Funny Serbian Phrases And Their Meaning

October 6, 2020

Here are some funny Serbian phrases and expressions from everyday life and their meanings. Smile and enjoy these great explanations of interesting phrases and expressions.

Whether they sound funny or have a funny meaning, they are strangely pronounced or difficult to explain, funny Serbian phrases are everywhere as the Serbian language is full of them. They are sometimes complicated to pronounce, and even more complicated to explain, especially to strangers. Some are new, and some have been used extensively by our grandparents. In any case, Serbia has a rich history, rich culture, and rich language, which gave us, among other things, a lot of hilarious, strange, and interesting words and phrases.

Let's talk about some of them!

Funny Serbian Phrases About People

Frćokla -  a person with curly hair may sometimes be directly related to curls.

Šalabajzer - among the people, this epithet was given to the one who does not do their job properly and who likes to live comfortably, without thinking about the possible consequences.

Crtao je grafite po zvučnom zidu -  Description of a very dangerous guy.

Pun k'o brod – When someone is rich.

Karakondžula - A being that comes from the mythology of the South Slavs. In our country, it is the name for an old woman who is actually a demon with a disfigured face, and who especially enjoys catching people at night. In jargon, it also refers to women with tousled hair, aggressive makeup, or an accentuated quarrelsome mood.

Ružan k'o lopov – When someone is ugly.

Pijan k'o letva  - When someone is very drunk.

Kao bebina guza – Skin is so soft like a baby's bottom (ass).

Boem – a person who is interested in art, music and/or literature and lives in a very informal way, ignoring the usually accepted ways of behaving.

Funny Serbian Phrases About Objects (stuff)

Andrmolja - You can also say trinket, and in the plural, Andrmolje - it usually refers to a multitude of small things, which are usually on the table or on the floor.

Hladni rat - A marital quarrel when a woman serves her husband an unheated lunch.

Klupa za rezerve - A bench that the host brings to the house from a neighbor when a larger number of guests than expected come to his glory.

Bumerang - Frisbee for the lonely and antisocial.

Radna navika - The ability to perform all activities that we do not normally do with a minimum of mental pain.

Funny Serbian Sentences Parents Say To Their Children

Baba Roga – When we were kids, we were all scared of this ugly old lady who hides in the dark and kidnaps children.

Samo ti plači, manje ćeš piškiti. – Cry all you want and you will pee less. This was a common sentence our mothers told us when we were crying a lot.

Nemoj da sedis na hladnom betonu – It’s a phrase that many mothers and grandmas will say. In literal translation, it means – Don’t sit on cold concrete. Doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you were raised in Serbia. It’s something that all of us born here learned ever since we were children. Mothers would warn their children not to get cold. Not very useful, but still very charming and funny while you’re with friends.

Serbian Funny Phrases

More Funny And Strange Serbian Phrases

Kačamak (or polenta) – Cornmeal as used in Serbian and Italian cooking.

Zjala - Some small, mystical things that Serbians love to catch when they're bored, but so far we don't know what they look like,  what they are hunted for, or where they are, and we especially don't know anyone who actually caught them.

Dirinčiti – This is a popular expression that refers to long and hard work for minimal compensation.

" 'De me nađe?" – When you hear a sound that means a lot to you

Ko te šiša? – When we don't care about someone or what someone is doing.

When you're stuck in the traffic and someone does something wrong, people in Serbia often yell: "Ko ti dade vozačku...?"

Pa 'de si ti? – When you go out and see a friend after a long time, you greet them with this sentence even though they are standing right in front of you.

Jeste, malo sutra – When someone is telling you something but you don't believe them.

Merak – A feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasure, the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that all add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The so-called Promaja or draft is the flow of air in narrow passages... it cools one part of the body that is more exposed and it bothers many. For example, you are stiff, you crack, someone's sinuses work, head hurts, neck ...

Promaja ubija  (Draft kills) – It would be good for someone to explain to the average foreigner, immediately after entering Serbian soil, that the draft is one of the greatest enemies of the Serbs and that one can suffer from it. ?

And Now Something Really Funny!

Translation from a foreign language, or into a foreign language, can often be very interesting. Searching for adequate words can sometimes result in a dead-end.

Every job is actually a creative source of entertainment, as shown by these 10 hilarious examples of how literally translated words from Serbian into English can sound ridiculous.

Meaningful expressions and sayings from the rich Serbian language during work can become a source of hilarious laughter when translated literally into English. I invite you to take a break and have a sweet smile with these language tricks.

Sentence / Word Literally translated    Real translation
Na licu mesta On the face of the place On the right place
Papaja (pa-pa ja) Bye - bye me Papaya
Prevedi me na drugu   stranu ulice. Translate me on the second page of the street Take me across the street
Ružica Sokić Little rose little juice Ružica Sokic -Serbian actress
Danijela (dani-jela) Days of meal Danyela – Serbian name
Šaputati (šapu-tati) Paw to daddy Whispering
Hajd’ u kolo Rado Come to Colorado Come on in kolo, Rado
Sve je gore i gore Everything is up and up It's getting worse and worse
Blago tebi Treasure to you Good for you
Upala mišića The infall of a little mouse Inflammation of muscle

I really hope those words and sentences weren't humorous to just me! ?

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