Giving Directions In Serbian: 50+ Easy Vocabulary

Knowing that basics of asking and giving directions in Serbian language can significantly help you in getting by around the country like a total pro. Whether you are a tourist or planning to move for good, understanding the basic vocabulary words used by the locals can help prevent communication breakdown. In this post, we will walk you through the most commonly used word, phrases, and expressions so that you can start speaking them right away.

Whenever we think about Serbia, what usually comes to mind is its amazing collection of historical attractions, nightlife, outstanding culture, and cuisine. But in order for you to experience all those, you need to be able to get to the place where all of the magic happens, right? If Google Maps can’t save you, the easiest way to find the location of a specific place is to ask the locals by saying “Извините. Где је …? “(pronounced as Izvinite. Gde je …). To help you get started on how this works, read below.


Vocabulary For Giving Directions In Serbian Language

Giving Directions In Serbian: An Easy 2021 Guide

When you are in a country far away from home, there is no denying that you can easily get lost during your trip, and this feeling can be very scary. In order to not waste your time walking long hours to a destination you are not sure of, it is best if you let the locals help you out. The most basic vocabulary you must know to speak like a pro includes the following below:

DirectionsSerbian Pronunciation Guide
In front ofИспредIspred
At the back ofНа полеђиниNa poleđini
Around the cornerИза ћошкаIza ćoška
Near the exitБлизу излазаBlizu izlaza
Down the hallДоле низ ходникDole niz hodnik
Next to…Поред…Pored
Near the bus stopУ близини аутобуске станицеU blizini autobuske stanice
Straight (on/ahead)правоPravo
RightЈел такоJel tako
Turn скренутиSkrenuti

Now that we already know the English and Serbian translations for the words related to locations, let’s now move on to how you can use these in real conversations. As a rule of thumb, it is always wise to start asking for directions with a greeting. Take the following examples below to learn how it works:

  • Здраво! Можеш ли да ми помогнеш? (pronounced as Zdravo! Možeš li da mi pomogneš?) This phrase directly translates to: Hello! Would you please help me?
  • Добро јутро! Могу ли да тражим помоћ? (pronounced as Dobro jutro! Mogu li da tražim pomoć?) This translates to: Good morning. Can I please ask for help?
  • Извини можеш ли да ми помогнеш? (pronounced as Izvini možeš li da mi pomogneš?) This can be translated into English as: Excuse me, can you help me?

Now that you already have the basic idea of how to form questions the polite way let us now focus on asking about specific locations. Check out the table below to find out:

LocationSerbian Pronunciation Guide
Police stationПолицијска станицаPolicijska stanica
Post officeПоштаPošta
Bus stopаутобуска станицаAutobuska stanica
LaundromatПерионица вешаPerionica veša
Traffic lightsCемафорSemafor
RoundaboutКружни токKružni tok
ZooЗоолошки вртZoološki vrt
CapitalГлавни градGlavni grad
DowntownУ центру градаU centru grada
Car parkПаркинг гаражаParking garaža

Now that we know the basic directions and locations, let’s continue with the lesson by focusing on the top useful phrases every traveler should know in order to speak and sound like a native.


Phrases For Asking Directions In Serbian Language

SerbianPronunciation GuideEnglish translation
Извините!Izvinite!Excuse me
Је ли ово моја станица?Je li ovo moja stanicaIs this my stop?
Извините, морам да сиђем овдеIzvinite, moram da siđem odavdeExcuse me, I need to get off here
Да ли се наплаћује улаз?Da li se naplaćuje ulazIs there an admission charge?
Где има неки добар ресторан?Gde ima neki dobar restoranWhere is there a good restaurant?
Сачекајте овдеSačekajte ovdeWait here
Само тренутакSamo trenutakJust a moment
Пођите за мномPođite za mnomFollow me
Пођите са мном, молим васPođite sa mnom, molim vasCome with me, please
ДођитеDođiteCome here
Идите овдеIdite ovdeGo here
Изгубио сам сеIzgubio sam seI’m lost
Могу ли Вам помоћи?Mogu li Vam pomoći?Can I help you?
Да ли можете да ми покажете?Da li možete da mi pokažete?Can you show me?
Близу јеBlizu jeIt is near here
Идите правоIdite pravoGo straight
Скрените десноSkrenite desnoTurn right
Скрените левоSkrenite levoTurn left
Да ли је близу?Da li je blizu?Is it close?
Идите првом улицом десно.Idite prvom ulicom desno.Take the first street on the right.



Giving Directions In Serbian: An Easy 2021 Guide

Спремни за одлазак у Србију? (Ready to go to Serbia?) As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you have learned all the exact translations you will ever need in case you want to speak in the Serbian language with the locals. It is true that most of the population also knows the English language, but it shouldn’t stop you from showing the locals how much you respect their country and their culture through the language.

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