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Welcome to the fascinating world of Slovenian school phrases! Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, this blog post will introduce you to the language you may hear in the classroom. Here, we’ll go over the meanings of some typical school (šola in Slovenian) phrases and provide examples of their usage. You will also learn about the cultural implications of these phrases and how they impact education in Slovenia. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of what to expect in the Slovenian classroom. Let’s start!

Slovenian School Phrases


One of the top expressions you must learn when you enter the school is how to greet other people. In Slovenian, greetings will depend on the time of day. For instance, you can say “dobro jutro” (good morning) in the morning and “dober večer” (good evening) in the evening.

You can also use the more informal “živjo” (hello), which is used for both mornings and evenings. It is also polite to ask how someone is doing with the phrase “kako si?” (how are you?).

When saying goodbye, the most common phrase is “nasvidenje” (goodbye). If you want to express goodbye to one person in particular, you can say “adijo” (goodbye).

Classroom Commands

In Slovenian classrooms, commands are used to keep the class running smoothly and efficiently. Common classroom commands include ‘Stopi!’, which translates to ‘Stop!’ or ‘Pripraviti!’, which means ‘Prepare!’.

Other commands include ‘Prestani delati!’, which translates to ‘Stop Working!’ and ‘Poslušajte!’, which means ‘Listen!’.

To indicate that everyone should be quiet, teachers will often say ‘Tišina!’ (‘Silence!’). When the class has successfully completed an activity, the teacher may say, ‘Odlično!’ (‘Excellent!’).

Asking Questions

When learning a new language, one of the most important aspects is being able to ask questions. In Slovenia, there are many different ways to ask questions that you should know before entering the classroom.

Questions are typically posed with the phrase “Kaj je” or “Kdo je” at the beginning. For example, when asking someone their name, you would say, “Kdo je tebi ime?”. To ask someone how they are doing, you would say, “Kako si?”. Remember to use these phrases when asking questions in Slovenia, and your conversations will flow more smoothly.

Giving Instructions

Instructions in the Slovenian classroom can be given in a variety of ways. Teachers may state the command. Additionally, teachers may provide more detailed instructions, such as step-by-step processes.

A common phrase for giving instructions is “Kot je rečeno,” which translates to “As it is said.” To emphasize the importance of following instructions, teachers often say “Točno tako,” meaning “Exactly like that.”

Lastly, when students have completed the task, they are instructed to “zaključiti” which means “finish.”

Common Expressions

Slovenian is full of interesting expressions that you may come across in the classroom. For example, “Čestitke!” is used to congratulate someone on a well-done job. “Nočem!” is used to refuse an offer or suggestion.

You might also hear “Kako gre?” which is a friendly way of asking how someone is doing. Lastly, “Kaj pa ti?” is a way of asking someone to elaborate on a topic.

Slovenian Words For School

Let’s now learn some of the most common Slovenian words about School we bet you haven’t learned before.

AssignmentDodelitevLunch BoxŠkatla S Kosilom
Class ClownRazredni KlovnMathMatematika
Composition BookKnjiga SestavkovMemorizeZapomni Si
ComputerRačunalnikMortar BoardMalta Plošča
DeskPisalna MizaPhysical EducationŠportna Vzgoja
Dry-Erase BoardPlošča Za Suho BrisanjePrinterTiskalnik
HomeworkDomača NalogaThinkPomisli
IntelligentInteligentenThumb TackThumb Tack
LanguageJezikWord ProblemsWord Problems
LaptopPrenosni RačunalnikWord ProcessorUrejevalnik Besedil
LearnNaučite SeWritingPisanje
Slovenian Words For School Ling

Slovenian Stationery Vocab

If you are anything like me, you must love your stationery more than anything in this world. So learning about Slovenian vocabulary about stationery must be a BIG MUST for you.

Ballpoint PenKemični SvinčnikMechanical PencilMehanski Svinčnik
BinderVezivoMemo PadBeležka
BookKnjigaPad Of PaperBlok Papirja
BookcaseKnjižna PolicaPaperPapir
BookmarkZaznamekPaper ClipSponka Za Papir
Clip BoardClip BoardPaper PunchLuknjač Za Papir
Colored PencilsBarvicePastePrilepi
CalendarKoledarPencil PouchTorbica Za Svinčnike
ChalkKredaPencil SharpenerŠilček
Chalk BoardTabla S KredoPoster PaintBarva Za Plakate
Construction PaperGradbeni PapirProtractorKotomer
EncyclopediaEnciklopedijaPush PinPush Pin
EraserRadirkaRubber BandsGumice
File FolderMapa Z DatotekamiRulerRavnilo
Flash CardsFlash KarticeScissorsŠkarje
Gel PenGel PeroSpiral NotebookSpiralni Zvezek
GlobeGlobusStaple RemoverOdstranjevalec Sponk
Glue StickLepiloTapeTrak
Hole PunchLuknjačWatercolorsVodene Barve
InkČrniloWhiteboardBela Tabla
Looseleaf PaperLooseleaf PapirWorld MapZemljevid Sveta

Wrapping Up

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