59+ Popular Spaceship-Related Slovenian Vocab

We all have heard the song “talking to the moon”, but does that ever make you want to do the same? Don’t you ever dream of a time when one ticket will take you across galaxies? If you are also a spaceship nerd, this blog post is all you are looking for. Today you will learn amazing Spaceship-related Slovenian vocab, making you want to discover this world even more.

Many people admire understanding the planets and getting a job at NASA. It amazes them to think that there are several planets in this solar system and that there might be a time when a space bus station will be created to take you to land on another planet.

For such a life, the advancement in technology is a basic necessity. You should know the Slovene words and their meanings to play a part in all the advancements and speak just like an astronaut.

Spaceship-related Slovenian vocab

Spaceship-Related Slovenian Vocab

Let’s look at a list of all the words which can expand your space related vocab:


English TermsSlovenian EquivalentsEnglish TermsSlovenian Equivalents
All The PlanetsVsi planetiEight PlanetsOsem planetov
Ancient GreeksStari GrkiElliptical OrbitsEliptične orbite
AsteroidAsteroidExtrasolar SystemsEkstrasolarni sistemi
Asteroid BeltAsteroidni pasFifth PlanetPeti planet
Astronomical UnitAstronomska enotaGalaxyGalaxy
Average DistancePovprečna razdaljaGasPlin
CentaurKentaverGas GiantPlinski velikan
Closest PlanetNajbližji planetGiant PlanetGiant Planet
Coldest PlanetNajhladnejši planetGravityGravitacija
Cosmic DustKozmični prahHeliosphereHeliosfera
Distinct PopulationRazlična populacijaHeliumHelij
Divine LightsBožanske lučiHottest PlanetNajbolj vroč planet
Dwarf PlanetPritlikavi planetHydrogenvodik
EarthZemljaIce GiantLedeni velikan
Earthly ObjectsZemeljski predmetiImpact CraterUdarni krater
Earth’s TwinZemljin dvojčekInterstellar MediumMedzvezdni medij

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English TermsSlovenian EquivalentsEnglish TermsSlovenian Equivalents
Kuiper BeltKuiperjev pasOnly PlanetSamo Planet
Kuiper Belt ObjectsPredmeti Kuiperjevega pasuOrbitOrbita
Largest PlanetNajvečji planetOther BodiesDruga telesa
Major PlanetMajor PlanetOther Extrasolar SystemsDrugi ekstrasolarni sistemi
MarsMarsOther PlanetDrugi planet
MassmašaOther PlanetsDrugi planeti
MercuryMerkurOuter EdgeZunanji rob
Mercury VenusMerkur VeneraOuter PlanetZunanji planet
Milky Waymlečna cestaPerihelionPerihelij
Minor PlanetManjši planetPhysicsFizika
Molecular CloudMolekularni oblakPlanetPlanet
MoonLunaPlanet EarthPlanet Zemlja
Natural SatelliteNaravni satelitPlanetary RingPlanetarni prstan
Natural SatellitesNaravni satelitiPlanetary SystemPlanetarni sistem
NeptuneNeptunPlanetary SystemPlanetarni sistem
Nine PlanetsDevet planetovPlutoPluton
Ninth PlanetDeveti planetProxima CentauriProksima Kentavra
Objects OrbitingObjekti v orbitiRed PlanetRdeči planet


English TermsSlovenian Equivalents
Scattered DiscRaztreseni disk
Scientific AgeZnanstvena doba
Seventh PlanetSedmi planet
Small Solar System BodyMajhno telo sončnega sistema
Solar FlareSončni izbruh
Solar SystemSolarni sistem
Solar WindSončni veter
Term PlanetIzraz Planet
Terrestrial PlanetZemeljski planet

Star-Related Vocab

Spaceship-Related Slovenian Vocab

Who would want to travel to space without wishing to see the stars closely? Let’s now look at some star-related words to make any conversation sparkly.

English TermsSlovenian Equivalents
Alpha Centauri AAlfa Kentavra A
Capella AKapela A
Capella BKapela B
Hadar (Agena)

Solar System

Gazed into the starry vocab? Now it’s time to get some energy from the dazzling sunny vocab about the solar system!

