13+ Easy Accommodation Vocabulary In Albanian

Are you traveling for the first time to Albania? Do you plan to stay in a hotel, guest house, or hostel? Have no fear. This accommodation vocabulary in Albanian list is tailor-made for you. Some vocabulary is easier, such as “hotel,” which translates into the same word: hotel. However, some are more difficult than usual, like the Albanian translation for “guest,which is mysafir.

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Accommodation Vocabulary In Albanian

Front DeskTavolinë para
Hotel managerMenaxher hoteli
HousekeepingMirëmbajtjen e shtëpisë
VacancyVend i lirë pune

Hotel Industry In Albania

Recent data on the Hotel industry in Albania is a little challenging to come by because of the upheaval caused by the coronavirus. The last quality data was from 2016, although we can still learn a lot from it.

Between 2015 and 2016, there was a 36% increase in the number of accommodation spaces. That equated to 336 new hotels. A big opening in 2016 was the Plaza hotel in Tirana.

Note: Business seems to be going very well for the luxury brand. As of April 2022, it has a 4.7star rating on Google. A 1-night stay is approximately £130.

So why, before the pandemic, was the hotel industry in Albania exploding? The answer is obvious—hugely increased levels of tourism. The number of visitors in 2006 was 1 million. By 2019 that number had risen to 6 million—a staggering increase.

In terms of luxury hotels, it’s been an up and down previous decade for Albania. The Plaza mentioned above hotel opened, but in 2018, Marriot announced that it was closing down its Sheraton branch. Hilton also expanded its holdings in Albania in the same year.

Accommodation in Albanian

Tourism In Albania

Tourism has been a boon to Albania since the fall of communism. The government saw it as a sure-fire way to get foreign investment into the country. And there is plenty in Albania that is great for tourists, including examples of historical cultures as wide-ranging as the Ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Byzantines, Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans.

Albania also attracts foreign visitors with its beautiful coastline. The country’s west comprises the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Ionian seas. In total, the coastline is 300miles. That’s a lot of beaches for happy beachgoers. Plus, in the spring and summer, the weather is beautiful.

What Makes Albania Special?

Albania has a little bit of everything: castles, forts, mountains, beaches, iconic communist architecture. If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, you’ll know the amazing story behind Rozafa castle in Shkoder.

Another fantastic landmark is the Petrele Castle, located in the Ezren valley. The castle stands 329 meters above sea level and dates back to the 6th century. The great thing about the castle, other than its amazing beauty, is close to Tirana. The building’s shape is triangular, with two observation towers. Historically, the observation towers were crucial because they were utilized to fight against the ottomans.

Is It Difficult To Get Around In Albania?

Several routes take you to all the Albanian places you might want to see. A famous road is SH8, which runs beside Llogara National Park. In full, SH8 runs from Vlore to Sarande.

Albania is a sight-seers paradise because of its mountainous terrain(much of which can be found in the north). However, it isn’t just the north that is magical. When the land sweeps down to the coast, you also see tremendous sea views.

Another famous motorway runs from Rreshen to Kalimash and joins Albania and Kosovo. Again, this piece of tarmac offers tremendous views of the mountains. Also, keep an eye out for Route SH78 and SH75.

Accommodation Vocabulary In Albanian

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