How To Describe Personality In Thai With 45+ Amazing Ways

Describe Personalities In Thai

Are you planning a trip to Thailand and are curious to learn more about the wonderful people and Thai personalities? Or maybe you’re looking to learn how to describe personality in Thai.

This article will provide insights into the kinds of people Thai society has bred and the sorts of local personalities you are bound to meet. You’ll also learn how to describe the different personalities in Thai.

Let’s begin by discussing the general traits of the majority of Thai people.

Values And Traits Of Thai People

From a young age, Thai families raise their children to share similar values and personality traits. You’ll find that, in general, Thai people will exhibit similar personalities no matter where you travel or live in Thailand.

Describe Personality In Thai Friendly And Polite

Friendly & Polite – เป็นกันเอง (bpen gan-eeng) & สุภาพ (sù-phâap)

Thai people are raised to respect their elders and each other. They will also initiate communication through polite interaction, beginning with the traditional greeting of a wai. Thai people will clasp their hands together as if in prayer and bow to you in greeting. You are expected to return the wai.

People will smile at you everywhere, hence where Thailand gets the name, The Land of Smiles. This friendliness extends to people wanting to get to know you everywhere you go, from the girl at 7-11 to your taxi driver to shop keeps.

Helpful – ซึ่งช่วยเหลือ (seung-chuay-leuua)

Thai people will always try to help you in any situation, big or small. Even with a language barrier, people will get on their mobile phones and find a friend who can communicate with them to help them out. They will also welcome you into their homes if you need a safe haven and feed and take care of you if necessary.

Diverse Cultures – วัฒนธรรมที่หลากหลาย (wat-tha-na-tham-thîi-laak-laai)

Thailand is home to many different cultures and religions, including Buddhists, Muslims, Hmong, Karen, Christians, and other smaller ethnic groups.

In Thailand, everyone is encouraged to live freely, respect each other’s beliefs and get along.

Passionate – น่าหลงใหล (nâa-lohng-lai)

Thai people are incredibly passionate. They are passionate about sports, especially football, volleyball, and badminton. In addition, they will always follow their countrymen in the Olympics or other sporting competitions.

They’re also passionate about politics and their monarchy. However, you won’t hear a Thai person openly discussing these issues unless you know them very well.

Hospitable – ใจดี (jai-dii)

Thais will do everything to make you feel comfortable! All you need to do is ask. Hospitality is especially evident in the hotels or resorts you stay at, where the service is impeccable.

Family-oriented – รักครอบครัว (rak-khraawp-khruaa)

The culture within Thailand is very family-centric. A considerable emphasis is placed on family, friends, and community. You’ll find that housing consists of multi-generational homes with the young taking care of the elderly. There is a lot of respect shown between generations.

Enjoy Life – ใช้ชีวิตคุ้มค่า (chai-chee-wit-khum-kha)

Having fun is so important to Thai culture. This is why drinking is a big part of nightlife and karaoke. People love to go out and have fun (สนุก)!

Avoids Conflict – หลีกเลี่ยงความขัดแย้ง (leek-liiang-khwaam-khat-yaaeng)

Avoiding confrontation and conflict is probably the most crucial part of Thai culture and personality. You must be respectful, remain calm, and think things through with a smile!

Humble – อ่อนน้อม (aawn-naawm)

What we mean by this is that Thai people follow authority in very well-defined ways. There is a lack of critical thinking throughout much of the culture.


Thai people are also highly conforming. They like to fit in. You’ll see everyone catch onto new trends and follow them completely. They will conform to new rules easily and without question and follow all existing rules completely.

How To Describe Personality In Thai Part 1

Here’s a listing of how to describe different personalities in Thai:

aggressiveก้าวร้าวgâao ráao
charismaticมีเสน่ห์ดึงดูดmii sà-nèe dueng-dùut
creativeมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์mii khwaam-kít sâang-săn
diligentขยันหมั่นเพียรkhà-yan màn phiian
easygoingง่ายๆสบายๆngâai ngâai sà-baai sà-baai
emotionalอารมณ์อ่อนไหวaa-rom àawn-wăi
extrovertedเข้าสังคมkhâo săng-khom
friendlyเป็นกันเองbpen gan-eeng
generousใจกว้างjai gwâang
humorousตลกขบขันdtà-lòk khòp-khǎn
Describe Personality In Thai Regional Differences

Regional Differences Between Thai Personalities

Within Thailand, as you travel, you may notice differences between people throughout the country. Thai people notice regional changes between people as well. Here is how the different regions see each other in Thailand:


People from this region, such as in Chiang Mai, are viewed as the most compassionate and peace-loving.


The Thai personalities here are regarded as resilient and hardworking with a good work ethic.


People from the South tend to be more independent-minded and more assertive.


The people of Bangkok are often viewed as pretentious, less community-oriented, and more serious in nature. Of course, this is quite common to see such differences between city people and countryside people.

How To Describe Personality In Thai

How To Describe Personality In Thai Part 2

Here are some more ways to describe personality in Thai:

indecisiveไม่เด็ดขาดmâi dèt khàat
introvertedเก็บตัวgèp dtuua
reliableน่าเชื่อถือnâa chûuea-thǔue
selfishเห็นแก่ตัวhĕn gàae dtuua
socialชอบเข้าสังคมchâawp khâo săng-khom
sympatheticเห็นอกเห็นใจhĕn òk hĕn jai
thoughtfulที่คิดถึงความคิดของผู้อื่นthîi khít-thǔeng khwaam-khít khǎawng phûu-ùuen
understandingเข้าใจคนอื่นkhâo jai khon ùuen

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