Date And Time In Serbian: 50+ Useful Words To Learn

Date And Time In Serbian

Going to Serbia anytime soon? It’s not too late to find out the local festivities and events that you should plan ahead. Now it’s time to learn some date and time vocabulary in Serbian. This blog post will help you learn how the days of the week, months, seasons, and times of day are called in Serbian. If you’re ready to learn more about this amazing language, then tune in and start reading!

Date And Time In Serbian

While in English, we are familiar with the words from Monday to Sunday and other terms for the week like weekends or weekdays. Writing the date and time in Serbian doesn’t just mention the common Monday to Sunday in the calendar. Serbian also uses both the Serbian Cyrillic and the Latin equivalents when writing or speaking the language. So if you’re having trouble writing the Cyrillic version, just try memorizing the Latin words first! Take a look at the days of the week and start practicing them with your Serbian friends.

Days Of The Week 

EnglishSerbian Cyrillic LatinPronunciationSound
Mondayпонедељак ponedeljakpoh-neh-deh-lyak
Tuesdayуторак utorakoo-toh-rahk
On mondayу понедељакu ponedeljakoo poh-neh-deh-lyak
On tuesdayу уторакu utorakoo oo-toh-rahk
On wednesdayу средуu sreduoo sreh-duh
On thursdayу четвртакu četvrtakoo chet-vrt-ak
On fridayу петакu petakoo peh-tack
On saturdayу суботуu subotuoo soo-boh-tuh
On sundayу недељу u nedeljuoo neh-deh-lyuh
At the weekendза викенд za vikendzah week-end
On mondaysпонедељкомponedeljkompoh-neh-deh-lykom
On tuesdaysуторкомutorkomoo-tohr-com
On wednesdaysсредомsredomsreh-dohm
On thursdaysчетврткомčetvrtkomchet-vrt-com
On fridaysпеткомpetkompeht-com
On saturdaysсуботомsubotomsoo-boht-com
On sundaysнедељомnedeljomneh-deh-lyom
At weekendsвикендомvikendomweek-end-om

Months In Serbian

Similar to other countries, Serbia also starts with January as its first month.

English TranslationSerbian CyrillicLatinPronunciationSound
Januaryјануар januaryah-noo-ar
Februaryфебруар februarfehb-roo-ar
Aprilаприл aprilahp-reel
Juneјун junjoon
Julyјул juljool
Augustавгуст avgustahv-goo-st
Septemberсептембар septembarsehp-tehm-bsr
Octoberоктобар oktobaroktoh-bar
Novemberновембар novembarnoveh-mbar

Date And Time In Serbian: Seasons

How about the seasons in Serbian? You’ll have to prepare your clothes if you’re not used to having four seasons in a year. Here is the complete list of seasons in Serbian:

English TranslationSerbian CyrillicLatinPronunciationSound
Springпролеће prolećeproh-leh-tse
Summerлето letoleh-toh
Autumn / Fallјесенjesenjeh-sehn
Date And Time In Serbian Times Of The Day

Times Of The Day In Serbian

Firstly, it’s important to note that Serbia follows the Central European Time (CET) zone, which is one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1). This means that when it is 12:00 pm UTC, it is 1:00 pm in Serbia. However, Serbia also observes Daylight Savings Time, which means that during the summer time (usually from late March to late October), the clocks are set one hour ahead of CET, making it UTC+2. CET was adopted by Belgrade in 1884, and the observation of Daylight Saving Time in Serbia is initiated from the last Sunday in March through to the last Sunday in October.

English TranslationSerbian CyrillicLatinPronunciationSound
noonподне podnepod-neh
afternoonпослеподне / poslepodneпоподне popodnepos-leh-pod-neh
eveningвече večeveh-cheh
nightноћ noćnots
midnightпоноћ ponoćpoh-nohts

It can be confusing is regular to write “poslepodne” or “posle podne”. We use both in the Serbian language.  When used as a noun denoting the time of day, it is written in conjunction: 

  • Celo poslepodne pada kiša (It rained all afternoon). 
  • Proveli smo lepo poslepodne (We spent a nice afternoon).

When used as an adverbial clause for time, it is written separately: 

  • Otići ćeš posle podne (You will leave in the afternoon). 
  • Videćemo se u nedelju posle podne (I’ll see you on Sunday afternoon).