English TermsSlovenian EquivalentsEnglish TermsSlovenian Equivalents
Asteroid BeltAsteroidni pasMercury VenusMerkur Venera
Astronomical UnitAstronomska enotaMilky Waymlečna cesta
Average DistancePovprečna razdaljaMinor PlanetManjši planet
Closest PlanetNajbližji planetMolecular CloudMolekularni oblak
Coldest PlanetNajhladnejši planetNatural SatelliteNaravni satelit
Cosmic DustKozmični prahNatural SatellitesNaravni sateliti
Distinct PopulationRazlična populacijaNine PlanetsDevet planetov
Divine LightsBožanske lučiNinth PlanetDeveti planet
Dwarf PlanetPritlikavi planetObjects OrbitingObjekti v orbiti
Earthly ObjectsZemeljski predmetiOther BodiesDruga telesa
Earth’s TwinZemljin dvojčekOther Extrasolar SystemsDrugi ekstrasolarni sistemi
EclipticEkliptikaPlanetary RingPlanetarni prstan
Eight PlanetsOsem planetovPlanetary SystemPlanetarni sistem
Elliptical OrbitsEliptične orbiteProxima CentauriProksima Kentavra
Extrasolar SystemsEkstrasolarni sistemiRed PlanetRdeči planet
Fifth PlanetPeti planetSolar FlareSončni izbruh
GalaxyGalaxySolar SystemSolarni sistem
GravityGravitacijaSolar WindSončni veter
Kuiper Belt ObjectsPredmeti Kuiperjevega pasuTerm PlanetIzraz Planet
Largest PlanetNajvečji planetTerrestrial PlanetZemeljski planet

Slovenian Questions For Space

Finally, leaving a list of Slovenian questions can be a great help for you in the long run by asking questions about space.

English QuestionsSlovenian Questions
Can gravity form waves?Ali gravitacija lahko tvori valove?
Don’t black holes suck everything in?Ali črne luknje ne posrkajo vsega vase?
Galaxies look stationary, so why do scientists say that they rotate?Galaksije so videti mirujoče, zakaj torej znanstveniki pravijo, da se vrtijo?
Have aliens ever visited earth?Ali so vesoljci kdaj obiskali Zemljo?
How can there be anything left in the universe?Kako lahko še kaj ostane v vesolju?
How do space ships make artificial gravity?Kako vesoljske ladje ustvarijo umetno gravitacijo?
How do stars move when viewed from a speeding spaceship?Kako se premikajo zvezde, če jih gledamo s prehitre vesoljske ladje?
How does astrology work?Kako deluje astrologija?
How large would a bucket of water have to be to put out the sun?Kako veliko bi moralo biti vedro vode, da bi ugasnilo sonce?
What makes meteorites so hot that you can’t touch them?Zakaj so meteoriti tako segreti, da se jih ne morete dotakniti?
What makes space so cold?Zakaj je prostor tako hladen?
Why do the spikes that shoot out of stars form perfect crosses?Zakaj konice, ki poženejo iz zvezd, tvorijo popolne križe?
Why does the moon get bigger when it’s closer to the horizon?Zakaj luna postane večja, ko je bližje obzorju?
Why doesn’t the earth fall down?Zakaj zemlja ne pade?
Spaceship-Related Slovenian Vocab

Space Info Related To Slovenia

Are you one of those people who have always been curious about discovering new horizons like outer space etc.? Is it a hobby of yours? If yes, then it’s good because space exploration info benefits many causes like advanced scientific discoveries, formulating technical jobs, etc.

Before delving into the spaceship vocab, let’s first take a quick dive into the space info related to Slovenia.

History Of Space Exploration In Slovenia 

Slovenia started to research and practice space sciences a few decades ago. Their research yielded some important adventures like “first shot at space” by Herman Potocnik Noordung and “scrutiny in black body radiation” by Jozef’s Stefan.

Slovenia has the honor of being associated with the European Space Agency (ESA). It has a significant position globally when it comes to space projects as it supplies state-of-the-art components throughout the world.  

The students and new explorers are trying to make Slovenia’s space agency flourish.

Space Industry In Slovenia

The following are companies working in Slovenia, along with their specified details.


This hi-tech company has been operational for over 30 years. It has developed the Tourism Impact Model (TIM), which uses authentic space data to observe the impact of tourism on any specific location. It also developed high-performance computing and cloud services. 

It has its cloud computing infrastructure in a distributed environment where cloud monitoring can be enabled for full-stack observability. Furthermore, it has also gained experience in creating IT systems for tourism and artistic lineage.


Moving on to the second best space industry in Slovenia; Balmar. This is a privately owned enterprise that has been operating since 2008. It has a partnership with the European Space Agency and Rüstungs Unternehmen Aktiengesellschaft (RUAG) to carry out its technological promotion and product evaluation projects.

It prepares metal products for the structures and systems of space. This industry is quite flexible in manufacturing its products and ensures each product’s quality.

Many other businesses are carrying out space projects and paving their way toward the stars. It’s our concern to know about it since the space is for everyone, not an individual’s property.

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