35+ Basic Tamil Words About Transportation

The most common means of transportation are “Bus,” “பேருந்து,” “Pēruntu,” and “Train” “தொடர்வண்டி” “Toṭarvaṇṭi.” Knowing Tamil words about transportation helps you better understand Tamil Nadu and its people.

Tamil Nadu is a South-Indian state that has Tamil as its official language. It has a well-developed transportation system that offers travelers a comfortable ride and accurate map guidance. In Tamil Nadu, transportation is a necessary activity that allows natives and foreign visitors to go out.

So, to travel around the country, learn some Tamil words about transportation with Ling App. Understand that all local inhabitants do not know English. So, to communicate with them, learn Tamil, and enjoy your journey to Tamil Nadu. 


Common Tamil Words About Transportation

Transport in Tamil is “போக்குவரத்து” “Pōkkuvarattu.”If a person visits Tamil Nadu and tries to explore every place in the country, he must use transportation.

Tamil Words About Transportation

There are many common words that people use for transportation. These words make traveling easy while staying in the country. Some of the words are “Train,” “Bus,” “Map,” and “Bus station.” 

The English to Tamil translation of the above words is “தொடர்வண்டி,” “Toṭarvaṇṭi,” “பேருந்து,” “Pēruntu,” “வரைபடம்,” “Varaipaṭam,” and “பேருந்து நிலையம்,” “Pēruntu nilaiyam.” However, you have to buy “டிக்கெட்” “Ṭikkeṭ” before taking the bus. So, remembering this word is important. 

Some common Tamil words about transportation are below. 

English wordsPronunciationTamil words
MotorcycleMōṭṭār caikkiḷமோட்டார் சைக்கிள்
Bus stationPēruntu nilaiyamபேருந்து நிலையம்
Train stationToṭar vaṇṭi nilaiyamதொடர் வண்டி நிலையம்
Bus cardPēruntu aṭṭaiபேருந்து அட்டை

Parts Of Vehicles And Their Tamil Translation 

Parts of a vehicle play a key role in the proper transport function. So, if you are traveling in Tamil Nadu and driving your vehicle, you must know their names. You may need to buy an extra part for your means of transport, so for buying say “Seat” translated as “இருக்கை” “Irukkai.” 

English wordsPronunciationTamil words
Pedal  Peṭalபெடல்
Windscreen-wiperMuṉ kaṇṇāṭi tuṭaippāṉமுன் கண்ணாடி துடைப்பான்
Turn signalTiruppu camikñaiதிருப்பு சமிக்ஞை
Head lightHeṭlaiṭஹெட்லைட்
Number plateIlakkattakaṭuஇலக்கத்தகடு
Gas tankErivāyu toṭṭiஎரிவாயு தொட்டி

Tamil Words For Air Transport

The Transportation Department of Tamil Nadu is working to commercialize the transportation system. However, air transportation is better and more comfortable than land transportation. 

For air transportation, people use “Airplanes.” The Tamil meaning of the above word is “விமானம்” “Vimāṉam.” Some air transportation means and transportation goods are below. 

English wordsPronunciationTamil words
One wayOru vaḻiஒரு வழி
Flight attendantVimāṉa paṇippeṇவிமான பணிப்பெண்
AirportVimāṉa nilaiyamவிமான நிலையம்
Boarding passPōrṭiṅ pāsபோர்டிங் பாஸ்
Seat bookingIrukkai muṉpativuஇருக்கை முன்பதிவு
Window seatCāḷara irukkaiசாளர இருக்கை
Jet engineJeṭ iyantiramஜெட் இயந்திரம்

Tamil Words For Sea Transport

People use sea transportation to travel long distances. Moreover, the ship is the world’s cheapest and most widely used transportation to travel long distances. So, you must know the definitions and means of all the words related to sea transportation.

Now, that you are in Tamil Nadu, why not travel through the sea and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Remember the synonyms of the ship and learn them in the Tamil language. Other words in Tamil are below. 

English wordsPronunciationTamil words
TransportablePōkkuvarattukku ēṟṟatuபோக்குவரத்துக்கு ஏற்றது
LifeboatVāḻkkai paṭakuவாழ்க்கை படகு
Life jacketUyir kavacamஉயிர் கவசம்
ShippingKappal pōkkuvarattuகப்பல் போக்குவரத்து
Jet skiJeṭ skaiஜெட் ஸ்கை


 Words About Traffic Signs In Tamil

Tamil Words About Transportation

Important signal signs with their Tamil meaning and pronunciation are below. 

English wordsPronunciationTamil words
No U-turnYu-ṭarṉ illaiயு-டர்ன் இல்லை
No left-turnIṭatu pakkam tiruppam illaiஇடது பக்கம் திருப்பம் இல்லை
No right-turnValatu tiruppam illaiவலது திருப்பம் இல்லை
No trucksLārikaḷ illaiலாரிகள் இல்லை
Two-way streetIruvaḻi vītiஇருவழி வீதி
Right curve aheadMuṉṉāl valatu vaḷaivuமுன்னால் வலது வளைவு
Left curve aheadIṭatu vaḷaivu muṉṉālஇடது வளைவு முன்னால்
Stop aheadMuṉṉē niṟuttuமுன்னே நிறுத்து


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