The same goes for the popodne, po podne i prepodne, pre podne

Other Words Related To Date And Time In Serbian

Ready to learn more Serbian words for date and time? You’ll need to equip yourself with these phrases

English TranslationSerbian CyrillicLatinPronunciationSound
Tomorrow morningСутра ујутру Sutra ujutrusoo-trah oo-youtr-oo
Day before yesterdayПрекјуче Prekjučeprec-you-tse
Day after tomorrowПрекосутра Prekosutrapre-coh-soo-trah
Next weekСледеће недеље  Sledeće nedeljesleh-deh-tseh neh-deh-lyeh
Last weekПрошле недељеProšle nedeljeproh-shleh neh-eh-lyeh
Next monthСледећег месецаSledećeg mesecasleh-deh-tseg meh-meh-tsah
Last monthПрошлог месеца Prošlog mesecaproh-shlohg meh-meh-tsah
Next yearСледеће годинеSledeće godinesleh-deh-tseh god-ee-neh
Last yearПрошле године Prošle godineproh-shleh god-ee-neh
What day is it?Који je дан?Koji je dankoh-yee yeh dahn
What month is it?Који je месец?Koji jemeseckoh-yee yeh meh-sehts
What year is it?Којa је година? Koji je godine?koh-yee yeh goh-dee-nah
Today is November 21.Данас је 21. новембар.Danas je 21. novembar.dah-nahs yeh dvah-dehset-ee-prvee noh-vehm-bar
Wake me up at 8.Пробуди ме у осам сатиProbudi me u osam satiproh-boo-dee meh oo osam sah-tee
When is your appointment?Када имаш заказан састанак? Kada imaš zakazan sastanakkah-dah ee-mash zah-kazhan sah-stah-nac
Can we talk about it tomorrow?Да ли можемо да о томе причамо сутра?Da li možemo da o tome pričamo sutra?dah lee moh-zyeh-moh dah oh toh-meh pree-cha-moh soot-rah
How To Write Date And Time In Serbian

How To Write Dates In Serbian

Writing dates in Serbian can be pretty confusing. So, I will give my best to make it more clear. Let’s get started. You can write the date in several ways in Serbian.

  1. jul(i) 2020. (or without the noun for the month, as it is implied)
  2. 7. 2020.
  3. VII 2020.

While reading this, you will notice that after each point there is a space (whiteness).

What to do if there is a comma in the sentence after the date?

For example Pišući ovaj dnevnik danas, 6. jula 2011, video sam… (While writing this diary today, July 6, 2011, I saw…).

Did you notice that after a year there is no full stop? This is because it is followed by a comma in the sentence and so that punctuation marks do not accumulate, forget the full stop only in that case).

You also noticed that there is no full stop in the third way of writing the date, where the month is written in Roman numerals. Why? Because Roman numbers are read as ordinal and there is no full stop after them in the Serbian language. And there are, of course, exceptions. For example, in the contents of books whose chapters are marked with Roman numerals, so they have subgroups marked with Roman numerals as well… Stylistic recreation is allowed, but only in that case.

So spaces are a must, and dots are as well. It is also important to mention that writing zero on the date is wrong. It’s only allowed in business documents (to avoid fraud). So, it is incorrect to write 6. јul 2011, 06.07.2011. and something like that. I almost forgot to say the thing that you may already have figured out: names of months in Serbian are always written in lowercase which is the opposite of the English language.

Time Changes In Serbia

Time zones are always computed by their difference to UTC, the “Universal Time Coordinated“. In Serbia, there is only a single time zone at UTC+1. E.g. New York has Eastern Standard Time at UTC-5 and the time difference between NY and Serbia is 6 hours.

They have a nationwide clock change from standard time to daylight saving time, where the clocks are switched forward by 1 hour in summer.

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It would be great if you learn how to say and write words about dates and times in Serbian. Also, knowing emergency phrases can be very useful if you are planning to visit Serbia. It would be a bonus if you knew Family Vocabulary In Serbian. If you have a friend or family member who is from Serbia, that person would appreciate it very much. I hope that this blog post helped you with that. If you want to learn more Serbian words and phrases, you should consider using the Ling app and get some basic knowledge of this beautiful language while having fun.

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