Authentic Slovenian Currency: Euro Or Slovenian Tolar?

Are you planning to visit this beautiful country called Slovenia? Do you think you might need some know-how about the currency used in Slovenia? Check out this blog post to learn about Slovenian currency and everything about the tolar banknotes.

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Slovenian Currency

Between October 8, 1991, and January 1, 2007, the tolar served as Slovenia’s currency which was then replaced by the Euro. Now, the Euro is Slovenia’s official currency and legal tender, and the Slovenian tolar is the former currency.

Slovenia was one of the first ten nations to join the European Union on May 1, 2004, was Slovenia, which did so by introducing the Euro. After the Act establishing the Euro went into effect on January 1, 2007, Slovenia’s currency changed to the Euro, and euro banknotes and coins were recognized as legal tender. Slovenia adopted the Euro as lawful money at an unchangeably fixed exchange rate of 1 EUR = 239,640 SIT.

Euro Banknotes In Slovenia

Once you’re in Slovenia, you’ll see that prices are shown with the € sign. That’s because the currency symbol of the Euro used in Slovenia is €. There are 100 cents in one Euro. Keep an eye out for the Euro currency code when purchasing money for Slovenia.

Although the 200 and 500 EUR notes are hardly used, you may find Euro banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. One and two euro coins are also available. Coin sizes for cents include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50.

Role Of European Central Bank (ECB)

The Euro is governed by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks of each member state. The ECB oversees monetary policy and determines interest rates to maintain price stability.

Figures On Slovenian Banknotes

Slovenian Currency

The figures depicted on the 10 to 10000 Slovenian Banknotes are:

  • France Preeren (poet)
  • Ivan Cankar (writer)
  • Ivana Kobilica (painter
  • Jacobus Gallus (composer)
  • Janez Vajkard Valvasor (historian)
  • Joe Plenik (architect)
  • Jurij Vega (mathematician)
  • Primo Trubar (reformator)
  • Rihard Jakopi (painter)

Useful Vocabulary

Now that you know about the basics of the Slovenian currency, you might also be interested in the valuable vocabulary for money used in Slovenia. So here is a quick list of money-related words which will come in handy when talking about Slovenian currency.

accountračundeposit accountdepozitni račun
ATMbankomatfill inizpolnite
balanceravnovesjeforeign exchangedeviza
bank chargesbančne stroškeinterest rateobrestna mera
cashflowdenarni tokoverdraftprekoračitev
chequebookčekovna knjižicapayplačati
counterfeitponaredekpay invplačati
creditkreditpayeeprejemnik plačila
credit cardkreditna karticapencepenijev
current accountTrenutni računsalaryplača
debitbremenitevstanding ordertrajni nalog

Useful Sentences

And finally, we bring you some fantastic Slovenian sentences about the Slovenian currency to help you have a wholesome experience. Check out these sentences and learn them by heart to know what to say the next time you talk about the Slovenian currency.

The currency had a gold standard connection.Za plačilo vozila se uporabi bančna menica v lokalni valuti.
Foreign money will be provided and repurchased by the bank.Posodobitev vprašanja valute je na voljo v poročilu.
To pay for imports, the government is running out of hard money.Britanski denar je sprejel metrični sistem.
Nigeria’s currency was recently undervalued.Tuji denar bo zagotovila in odkupila banka.
The nation’s currency lost % of its value.Priznal je posedovanje in distribucijo lažnega denarja.
An update on the currency issue is provided in the report.Zamenjal sem tujo gotovino, potem ko me je prevaral.
Exchange rates are always prone to fluctuation.Leta je Velika Britanija prešla na decimalni denarni sistem.
They are unable to use convertible money.Nigerijska valuta je bila nedavno podcenjena.
A banker’s draft in the local currency is used to pay for the vehicle.ali protivrednost v vaši lokalni valuti, pošljite £.
British money adopted the metric system.Zavezuje se, da se bo borila proti uvedbi enotne evropske valute.
I exchanged the foreign cash after being duped by him.Poteza Bundesbank je povsem presenetila vlagatelje in trgovce z valutami.
The previous century saw widespread adoption of his ideas.Valuta je imela povezavo z zlatim standardom.
The Bundesbank’s move entirely took investors and currency traders off guard.Nezakoniti trg tuje gotovine je naraščal.
She pledges to fight against the imposition of a single European currency.Nacionalna valuta je izgubila % vrednosti.
In Britain, it made the switch to a decimal monetary system.Prejšnje stoletje je bilo priča širokemu sprejemanju njegovih idej.
The illicit market for foreign cash was growing.Ne znajo uporabljati konvertibilnega denarja.
Today, the Central Bank tried to stabilize the exchange rate by intervening in the currency markets.Za plačilo uvoza vladi zmanjkuje trdega denarja.
You may be able to get foreign money from the bank.Centralna banka je danes poskušala stabilizirati tečaj s posegi na valutnih trgih.
He acknowledged having and distributing fake money.Morda boste lahko dobili tuji denar od banke.

Wrapping Up

Slovenian Currency

That’s it for this blog post. You must know a lot about the Slovenian currency, banks, and ways to make payments when visiting the Republic of Slovenia.

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