5+ Best Albanian Actors You Must Learn Albanian From

Are you interested in learning about the Albanian actors who are loved all over the world? As humans, it’s only natural for us to adore artists. This is why we put together this post so that you can learn more about your favorite actors and their careers. Let’s get started!

Albanian Actors

Albanian Actors

The actors of Albanian descent are remarkable in their actions, so here is an epic list for you to check out and follow for watching top Albanian shows and movies.

Orli Shuka

Orli Shuka is a renowned Albanian actor known for his alluring performances. He was born in Vlore, Albania, on May 27, 1976. He is a British-Albanian actor probably most famous for his part in Gangs of London as Luan, the leader of the Albanian mafia. Despite being a southwest European native, he has made a name for himself as a prominent performer in Hollywood. He has amassed many admirers, and even fellow stars and off-screen team members appreciate him.

He is well-known for his performance on April 23, 2020, premiere of Gangs of London, in which he played the role of Luan Dushaj. In the 2014 movie Hyena, Orli Shuka debuted as an actor when he took on the part of Nikola Kabashi.

Shuka Agim

He got a job as a performer at the People’s Theatre (now the National Theatre) after earning his degree from the Higher Institute of Arts (now the Academy of Arts). He subsequently became a professor at the Higher Institute of Arts.

His first performance was as Dini in the 1966 film Oshtimim n’bregdet. Other roles followed, including that of Bashkim in the 1969 film Old Wounds, Sandri in the 1975 film At the Beginning of Summer as the Albanian Commissioner of the Naval Base in the 1975 film Meeting in Person, Musa in the 1984 film Insurgent, etc.

Laert Vasili

On March 7, 1974, Laerti Vasili was born in Delvin, Albania. He is a performer from Albania who is best recognized for his roles in The Invocation of Enver Simaku in 2011, Out of Touch in 2011, Omiros in 2005, and O gios tou Tsarly in 2008. 

In 1963, Reshat Arbana played his debut part. In 1968, Arbana began working at Radio Tirana after finishing his training at the acting school Aleksander Mojsiu, close to the Albanian National Theatre. He performed at the National Theatre from 1977 until he retired. Arbana has garnered praise for his skillful portrayal of various characters to the point that he was given the Albanian People’s Artist medal for his acting abilities.

Ilir Jaçellari

An Albanian entertainer, artist, and filmmaker named Ilir Jaçellari. Ilir is most recognized for his appearances in Balancing Act and ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards. On July 7, 1970, Ilir Jaçellari was born in Lushnje, Albania. With instructors like Faslli Haliti and Gjergj Lala, he initially studied acting and art. His hometown hosted his first performances. The well-known Albanian author, Halil Jaçellari’s son, is Ilir.

Xhepa Ndriçim

Ndriçim Xhepa, an Albanian actor best known for his work in theater and movies under the Communist Regime, was born on January 22, 1957. He has performed at Albania’s National Theater and has been in the shoes of over 40 characters!

At the National Theater Festival in 1995, he received the “Alexander Moisiu” Award for Best Actor for his performance in Shakespeare’s “Fernando Krafi sent me this letter” by Dorst. He earned the Best Actor Award at the National Acting Festival, “Apollo 2004,” in Fier, for his performance in “Death of Danton” by Bühner and “Chapter Two” by Simon. He has been an associate professor at the Academy of Arts Faculty of Performing Arts since 1988.

Nik Xhelilaj

Kreshnik Xhelilaj is the full name of Nik Xhelilaj. He was born in Tirana, Albania, on March 5, 1983. His Albanian parents are commanders in the armed forces. He has contributed to several plays and films in Albania. With his portrayal of Kadir in the well-known Turkish television series Lost City, Nik Xhelilaj rose to fame in Turkey (Kayip Sehir).

In 2014, he released “Each Love is a Farewell (Her Sevda Bir Veda).” Later, his film Zer was released in 2016. The Last Emperor (Payitaht Abdulhamit) and Resurrection Karatay (Direnis Karatay) were released in 2017, and Nefes Nefese followed in 2018.

Abel Sknderaj

Alban Sknderaj, a songwriter, singer, composer, actor, record producer, and TV presenter from Albania, was born on April 20, 1982. He was raised in Lushnj and has made a name for himself as a popular alternative and mainstream rock musician in his own country and across the Albanian-speaking world.

After winning the Top Fest, Sknderaj gained significant popularity. His fame grew even further with the publication of his first albums, Melodi and Fllad Ne Shkretir. In 2010, he and his fiancée (he’ll be married to her soon), Miriam Cani, competed in Festivali I Kngs with the composition “Ende Ka Shpres,” finishing in 2nd.

With the launch of his title track Ende Ka Shpres in 2011, Sknderaj relaunched his youth musical journey, beginning to project a more grownup persona. He also participated in Knga Magjike for the first time in 2012 and managed to qualify, gaining much more fame in Albania and the surrounding nations. Sknderaj has also appeared as a juror on the Albanian broadcast talent contest shows The Voice of Albania and The X Factor Albania, in addition to his singing career.

Wrapping Up

Albanian Actors

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