10 Useful Real Estate Vocabulary In Serbian

Investing in real estate in Serbia can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s crucial to understand the local terminology, key concepts, and real estate vocabulary in Serbian. Whether you’re a prospective buyer looking to acquire real estate or an investor, having a solid grasp of Serbian real estate vocabulary will empower you to navigate the process effectively. That’s why in this blog, we’ll explore essential terms to help you communicate with real estate agents, institutes, developers, and other professionals involved in the Serbian property market. Let’s begin!

When it comes to purchasing property, speaking Serbian is an absolute must! Serbia, a beautiful country with a rich history and breathtaking landscapes, offers incredible opportunities for real estate investment. By understanding the tricky Serbian language through and through, you gain a unique advantage in navigating the local market, negotiating deals, and building meaningful connections with sellers, agents, and potential tenants.

While we are not expecting you to sound like a native Serbian speaker overnight, what we advocate is that you try to challenge yourself by learning at least the basics. To help you get started, check out the terminologies we have rounded up below.

Real Estate Transaction Terms In Serbian

Property – Nekretnina

The term “nekretnina” refers to any type of property, including business premises, agricultural land, residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. It encompasses land, buildings, apartments, houses, and other structures. Understanding this fundamental word is crucial when discussing real estate matters in Serbia.

Real Estate Agency – Agencija Za Nekretnine

When navigating the Serbian real estate market, you will come across “Agencija za Nekretnine” or real estate agencies. These agencies facilitate property transactions, connect buyers with sellers or landlords, and provide professional advice and services throughout the process of entering into a sale and purchase agreement. Collaborating with a reputable agency can significantly streamline your property search. They will help with types of real estate ownership rights such as individual ownership, co-ownership, and joint ownership.

Building Land – Građevinsko Zemljište

“Građevinsko zemljište” refers to building land or land designated for construction. If you plan to develop a property from scratch, this term is vital as it signifies a parcel of land suitable for constructing residential or commercial buildings. Once a building is constructed on the land, it will need to be acknowledged by the real estate registry.

Sale – Prodaja

Serbian for sale, “prodaja” is the term used to indicate that a property is available for purchase. Whether you’re looking at listings or discussing options with real estate professionals, understanding “prodaja” is vital to identify properties on the market. It is important that records of any concluded real estate contracts are submitted by the public notary to the court for obtaining subject property rights. Any real estate purchase is also subject to property transfer tax (PTT).

Rent – Izdavanje

“Izdavanje” is the word to use when you are thinking about renting or leasing a property. If you’re interested in leasing an apartment or a commercial space or obtaining publicly owned property, this term will help you communicate your preferences for leased real estate to landlords or real estate agents. Remember that any changes you might want to make to a leased property will need to be approved by the landlord, who is also responsible for housing and building maintenance under the lease agreement.

Price – Cijena

“Cijena” is a crucial term when discussing budgets, negotiations, or comparing prices of different listings. Understanding “cijena” will enable you to have meaningful conversations about the financial aspects of acquiring real estate, owning real estate, and real estate transactions.

Deposit – Depozit

A “depozit” is typically paid by the buyer or tenant to secure a property. It serves as a form of security for the seller or landlord. Knowing this term is crucial when discussing financial obligations related to property acquisition or lease agreements.

Mortgage – Hipoteka

When financing a real estate purchase, you may encounter the term “hipoteka,” which refers to a mortgage. It represents a loan secured by the property itself, allowing buyers to purchase a property by making regular mortgage payments over an agreed-upon period. The mortgage agreement includes real estate assets determined by the agreement but may not include improvements made on the property or things a third party may own.

Apartment – Stan

“Stan” denotes an apartment or a flat. It can range from a small studio to a spacious multi-room unit. When searching for a property, knowing this term will help you communicate your preferences and requirements to real estate agents. The Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and Serbia makes it easier for foreigners wishing to purchase a property like an apartment. Any apartment lease agreement will need to be finalized in writing.

House – Kuća

“Kuća” is the word most commonly used when talking about a house in Serbian. It represents a standalone residential structure typically built on its own land. Knowing this term is essential if you are specifically interested in purchasing real estate located on its own plot rather than an apartment.

More Useful Real Estate Vocabulary In Serbian

Whether you are looking for private ownership of a house or looking for a leased accommodation, it is worth knowing some words in the Serbian language relating to the different parts of such property.

Parts Of The House

Ground floorPrizemlje
First-floorPrvi sprat
Second-floorDrugi sprat

Outside The House


Rooms Of The House

Living roomDnevna soba
BedroomSpavaća soba
WorkroomRadna soba

Parts Of A Room


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