63+ Easy Albanian Prepositions You Should Know!

Albanian Prepositions

Would you like to learn some Albanian prepositions?

Prepositions play an important role in any language, and the Albanian language is no exception. Albanian prepositions help us understand the relationship between different elements in a sentence.

They are used to indicate location, time, direction, and more. Therefore, understanding Albanian prepositions is crucial for anyone who wants to speak the language accurately and fluently. In this article, we’ll explore Albanian’s various types of prepositions and learn how to use them effectively.

What Is A Preposition And How Is It Used?

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other terms in a sentence. Prepositions are essential components of any language, including Albanian, because they help us understand the relationships between different elements in a sentence.

They indicate a direction, location, time, manner, and other types of relationships between words. For instance, in the sentence “She walked towards the store,” “towards” is the preposition that shows the direction of the subject’s movement.

Understanding Albanian prepositions is crucial for accurate and fluent language use.

Albanian Prepositions About Direction

Albanian prepositions related to direction allow speakers to describe movement and location accurately. As with any language, mastering prepositions is crucial in achieving fluency in Albanian.

Here are the prepositions commonly used to describe the direction in Albanian:

EnglishAlbanian PrepositionSound
In, on, at
On the side ofNë anën e
TowardsNë drejtim të
In the middle ofNë mes të
At the end ofNë fund të
At the beginning ofNë fillim të
Next toNë krah të
In the upper part ofNë pjesën e sipërme të
In the lower part ofNë pjesën e poshtme të


  1. “Unë shkoj në drejtim të plazhit.” (I am going in the direction of the beach.)
  2. “Ai ecën nga jugu në veri.” (He is walking from south to north.)
  3. “Ajo vjen nga lindja në perëndim.” (She is coming from the east to the west.)
Albanian Prepositions - writing

Albanian Prepositions About Location

Mastering prepositions is essential to achieving fluency, and by understanding and using these prepositions correctly, you’ll be able to express directions and locations quickly.

Here are the most common Albania prepositions to know about location:

EnglishAlbanian PrepositionSound
In, at, on
In betweenNë mes
On the side ofNë anë të
In front ofPara


  1. Në qendër të qytetit ndodhet një shesh (In the center of the city, there is a square.)
  2. Shtëpia ime është afër stacionit të trenit (My house is near the train station.)
  3. Ai ecën përgjatë rrugës së limit (He walks along the river’s edge.)

Albanian Prepositions About Time

Albanian is a rich language with a complex grammar system, including prepositions to describe time. Understanding these prepositions is crucial for mastering the language and communicating effectively with native Albanian speakers.

Here are the most valuable words to know about time:

EnglishAlbanian PrepositionSound
BetweenNë mes


  1. Në orën 3 të pasdites unë do të takohem me ty. (At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I will meet you.)
  2. Ne fillim të muajit, ne do të kemi një konferencë të rëndësishme. (At the beginning of the month, we will have an important conference.)
  3. Ai do të vijë në fund të javës. (He will come at the end of the week.)

Albanian Prepositions About Manner

Albanian Prepositions About Manner refer to a group of words that help us describe how an action is performed. These prepositions are essential in understanding the nuances of the Albanian language and can significantly enhance one’s communication ability.

Here are some of the most commonly used Albanian prepositions about manner and their meanings:

In a mannerNë mënyrë
CarefullyMe kujdes
DiligentlyMe zell
IntentionallyMe qëllim
PleasurablyMe kënaqësi
SadlyMe trishtim
WillinglyMe dëshirë
DedicatedlyMe përkushtim
LovinglyMe dashuri


  1. Me shpejt: Unë kam nevojë të arrij atje me shpejtësi. (Quickly: I need to get there quickly.)
  2. Me kujdes: Te lutem, mund të më japesh atë me kujdes? (Carefully: Can you give that to me carefully, please?)
  3. Me dashuri: Ajo më foli me dashuri dhe kujdes. (Lovingly: She spoke to me lovingly and with care.)
Albanian Prepositions - city

Albanian Prepositions About Measure

These prepositions are used to describe the amount or quantity of something. Therefore, understanding these prepositions is essential for correctly describing objects, substances, and amounts in Albanian.

Here is a list of words used for measuring weight, length, volume, and time:

EnglishAlbanian PrepositionSound


  1. “Unë mora një tortë prej 1 kilogrami për ditëlindjen time.” (I got a cake that weighs 1 kilogram for my birthday.)
  2. “Ai bleu një tapet prej 5 metrash për dhomën e tij të ndenjjes.” (He bought a carpet that is 5 meters long for his living room.)
  3. “Ky zjarri është shuar pas 2 orësh.” (This fire has been extinguished after 2 hours.)

In these examples, “prej” is used to indicate the measure or quantity of something.

Albanian Prepositions About Possession

A possession describes ownership and relationships between people and objects.

These prepositions help convey who owns what and are particularly important when discussing family relationships or business partnerships. With the correct preposition, one can make a precise statement about who owns what and avoid confusion or ambiguity.

Here are the main phrases you can use:

EnglishAlbanian PrepositionSound


  • A könyvet neked adom. (I’ll give the book to you.)
  • Sétálok a kutyámmal az utcában. (I’m walking with my dog on the street.)
  • Az autója a szomszédunké. (The car belongs to our neighbor.)

These prepositions are placed after the object being possessed.

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