No Albanian On Rosetta Stone: 3 Great Substitutes

Did you know that there’s no Albanian on Rosetta Stone? However, you probably already know this if you’re a close follower of language learning apps. There are many reasons for this, but the most likely is that the financial viability of having multiple smaller languages is not as great as focusing on giant European languages like English, French, and Spanish.

(Albanian is the native language of the Albanians, although they have a different name for it. Albanian is one very interesting language. It has its own branch on the Indo-European language tree.)

Ling is attempting to become a massive, multifaceted learning community. We want to create active groups in language spaces across the world. That means we don’t want to focus on languages spoken by many speakers, but rather on building up the community base in languages like Albanian.

That is why we have designed a language learning app that makes learning Albanian fun, easy, and informative. Ling has over 50 units with many sub-lessons within each unit. Come and see for yourself.

No Albanian On Rosetta Stone: What Are Exciting Alternatives To Search For?

So what are the alternatives for improving your Albanian language skills outside of Rosetta Stone? Don’t worry; there are a few great options.

  1. Preply. Preply is definitely the best option if you want to practice your spoken language. Several other language apps try to provide a substitute for genuine speaking practice, including Ling’s chatbot. However, there is nothing quite like a real-life interaction. The great thing about learning Albanian is that it’s cheap. Albania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, so you will not be paying North American prices. For example, this tutor has excellent credentials and only charges £10 per hour. That’s far cheaper than most English teachers.
  2. YouTube. Of course, Albanian is not only a spoken language. YouTube will improve your listening. It is also important to become active on YouTube because you can become part of a language learning community. 
  3. SimplyLearn. SimplyLearn is a phrasebook brought to you by Ling’s sister app. SimplyLearn has nowhere near the functionality of Ling. However, it is handy if you find yourself in a situation where you need to use formulaic language. For example, checking into a hotel or ordering food. These full phrases will be at your fingertips.
No Albanian On Rosetta Stone 3 Great Substitutes

Why Should You Learn Albanian?

  1. Connection. This may sound a little cliched, but you reach a whole new level of connection with native Albanian speakers if you learn their language. This is particularly true in Albania, which retains a strong sense of brotherhood. If you’re at a big party drinking raki with a group of Albanians, they will greatly appreciate it if you can speak some of their native tongue.
  2. Neuroplasticity. This is a more general facet of language learning. Numerous studies have shown that if you learn a new language, it makes you more mentally agile. However, to say something improves your neuroplasticity only tells half the story. Learning fundamentally feels good. It gets the dopamine flowing in your brain, which means more positive emotion!
  3. Job Opportunity. If you become fluent in Albanian as a second language, you will have a very unique and marketable skill. You can make a tremendous amount of money. Albania had a torrid time in the 20th century, which led it to be one of the poorest countries in Europe. However, like a phoenix emerging from the ashes (or should that be the eagle that adorns its flag), the Albanian economy has surged in recent years. The most obvious route would be teaching English. However, if you speak Albanian, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Amazing Albania. In terms of how much fun you can have in a country, Albania is the dark horse of the Baltic states. Tirana is quickly establishing itself in a list of must-visit, cheaper European cities like Prague and Istanbul. The drink and food scene in Tirana is excellent, and Albanians sure know how to party! Also, tourism in Albania has surged 700% in recent years because Albania has been compared to the French Riviera. 
  5. Better communication. Although this sounds a little peculiar, learning a foreign language has improved my English. When you break down the constituent parts of a language, you begin to consider the elements that make up your own. You also understand how difficult it is to speak in a foreign tongue, which has caused me to talk in much more direct, easy-to-understand way.
No Albanian On Rosetta Stone 3 Great Substitutes

Learn Albanian With Ling

Ling has been making language learning fun since 2017. With our language learning plan, you’ll go from strength to strength

We think Ling is the best up-and-coming language app for lesser-spoken languages. But what can Ling do specifically for you?

Learn Languages Ling App
  • Listening. All our audio content is recorded by native speakers. It is the real official language, and you will have a genuine Albanian accent.
  • Speaking. We have developed a chatbot that aims to recreate the real sense that you’re having a conversation with a real person.
  • Vocabulary. Our Spaced repetition learning technique flashcards mean that you build up your known words in a fun and natural way. New vocabulary is presented to you at certain intervals that allow it to imprint on your long term memory
  • Grammar Guides. Not everyone likes to go into nominative cases, so our grammar guides are nonintrusive. However, there is plenty to sink your teeth into if declensions are your cup of tea!

We have a dedicated Albanian blog on our website. It’s updated twice a week, once by me and once by another one of our excellent writers. Some popular posts recently have been how are you in Albanian and basic Albanian words and phrases.

Thanks for reading this article ‘No Albanian On Rosetta Stone: 3 Great Substitutes.’

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