6 Easy Ways To Say Congratulations In Tamil Now

Congratulations In Tamil

Invited to a Tamil wedding and don’t know how to wish the new couple on their wedding day? Want to show your hearty appreciation to your Tamil-speaking friend? Or simply looking for ways to say congratulations in Tamil to a well-deserving colleague on his or her promotion? Then kudos to Google’s perfect algorithm, and good luck because you have landed on the right page!

Learning to say basic phrases like how are you, thank you, congratulations, and so on in a language other than English helps you bond better with your new acquaintances, colleagues, and friends. Such gestures are a reflection of your appreciation of their culture, traditions, and language. In this article, you will learn different ways of congratulating someone in Tamil. So, hold on to that bubbly for a little while more and start practicing the congratulatory phrases mentioned below.

How To Say Congratulations In Tamil

One of the stereotypes about Tamil people is that they are quite reserved, keep to themselves, and don’t give in to much fun, frivolity, and frolic. Of course, it is a generalization because not everyone checks into the same box. But one of the generalizations that I seem to buy is that a majority of them are pretty hard workers with solid ambitions and a reservoir of perseverance.

This is one of the reasons why a good percentage of the Indian diaspora in the West consists of intellectual academicians, high-flying CEOs, smart IT minds, and highly sought-after scientists of Tamil origin. With such achievements come a plethora of opportunities to say ‘congratulations.’

The word congratulations is written as வாழ்த்துக்கள் and pronounced as Vāḻttukkaḷ in the Tamil language. Below are other verb variations of the word congratulations that will help you frame the sentences accordingly.

  • Congratulate – Vāḻttu (வாழ்த்து)
  • Congratulating – Vāḻttukiṟēṉ (வாழ்த்துகிறேன்)
  • To congratulate – Vāḻtta vēṇṭum (வாழ்த்த வேண்டும்)
  • Congratulated – Vāḻttiṉār (வாழ்த்தினார்)
  • Congrats – Vāḻttukkaḷ (வாழ்த்துக்கள்)
Congratulations In Tamil

What Are The Different Ways To Congratulate In The Tamil Language

n the Tamil language, congratulating someone is more than just a polite gesture; it’s a celebration of their achievements and an expression of respect and admiration. But don’t worry if you’re not fluent in Tamil yet, because this section will guide you through the different ways to congratulate someone in this beautiful language!

#1 Congratulations

Translation: Vāḻttukkaḷ (வாழ்த்துக்கள்).

Sometimes, people also may use the word Pārāṭṭukkaḷ (பாராட்டுக்கள்) to say congratulations. This is the most basic term that you can learn quickly for regular usage.

#2 Best Wishes

Translation: Vāḻttukkaḷuṭaṉ (வாழ்த்துக்களுடன்).

This term is usually used in a written form, much like its English counterpart, mostly in formal correspondence like letters and work emails.

#3 You Did A Good Job

Translation: Nīṅkaḷ oru nalla vēlaiyai ceytāy (நீங்கள் ஒரு நல்ல வேலையை செய்தாய்!).

This phrase conveys an expression of pride. You say it to someone when they have accomplished a feat, achieved something, or executed a task efficiently.

There is another, shorter term that you can use to convey the say thing: Mika naṉṟu (மிக நன்று). This term is an expression in itself, meaning well done in English.

Congratulations In Tamil

#4 Congratulations On Your Wedding

Translation: Uṅkaḷ tirumaṇattiṟku vāḻttukkaḷ (உங்கள் திருமணத்திற்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்).

Generally, a Tamilian wedding (Tirumaṇam – திருமணம்) is a simple but traditional affair with minimal pomp and show. There are many rituals that are conducted, usually in the presence of immediate and extended families. Invitees or guests usually get to meet and congratulate the newlyweds during the wedding reception (also known as Tirumaṇa varavēṟpu – திருமண வரவேற்பு).

#5 Congratulations On Your Graduation

Translation: Uṅkaḷ paṭṭappaṭippukku vāḻttukkaḷ (உங்கள் பட்டப்படிப்புக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்).

Education is given utmost importance in Tamilian lives. A majority of Tamil-speaking people hold at least an undergraduate degree, while scoring a Master’s degree before searching for a job is the norm. So, keep this phrase handy if you live in a Tamil-populated region or have many Tamilian friends and colleagues.

#6 Congratulation On Your New Job

Translation: Uṅkaḷ putiya paṇikku vāḻttukkaḷ (உங்கள் புதிய பணிக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்).

Use this phrase to convey your sincere wishes to someone who has bagged a placement for himself/ herself in this cut-throat world economy. God knows we all need more and more of such genuine and warm wishes in our lives to keep us afloat.

Congratulations In Tamil

Simple Responses To Words Of Congratulations

Now that we know how to write to congratulate someone let’s also quickly glance at some of the responses to those phrases, such as “Thank You” (Naṉṟi).

Thank Youநன்றிNaṉṟi
Thank You So Muchமிக்க நன்றிMikka naṉṟi
Thank You For Your Warm Wishesஉங்கள் அன்பான வாழ்த்துக்களுக்கு நன்றிUṅkaḷ aṉpāṉa vāḻttukkaḷukku naṉṟi
Thank You For Your Lovely Wordsஉங்கள் அன்பான வார்த்தைகளுக்கு நன்றிUṅkaḷ aṉpāṉa vārttaikaḷukku naṉṟi
Thank You, May God Bless You Tooநன்றி, கடவுள் உங்களையும் ஆசீர்வதிக்கட்டும்Naṉṟi, kaṭavuḷ uṅkaḷaiyum ācīrvatikkaṭṭum
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