowl. Most seats are connected to septic tanks, and a simple piece of paper can easily obstruct it.

Restroom Vocabulary In Thai (Clean Floor) Ling App

4. Always Keep The Floor Clean

Muddy tiles are one of the things that disgust people. No one likes the sight of unclean floors. To prevent that from happening, Thai people remove their shoes before entering the restroom and put them back on.

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