#1 Guide: Serbian Words Related To Eyesight

This time we will be peeking into Serbian words related to eyesight, exploring the unique expressions, idioms, and a word or two that highlight the importance of vision in Serbian culture. In this blog post, we’ll be diving deep into Serbian vocabulary and taking a cultural trip through the marvelous ways they talk about eyesight. We’ll get a glimpse of just how important vision is and explore the delightful nuances embedded in their language. So get comfy and join us on this thrilling adventure as we unlock the beauty of Serbian words that bring the world into sharper focus. Get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of language exploration like never before!

Basic Serbian Words Related To Eyesight

Let’s begin by familiarizing ourselves with some essential Serbian translated from English words into the native language and used by native speakers that directly relate to eyes and eyesight. These words serve as a foundation for understanding more complex phrases and expressions in the Serbian language.

To seeVideti
To lookGledati
To blinkBlinkati
To flutter (eyelashes)Treptati

Expressions Describing Eye Colour

Our eyes are not only the windows to our souls but also a canvas for an array of captivating hues. In this captivating journey, we will delve into the diverse linguistic landscape of expressions used to describe eye colors. From the mesmerizing depths of sapphire to the warm embrace of amber, the richness of language allows us to paint vivid portraits of one’s gaze.

Blue eyesPlave oči
Green eyesZelene oči
Brown eyesSmeđe oči
Black eyesCrne oči
Grey eyesSive oči

Idioms And Expressions Relating To Eyesight

Serbia is a country with a culture rich in idioms, sayings, and expressions, a few of which revolve around eyesight. Many will be recognisable to those who speak English, so let’s pay some attention and explore a few fascinating examples beginning with the following phrases:

Oči Su Ogledalo Duše – “Eyes Are The Mirror Of The Soul”

The meaning behind this attractive expression reflects the belief that a person’s true emotions and intentions are revealed through their eyes. It emphasizes the significance of meaningful eye contact and the non-verbal cues conveyed through our gaze.

Izaći Na Oči Nekome – “To Meet Someone’s Eyes”

This idiom signifies establishing direct eye contact with someone, often in a confrontational or assertive manner. It indicates a desire to express honesty, sincerity, or confidence and is also what polite people do when talking or making friends.

Ljubavna Slepila – “Love Blindness”

This phrase describes a state of infatuation for a beautiful person or being blinded by love, where one fails to see the faults or negative aspects of their beloved, even if they are the most beautiful person in the whole world. It conveys the idea that love and feelings of beauty can cloud one’s judgment and perception.

Biti Kratak Na Oči – “To Be Short On Eyes”

This intriguing expression implies being inattentive or not paying close attention to the point one is making. It refers to someone who fails to hear or notice important details or is unaware of their surroundings.

Za Oči Suza Neću Dati – “I Won’t Shed A Tear For The Eyes”

To Serbs, this phrase suggests indifference or lack of empathy towards someone’s suffering. It implies that a person is not emotionally moved by a situation or is unwilling to show vulnerability.

Eye-Related Superstitions And Folk Beliefs

In Serbian folklore, eyes have always held important symbolic significance, leading to various superstitions and beliefs associated with eyesight. Here are a few helpful examples to become familiar with:

Naočare Naopako – “Glasses Upside Down”

According to superstition, placing glasses upside down is considered bad luck and can lead to impaired eyesight. It is believed that this act, especially by older generations and women, invites the evil eye or brings misfortune upon the individual.

Curenje Očiju – “Tearing Of The Eyes”

Excessive tearing of the eyes is often associated with an old belief that someone is speaking ill of the person experiencing it. It is believed that excessive tearing acts as a protective mechanism against the negative words being spoken.

Svrab Oka – “Itchy Eye”

An itchy eye is believed to bring good news. It is often said that if your right eye itches, you will soon receive pleasant news, while if your left eye itches, it indicates impending financial gain. If you do get an itchy eye, don’t worry, but do see a doctor if it persists.

Crno Oko – “Evil Eye”

The evil eye concept exists in Serbian folklore, for example, where it is believed that certain individuals can cast curses or bring harm through their gaze. Protective talismans or amulets are used to ward off the evil eye.

Over To You

As we learned in this post, the Serbian language, with its diverse vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, offers a fascinating exploration of words and phrases related to sight and eyesight. From the descriptions of eye colours to idioms capturing the depth of emotions associated with eye contact, the Serbian language and culture emphasize the significance of vision in daily life. By delving into these expressions and learning their subtleties, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of the Serbian language and its portrayal of human experiences through the prism of the eyes.

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