70 Useful Serbian Vocabulary About Transportation

Serbian vocabulary about transportation is a very important thing to know if you want to travel to Serbia


Transport In Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is often referred to as the “link between East and West.”

Serbia also belongs to many larger European areas (Balkans, Danube, Pannonian Plain, Dinaric area). Such a favorable traffic position was also the main factor in its difficult past.

The Republic of Serbia has developed road, railway, air, and water transport. Road traffic is the backbone of traffic in the Republic of Serbia. It incorporates a comprehensive network of major (i.e. state) and minor (i.e. municipal) roads. The most important hub is the capital Belgrade, followed by Novi Sad and Nis. The road network in the republic consists of public and uncategorized roads.

Rail transport is fairly developed, although dual track and electrification are not very common.

Serbia is a continental country and therefore has no seaports. Of the ports in the surrounding countries, the ports of Bar in Montenegro and Thessaloniki in Greece are of the greatest importance for its economy. On the other hand, river traffic is developed and of international importance. All waterways in the country are located in the northern part of the country and primarily connect the country to the region of Central Europe. 

Air transport is fairly developed. Serbia has two main international airports. The largest and most important airport in the country is Belgrade’s “Nikola Tesla” airport in Surcin, 15 km from the city center. Due to its extraordinary position, this airport was once significant outside the borders of the former Yugoslavia, and it is expected that this level will be reached again in the near future (as a regional traffic hub).


Traffic In Serbian Cities

Developed traffic characterizes large cities in the republic (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, Subotica), where a significant share of intra-city traffic is public city transport.

Public (intra) city transport is owned by most Serbian cities that are the headquarters of the district. Except in the case of Belgrade, it is based exclusively on bus transportation. In Belgrade, public transport is done by bus, trolleybus, tram, suburban railway, and there are plans to build a subway. Nis, Subotica, and Novi Sad used to have tram transport.


Serbian Vocabulary About Transportation

Serbian Vocabulary About Transportation

Let’s talk about Serbian vocabulary about the means of transport. 

Road Vehicles

Serbian (Cyrillic / Latin) Pronunciation  English Translation
бицикл / bicikl bee-tsee-kleeh bicycle
мотор / motorмотоцикл / motociklмопед / moped moh-th-ormoh-tho-cee-klmoh-ped motorcycle
скутер / skuter sk-oo-ter scooter
ауто / autoкола / kolaаутомобил / automobil auh-tohkoh-lahau-to-mo-beel car
караван / karavan kah-rah-van travel trailer, caravan
такси / taksi tah-ksee taxi, cab
комби / kombi  koh-mbee van
кочија / kočija  koh-chy-yah carriage
скејтборд / skejtbord skayt-bord skateboard

Vehicles In Water Transportation

Serbian (Cyrillic / Latin) Pronunciation  English Translation
брод / brod br-ohd ship
трајект / trajekt  trah-yect ferry
чамац / čamac   chah-mats boat
моторни чамац / motorni čamac   mo-thor-ny chah-mac motorboat
јахта / jahta  ya-cht-ah yacht
једрилица / jedrilica  yed-ree-lee-tsah sailboat
кајак / kajak   cah-yac kayak
кану / kanu  cah-noo canoe
подморница / podmornica pod-more-nee-tsah submarine

Vehicles In Air And Railway Transportation

Serbian (Cyrillic / Latin) Pronunciation  English Translation
авион / avion   avee-on airplane
хеликоптер / helikopter   he-lee-koh-pter helicopter
цепелин / cepelin    tseh-peh-leen airship
voz voz train
транвај / tranvaj tr-ahn-vaj tram
шинобус / šinobus sh-eenoh-bus shinobus
метро / metro met-roh subway

Other Vehicles 

Serbian (Cyrillic / Latin) Pronunciation  English Translation
ватрогасни камион /vatrogasni kamion vat-rogah-snah co-lah fire truck
амбулантна кола /  ambulantna kolaхитна помоћ / hitna pomoć amboo-lah-ntnah co-lah ambulance
полицијска кола / policijska kola poh-lee-cee-skah co-lah police car
poštanski kombi poh-shtan-skee kom-bee delivery van
багер bag-er dredge, excavator
булдожер bool-doh-djer bulldozer
виљушкар / viljuškar vee-lyu-shk-ar forklift
traktor / трактор –  trak-tor tractor
комбајн com-bine harvester


