You’re Welcome In Albanian: 9 Fail-Proof Phrases

Have you ever wondered how to say you’re welcome in Albanian? Saying you’re welcome or Ju Jeni të mirëpritur is very important in life, just like saying thank you to someone who helped you. 

You’re welcome is a way to tell how much you liked the gratitude they showed and how pleased you are providing a helping hand.

When you settle in Albania, you will encounter daily conversations with Albanian natives. So, be prepared to use these 9 fail-proof ways to say you’re welcome in the Albanian language. These phrases will help you acknowledge and accept when people express their gratitude towards you. 


Why Should You Learn Albanian Phrases? 

Albanian Phrases

Interestingly, Albanians are heavily influenced by many Arabic, German, and Italian cultures. 

Even in modern times, Albanians are constantly migrating around the world. As the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs explained, natives of Albania decide to travel to other countries to find better opportunities, having one of the highest emigration rates in the world.

Regardless, when talking specifically about their language, you will find out that even though there are other cultural influences, their official language remained independent from others. Albanian has no similarity to any other languages of the same Indo-European family. And so it can be a unique and interesting journey to learn this language if you want to communicate with the locals.

Traveling to a new place requires you to be familiar with some of the most common and useful phrases of the natives. Learning some useful words and phrases will make your journey easier and more pleasant. It will help you enjoy smoother conversations with every single Albanian that you meet.

Let’s get to know more about conversations with the Albanian people.


Significance Of Saying You’re Welcome In The Albanian Language

You must have noticed that you’re welcome phrase did not get discussed very often. But let me tell you, learning 9 foolproof ways to say you are welcome in Albanian will come in handy in saving you from many awkward situations. So let’s have a glance at them.

Once, I talked to my Albanian friend and his classmate. Both of them needed my help in completing a specific university assignment. I helped them wholeheartedly, but when they said ‘thank you,’ I was unaware of how to reciprocate by saying ‘you are welcome’ in their native language.

I wanted to make that little effort, but I couldn’t. Since it took some time to reply, my friend assumed I was not happy helping them. So, I explained I wanted to say you’re welcome in Albanian and practice my language skills. But realized I didn’t know how to say it yet. So they kindly taught me how. 

Significance Of Saying You're Welcome in the Albanian Language

At that moment, I understood the significance of learning the most basic words such as ‘you are welcome’ or ‘thank you.’ I believe it is important to know how to answer gratitude phrases from native speakers to create a special bond with them.

Besides, it is always a good idea to talk to people in the best possible way by being humble and grateful, so you get along easily.

Benefits Of Saying You’re welcome

Replying to someone, ‘you are welcome’ in response to a ‘thank you’ is also a sign of good ethics and shows your good conversation manners. We all are aware of the fact and benefits a person gets when he displays good manners.

These are the benefits that you will gain just by learning simple manner phrases in Albanian:

  • You look pleasant.
  • People enjoy talking to you.
  • They feel more comfortable while conversing.
  • If you meet someone for the first time, that short meeting will positively impact the other person.
  • When people get impressed, they get ready to form long-lasting relationships and friendships with you.
  • And giving you many chances to connect to the world’s different peoples.

Formal Ways To Say You’re Welcome In Albanian

In EnglishIn Albanian
My pleasureKënaqësia ime
It was nothingNuk ishte asgjë
I’m happy to help.Unë jam i lumtur të ndihmoj.
I am honored!Jam i nderuar!

Informal Ways To Say You’re Welcome In Albanian

In EnglishIn Albanian
You’re welcome!Ju jeni të mirëpritur!
Don’t mention itMos e përmend
No worriesMos u shqeteso
Not a problemNuk është problem

Let me give you a tip. If you are somewhere in the southern part of the Shkumbin River, stress the last syllable while speaking these phrases, as the Tosk dialect is very popular there. And they will own you more when they see you talking to them in their main dialects.

If you wish to see how to pronounce these phrases to say you’re welcome in Albanian wholeheartedly, watch this video.


Learn Albanian With The Ling App

You must have understood how important it is to express you’re welcome in Albanian. So if you wish to reply to your Albanian friends and every person you meet during your trip to Albania, start learning the most useful vocabulary. Add colors to your conversations with all the words and phrases you will need.

There is no need to scratch your head while listening to others speak Albanian. Take your smartphone to download Ling App and start learning Albanian words and phrases with their direct translation to comprehend them better.

Learn Albanian

Use Ling App to learn the essential phrases effortlessly, whether it’s goodbyegood night, good evening, excuse me, thank you, or any questions.

You can even listen to the audio recording to catch up on the Albanian accent and pronunciation of the native speakers. You can explore many exciting Albanian phrases, vocabulary, and lessons by playing fun mini-games and quizzes. 

Start trying the four first lessons for free, and then continue until you enhance your fluency level! You can easily transform yourself from beginner to pro in no time. Isn’t it interesting?

Certainly, learning Albanian was never easy, but Ling App will solve all your language learning difficulties.

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