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10+ Best Ways To Say Congratulations In Serbian

July 27, 2022

Interested in connecting with Serbian-speaking nationals better? If yes, learning some of the best expressions and words to greet someone Честитам (pronounced as Čestitam) or congratulations in Serbian can certainly help you out. Whether they just got promoted or became first-time parents, expressing your sincere greetings for the momentous occasion will definitely help you strengthen your bond with them and be on their good side. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Congratulations In Serbian

When it comes to the Serbian culture, giving out kind messages and expressions of praise are very important. While most of the Serbs can speak English very well, it is still advantageous for you to use greetings that are in their native language. Not only will this surprise them, but it will also show that you genuinely respect their language and culture.

In the Serbian language, the word congratulations are directly translated as Честитам which is pronounced as Čestitam. Don't be confused if you see the same translation used in other languages like Croatian and standard Bosnian. One reason behind this is that these languages are part of the SCB or the Serbo-Croat-Bosnian language family which means that they share some linguistic similarities.

Below are some variations of the word congratulations in the Serbian language.

SerbianEnglishCyrillic SerbianSound

We understand that learning Serbian is not the easiest, especially for beginners to the Slavic languages. In fact, the FSI's language difficulty rankings show that you will need about 1100 hours of consistent lessons in order to gain proficiency in this language. There's no surprise to this since the writing script used in Serbian can easily throw off learners.

However, learning this is not entirely impossible. By simply focusing on the basic words and expressions, you can certainly get a leg up in the language. With this said, why not start your language learning journey by learning about the basic words and phrases used for congratulating someone? Are you ready for that? Let's get started!

Congratulation Messages For Motherhood

congratulations in serbian when someone gives birth

Are you looking for congratulation messages in Serbian for motherhood?

Words And Phrases In Serbian Related To Motherhood

Serbian EnglishCyrillic SerbianSound
Čestitam novim roditeljimaCongratulations to the new parents!Честитамо новим родитељима
Čestitam mami da budeCongratulations, mom-to-be!Честитам мами да буде
Čestitam na trudnoćiCongratulations on the pregnancy!Честитам на трудноћи
Čestitam na novom malom snopu radostiCongratulations on a new little bundle of joy!Честитам на новом малом снопу радости
Čestitam srećnim roditeljimaCongratulations to the happy parents!Честитамо срећним родитељима
Čestitam na ovom divnom poklonuCongratulations on this wonderful gift!Честитам на овом дивном поклону
Čestitam mama i tataCongratulations mom and dad!Честитам мама и тата

Congratulation Messages For Engagement

serbian engagement words

Imagine, your newly-engaged best friend is a Serbian native speaker and their English isn't the greatest. If you want to express yourself better to him or her, here are some great words and phrases that can help you send your congratulations in Serbian like a real pro. We highly recommend using any of these to make the moment more memorable and meaningful.

Words And Phrases In Serbian Related To Engagements

SerbianEnglishCyrillic Serbian Sound
Čestitam na veridbiCongratulations on your engagement!Честитам на веридби
Čestitam na udajeCongratulations on getting married! (for after the event)Честитам на вашем браку
Ti si verenaYou are engaged!Ти си верена
Čestitam na ovom uzbudljivom trenutku u vašim životimaCongratulations on this exciting moment in your lives!Честитам на овом узбудљивом тренутку у вашим животима

Congratulation Messages For New Job

serbian words to say congratulations

Serbians tend to take their family relationships and their friendships very seriously. For this reason, many of them usually announce it to all of the people close to them when they landed a new job or got a promotion. In line with this, here are some formal and a few casual phrases that you can use to congratulate and impress your Serbian friends.

Formal Expressions In Serbian Related To Jobs

SerbianEnglishCyrillic SerbianSound
Čestitam na zasluženom uspehuCongratulations on a well-deserved success!Честитамо на заслуженом успеху
Od srca ti čestitamI congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!Честитам од срца
Najsrdačnije čestitam na vašem uspehuBest wishes for your success!Честитам на успеху
Tako mi je drago da vidim da postižete velike stvariSo glad to see you achieve great things!Тако ми је драго што видим да постижете велике ствари
Jednostavno presrećan što čujem vaše dobre vestiSimply overjoyed to hear your good news!Пресрећан сам што чујем ваше добре вести
Iskrene čestitke na vašem teško zarađenom uspehuSincere congratulations on your hard-earned success!Искрене честитке на вашем тешко зарађеном успеху

Casual Expressions In Serbian Related To Jobs

SerbianEnglishCyrillic Serbian
Ovo poziva na proslavuThis calls for a celebration!Ово позива на прославу
Uspeo siYou made it!Успео си
Tako ponosan na tebeSo proud of you!Тако поносан на тебе
Toliko ste radili za ovoYou have worked so hard for this!Тако си напорно радио за ово
Ti to zaslužuješYou deserve it!Ти то заслужујеш
Dobar posaoGood job!Добар посао
Dobar urađenoGood work!Добро урађено
Najlepše željeBest wishes!Најлепше жеље

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