Other Transport And Travel Words

Serbian (Cyrillic / Latin) Pronunciation  English Translation
путовање / putovanje poot-ovah-nye travel, trip
путник – путници / putnik – putnici poot-neec traveler(s)
туриста – туристи /turista – turisti too-ree-stah tourist(s)
туристички водич / turistički vodič  too-ree-stee-chky vod-eech travel guide
турустичка тура /turistička tura too-ree-stee-chah tu-rah tourist tour
пртљаг / prtljag pr-tly-ag luggage, baggage
кофер / kofer co-fer suitcase
царина / crina car-ee-nah customs
identifikaciona kartica /идентификациона картица ee-dent-ee-fee-kacee-onah  kar-tee-tsah card of identity
лична карта / lična karta lee-chnah kah-rtah ID card
виза / viza  vee-za visa
пасош / pasoš pas-osh passport
аеродром / aerodrom aeroh-drom airport
лука / luka loo-kah port
метро станица / metro stanica met-roh stah-nee-tsah subway station
железничка станица /železnička stanica   zheh-leh-zny-chka stah-nee-tsah train station
карта / karta kar-tah ticket
пут (путеви) /put (putevi) poot (poot-evy) road(s)
аутопут / autoput auto-poot highway
motoput / motoput moto-poot motorway
возачака дозвола/ vozačka dozvola voz-ach-kah doz-volah driver license
аутобуска станица /autobuska stanica auto-boos-kah stah-nee-tsa bus-station
паркинг / parking par-kee-ng car park
гаража / garaža gah-radja garage
бензинска пумпа / benszijska pumpa ben-zeen-skah stah-nee-tsa gas station
бензин / benzingorivo / gorivo ben-zeen gasoline, (petrol)
точак  (точкови) /točak  (točkov) toch-ak (toch-koh-vee) wheel(s)
пешак / pešak pesh-ak pedestrian
пешачки прелаз /pešački prelaz pesh-ach-kee preh-laz pedestrian crossing
пешачка зона / pešačka zona pesh-ach-kah zo-nah pedestrian zone
бициклистa / biciklista bee-cee-klee-stah cyclist
бициклистичка стаза / biciklistička staza  bee-cee-klee-stee-chkah stah-zah bike path
семафор / semafor seh-mah-for traffic lights
саобраћајни знак / caobraćajni znak sah-obrah-tsajny znak traffic sign



Да ли имаш бицикл? / Da li imaš bicikl? (Do you have a bicycle?)

Он је купио нови трактор. / On je kupio novi traktor.  (He bought a new tractor.)

Дошла сам аутобусом. / Došla sam autobusom.  (I came by bus.)

Ићи ћу колима. / Ići ću kolima.  (I will go by car).

Не знам колико кошта овај мотор. / Ne znam koliko košta ovaj motor.  (I don’t know how much this motorcycle is.)

Желим да купим скутер. Želim da kupim skuter. (I want to buy a scooter.)

У журби сам, узећу такси. / U žurbi sam, uzeću taksi. (I am in a hurry, I will take a cab.)

Волим да путујем возом. / Volim da putujem vozom. (I like to travel by train.)

Шта је у камиону? / Šta je u kamionu? (What is in the truck?)

Ова јахта је веома скупа. / Ova jahta je veoma skupa.  (This yacht is very expensive.)

Никада нисам летео / летела авионом. / Nikada nisam leteo / letela avionom. (I’ve never flown by airplane.)

Хеликоптер лети веома ниско. / Helikopter leti veoma nisko. (The helicopter is flying very low.)

Хитна помоћ је стигла неколико минута након позива. / Hitna pomoć je stigla nekoliko minuta nakon poziva. (The ambulance arrived within minutes of the call being made.)

Био им је потребан булдожер да помере камен. / Bio im je potreban buldožer da pomere kamen. (They needed a bulldozer to dislodge the rock.)

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