How To Wish Someone Happy Birthday In Albanian

If you want to know how to say Happy birthday in Albanian and other good wishes, I will do my best to teach you. I hope this will help you to understand Albanian better. Also, in case you want to wish a happy birthday in Albanian (to your friend, partner, or family member) or to write a small note on a birthday card, this blog post will help you with that.


Birthday Tradition Overall

For many people, birthday celebrations are very important dates in the year. We celebrate birthdays with family, friends or we organize a big party. In case you didn't know, the tradition of celebrating birthdays exists from ancient times, and many customs are related to this event that is often celebrated differently in a different way from country to country. 

We can say that each nation has developed its own tradition of giving presents for birthdays over time. So, when we talk about Italians, they have to open presents immediately after the reception and to do that in front of all guests. Conversely, such tradition is considered rude in Thailand.

Also, if you are in Japan, you are expected to put special effort into gift wrapping, while in India gifts are never given with the left hand.


Birthday Tradition In Albania

I just love birthdays. literally, adore them. So you can imagine my surprise when I find out that some people in Albania, especially the older ones, do not celebrate their birthdays at all.

For some people, it is common practice to deliberately forget their birthdays as they grow old, but in some cases, even youngsters have birthday traditions in Albania that amount to almost nothing compared to mine.

In America, it's always so exciting to go out with your friends and family because you know that your dinner and drinks will be taken care of. Now you are probably asking why? Because it's your birthday. Well, when we are talking about Albania, the tradition is 100% ass-backward. The person whose birthday it is is responsible for taking everyone out for drinks or coffee.

Kids now tend to have elaborate birthday cakes, but younger adults seem not to give as much importance to celebrating the day they were born.

The birthday tradition for them consists, usually, in treating everyone to a coffee or meal, friends and family, and presents… well, they may or may not come!

Happy birthday in Albanian is “Urime Ditelindja”, and it is usually accompanied by “edhe 100 tjera” which is like saying happy birthday and to 100 more.

I make a habit of remembering and celebrating the birthdays of my Albanian friend. Even though for her it’s not as important as it is for me, I think it is still nice to have someone remember you on a special date and celebrate the fact that you came into this world!

You can say “shumë urime” but it’s used even for other kinds of special days like Christmas or for the New Year. You can also say “gëzuar ditëlindjen” or “u bëfshë 100 vjeç(for males)/vjeçe(for females)” this last sentence is a bit less formal and you are wishing for this person to arrive at 100 years old.

Good Wishes In the Albanian Language

Albanian Language English Translation
Gjithë të mirat! All the best!
Urime! Congratulations!
Paç fat! Good luck!
Gëzuar ditëlindjen! Happy birthday!
Gëzuar Krishtlindjet! Merry Christmas!
Gëzuar Pashkët! Happy Easter!
Gëzuar Vitin e Ri! Happy New Year!
me gjithë emër with all my heart / wholehearted


Holidays And Festive Occasions

Albanian Language English Translation
ditëlindje birthday
Krishtlindje Christmas
Jule Yule
Prag i Krishtlindjeve Christmas Eve
Pashkë Easter
Festat e PashkëvePushimet e Pashkëve Easter holidays
Dita e Rrëshajave Pentecost / Whitsun
Pragu i Vitit të Ri New Year’s Eve
Viti i Ri New Year
martesë wedding
Dita e emrit name day
Dita e Shën Valentinit Valentine’s Day
përvjetor anniversary

Vocabulary And Phrases About Birthday Celebration

Albanian Language English Translation
festë party [Sg]
festat parties [Pl]
festë ditëlindje birthday party
ftesë invitation [Sg]
ftesat invitations [Pl]
Ju ftoj në festë! I invite you to the party!
urim /  dëshirë wish [Sg]
urime /  dëshira wishes [Pl]
Çfarë do të dëshironit? / Çfarë doni? What would you like? / What do you want?
surprizë surprise [Sg]
surpriza surprises [Pl]
dhuratë present / gift [Sg]
dhurata presents / gifts [Pl]

Holidays And Festive Verbs In Albanian

Albanian Language English Translation
(të) ftoj (to) invite
(të) uroj (to) wish
(të) bëj një dhuratë(të) dhuroj (to) make a gift
(të) blerë një dhuratë (to) buy a present
(të) marr (to) get
(të) pranuar ftesën (to) accept the invitation
(të) dhënë një dhuratë (to) give a present

Final Thoughts

There is not something as a tradition in Albanian birthdays. Adults either don't celebrate it or they have dinner parties. For teenagers and college students usually that will make a reservation at a club or pub. Kids have their birthdays at home or at school and the person who has the birthday gives away small bags of candy to the friends. In every of the above, there must be a cake or an individual dessert and the persons who are invited should bring a gift.

However, that doesn't mean that you don't have to wish someone from Albania a Happy Birthday. It would be great if you take some time to learn basic words about birthday celebrations and surprise your Albanian friend, partner, or family member with a beautiful greeting card written in their native language or to congratulate them verbally. Trust me, they will be grateful...even though they don't make a big deal of Birthday tradition like you do.

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