Goodnight In Tamil: 22 Best Ways To Say Sleep Well

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Saying goodnight is important because it helps to set a boundary and establish a routine for sleep. It signals to the body and the mind that it is time to rest and relax, which helps to promote better sleep quality and overall health. Goodnight wishes also offer a chance to connect with family and friends and express gratitude. Before ending the day, let’s try saying goodnight in Tamil.

In the Tamil language, a good night is இனிய இரவு Iṉiya iravu. Another way to say it is நள்ளிரவாகட்டும் Naḷḷiravākaṭṭum which means “let this be a good night for you”. Long ago, people would say something more on the classic side of Tamil like நாளைக்கு பாப்போம் Nāḷaikku pāppōm which means “let’s go tomorrow” but இனிய இரவு is commonly used everywhere as an adaptation of the English language term “goodnight”.

The answers to these can be repeating good night in Tamil or saying இரவு வணக்கம் Iravu Vanakkam meaning goodnight. People say this both in formal and informal ways. Interestingly, வணக்கம் Vanakkam in the Tamil language means “hello” – so it’s almost like saying, “hello night!”

For good morning you say காலை வணக்கம் Kalai Vanakkam, for afternoon மதிய வணக்கம் Madhiya Vanakkam and evening it’s மாலை வணக்கம் Maalai Vanakkam. Check out this awesome article by Ling for more details in greetings.


Tamil Language Today

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Nowadays, Tamil people say the English word itself for goodnight despite having an old way to say goodnight in Tamil which is seldom used. People also use other such English words often in their daily life, but this approach is not appreciated by many Tamils. In fact, using the real term for goodnight is almost forgotten by some.

Some Tamils feel there is a danger of not knowing the correct Tamil terms as many people believe that classical Tamil must be reinsured. Tamil has a great heritage in culture, music dance, and sports and this language has a very old history. Many people desire to hold onto its legacy and want to ensure greetings like goodnight are not modernized but remain in the daily conversations of every home.

Still used today, there is evidence of written accounts in this language dating back to 300 BCE. For the true essence of the culture and nature of the classical language to survive, it was also introduced to schools as a medium of education at all levels and grades.


Goodnight In Tamil And Related

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For those seeking to impress in Tamil, there are many words to use rather than the usual “goodnight”. Below is a list of words already mentioned and some more that are versions of the first. You will also find some Tamil words related to sleep that you can use:

Good night இனிய இரவு Iṉiya iravu
Let this be a good night for you நள்ளிரவாகட்டும்Naḷḷiravākaṭṭum
Let’s go tomorrow நாளைக்கு பாப்போம் Nāḷaikku pāppōm
Goodnight இரவு வணக்கம் Iravu Vanakkam
As long as it’s good நல்ல இருக்கும் வரை Nalla irukkum varai
Good luck நல்லது வாழ்த்துக்கள் Nallathu Vazhthukkal
Have a good night ஒரு இனிய இரவாகட்டும் Oru iṉiya iravākaṭṭum
Have a nice dayநல்ல நாளும் வாழ்த்துக்கள் Nalla Naalum Vazhthukkal
Until the morning stops காலை நிற்கும் வரை Kaalai Nirkkum Varai
Dream கனவு Kanavu
Rest ஓய்வு Oyvu
Slumber தூக்கமும் Tukkamum
Tired சோர்வாக Corvaka
Yawn கொட்டாவி விடு Kottavi vittu
Twilight அந்தி Anti
Midnight நள்ளிரவு Nalliravu
Quiet அமைதியான Amaitiyana
Cozy வசதியான Vacatiyana
Solace ஆறுதல் Arutal
Lullaby தாலாட்டு Talattu
Relax ரிலாக்ஸ் Rilaks
Recuperate குணமடை Kunamatai
Sleep தூங்கு Tunku
Good bye பிரியாவிடை Piriyavitai

Here are some sentences that you can use too:

I’m going to bed நான் படுக்க போகிறேன் Nan patukka pokiren
I’m turning in for the night நான் இரவு திரும்புகிறேன் Nan iravu tirumpukiren
It’s time for me to dream நான் கனவு காணும் நேரம் இது Nāṉ kaṉavu kāṇum nēram itu
I’m ready to lie down நான் படுக்க தயார் Nāṉ paṭukka tayār
It’s time to rest ஓய்வெடுக்க வேண்டிய நேரம் இது Ōyveṭukka vēṇṭiya nēram itu

Before wrapping up about goodnight in Tamil, you may be interested in knowing the conjugation of the verb “to sleep”. In that case, check out the link for all you need to know about Tamil verbs. And if you are interested in more than just greetings, hobbies, and sports in Tamil, try the Ling App!


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