10 Best Festivals In Serbia You Should Not Miss Out!

Are you planning an adventure in a foreign country? Now is the best time for you to consider some of the best festivals in Serbia and get yourself totally immersed in the country’s rich culture. If you want to be part of the young crowd and are interested in attending music festivals, watching a classic film, and drinking booze, the Serbs got something that you will surely enjoy. Discover more about this in this exclusive post today!

Do you consider yourself a Парти анимал (party animal), melophile, or a film buff? One of the countries you must visit and add to your travel list is the Republic of Serbia (located in southeast Europe) due to its lively atmosphere, outstanding cuisine, and unbeatable nightlife! If you are planning to visit the country and experience these festivals firsthand, we highly recommend that you pick the dates carefully and plan them from around July to September. The reason for that is because most of their award-winning festivals are held in the summertime.

And when we say “award-winning,” we literally mean that their exclusive events attract millions of foreign visitors (mostly young people) from around the world. Unlike other countries, Serbia is known for its event tourism strategy, which is why its local government is consistently increasing its budget with the hopes of throwing the world’s biggest parties. Get to know more about this in the post below.


10 Famous Festivals In Serbia

10 Famous Festivals In Serbia

EXIT Festival – Grandest Four-day Music Festival

When: June | Where: Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

Perhaps this is the most important music festival in Serbia. The EXIT is the home to people who love music and are interested in what the local scene offers. Since this event keeps on growing year after year, it is important to note that you must reserve your accommodations even before the event since the whole month leading to the EXIT festival can be overbooked.

International Nišville Festival- Annual Jazz Event

When: August | Where: Niš

The city Niš is not just the home of the famous Skull tower, Mediana, and Tinkers’ Alley but also of one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe. What draws tourists into this four-day event is that it features the genres of music enjoyed by the locals, such as jazz, would, blues, and funk. It has also been the stage for some of the most notable artists and musicians worldwide, making it an interesting choice for those who love music.

Sabor Trubaca U Guci – International Trumpet Festival

When: August – September | Where: Guca

Also known as the Guča Trumpet Festival or Dragačevski Sabor, the late-night Trumpet Festival of Serbia was first held in 1961. No matter what age group the locals belong to, you’d be surprised to see the number of people celebrating this cultural event by listening to the sound of trumpet ensembles and watching traditional exhibitions by local and international artists. On top of that, you can also fill your tummy with some of the local specialties that are neatly lined up from outside the hall’s premises.

Belgrade Beer Fest – Biggest Beer Festival In All Of Serbia

When: August | Where: Belgrade

Whenever we think about Serbia, what usually comes to mind is their Belgrade beer extravaganza. During this event, you can party and taste over 100 brands of top-quality beer (both local and international). What makes this event such a hit in Serbia is that it is free and that you will no need to book a ticket beforehand. Just wear your hippest dress, and you’re good to go!

Lovefest – Largest Cultural Festival For Music, Art, And Urban Culture

When: August | Where: Vrnjacka Banja

If Pairs has the Pont des Arts (lovelock bridge) where young lovers can prove their love for each other, Serbia has the ever-popular Lovefest event held every year. It is a three-day music festival that takes on a romantic theme since it is held in the most romantic town known as Vrnjacka Banja. The attendees can also bring their camping gear and foldable chairs where they can rest and continue to listen to electronic pop music.

Festival Roštiljijada – Famous Serbian Meat Fest

When: September | Where: Leskovac

Also known as Leskovac Roštiljijada, the Roštiljijada is a yearly cookout enjoyed by the locals. While you listen to live music, you will be greeted by an enormous line of fresh Serbian meat stalls featuring grilled food as well as other popular delicacies perfect for those ready to dig in. The most commonly served dishes are the Ćevapčići / Ćevapi, Pečenje, and Punjene Paprike.

Kosidba na Rajcu – Traditional haying competition

When: July | Where: Town in Montagne Mountain

This traditional event is best known for its haying tradition, which has become an organized competition among the locals. Before the event, the “reapers” practice while the females will stock their homes with traditional food. Tourists can also join and become a volunteer, wear popular costumes, and get a taste of the Serbian cuisine.

Tešnjar’s Night – One Of Serbia’s Oldest International Cultural And Business Event

When: August | Where: Valjevo

What makes this event attract old souls is that this is known to be the oldest summer festival in Valjevo, which mainly focuses on the appreciation of Serbia’s art. This 10-day event is not like regular carnivals as this features a variety of exhibitions from local artists, classical visual arts, lectures, dance performances, theatre, and films. It is not just a fun event, but it also plays a huge role in the Serbian community since this has existed since 1987.

Kobasicijada – International Sausage Festival

When: February | Where: Serbian village of Turija

Serbians are known to be meat lovers, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they have a festival related to this. The Kobasicijada is a celebration of Serbia’s sausage recipe, so the locals help each other create the world’s giant sausage every year. This giant sausage extends up to one meter per year, intending to break its world record.

Pasuljijada – Bean Festival

When: June | Where: Čene, Novi Sad

With the numerous city-wide events featuring musicians and arts of the country, you might find it interesting that the locals also have a Bean festival. During this cultural event, the Serbs re-create the primitive dish known as “pasulj” made of white kidney beans in an open fire. It is usually celebrated with close family and friends, but there are also local dancing, singing, sports, and racing competitions that tourists can join in.


Other Serbian Festivals To Watch Out For

Other Serbian Festivals To Watch Out For

Looking for other interesting Serbian events for visitors? Check out the details about them in the table below.

Serbian festWhat it is aboutWhenWhere
Smederevska JesenGrape and wine festSeptemberSmederevo
Kupusijada Cabbage FestivalSeptemberFutog & Mrcajevci
Dani ludajeDays of PumpkinSeptemberKikinda
BITEFTheatre festivalJuneBelgrade
Belgrade Dance FestivalDance festivalMarchBelgrade


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