8+ Easy Slovenian Slang Words

Slovenian slang words make this already unique language even more beautiful. Today, we will walk you through Slovene’s most common slang that will surely enhance your everyday vocabulary. At the end of the day, knowing some of these can seriously help you interact on a much deeper level with the locals. Let’s dive right into it!

Slovenian slang words are essential to learning as it serves as a gateway for you to be easily understood by the locals. More often than not, every language has its own set of slang which can be used if you want to sound like a natural native speaker. While it is not always recommended to learn this due to cultural reasons, we listed below the basic set of slang that you can easily use even if you are a tourist. Scroll down to learn more about it!

Common Slovenian Slang Words


Starting with the most common Slovene slang, Pa, Slovenians love to use this slang while trying to say something, anything specific. It does not matter what they are saying, and the word pa is their ultimate go-to slang. They could be using it as any conjunction.

As English speakers, you must prefer to use different words for different purposes. For instance, “but” to show the difference, add something, and so on. Well, while talking casually with someone, Slovenes do not bother with all such formalities.

Slovenians are okay with using pa as “but,” “and,” “however,” etc. Here are some of the examples for you to better understand this:

Slovenian SentencesEnglish Translations
Ti pa jaz greva lahko na sprehod.You and I can go on a walk.
Ti pa on izgledata skupaj odlično.You and he look great together.
To bom prepustil tebi pa njej.I will leave this up to you and her.
To mi je všeč, vendar tega ne morem storiti.I like this, but I cannot do this.
Lahko grem s tabo, pa moraš iti z mano.I can go with you, but you have to come with me.
Imam delo, vendar je moj stroj pokvarjen.I have work to do, but my machine is broken.

A Res?

Noticed something extremely strange but unsure of what to say in Slovene? We got you! Just use the slang “A res?” for as long as you want the other person to know about the degree of your astonishment. Slovene people use this slang whenever they hear something baffling or extraordinary.

In Slovenia, people often make their voices squeaky and use this slang for several seconds to show the feeling of shock. You can also look into the other person’s eyes and say “A res?” for a few seconds in a deep voice. It will let the other person know that you are highly shocked.

Some English equivalents for “A res?” can be “for real?”, “Seriously?”, “What?” etc. Here are some of the phrases related to the use of “A res?”:

Slovenian SentencesEnglish Translations
A res? Si spet spodletel?What? Did you fail again?
A res? Ste vstopili?Did you get in?
A reeees?Jo je zapustil?Did he dump her?
A res? Ali si me prevaral?Did you cheat on me?
A res? Moj denar so ukradli?My money got stolen?
A res? Znaš nemško?Can you speak German?
A res? So bili moji prijatelji tam?Were my friends there?


Another great slang that every Slovene would use would be “kar.” This is different and does not have an English equivalent, so its direct translation cannot be done. Many people noticed that the Slovenes use kar when they want to imply “only” in English.

This slang is used when someone is doing one thing only and does not participate in other things. It can also have other meanings and different usage conditions, but this is the most common one. Here are some sentences for your understanding:

Slovenian SentencesEnglish Translations
Kar misliš, da se motim.You only think I am wrong.
Napišeš kar članek.You only write an article.
Ves dan uporabljate kar internet.You only use the internet all day.
Kar še en teden imaš.You only have a week left.
Ta pes govori kar z mano.This dog only speaks to me.
Kar jaz imam smisel za humor.Only I have a sense of humor.


Slovenes tend to use the slang “itak” when someone says something that is self-explanatory. Its English equivalent could be “duh,” which is used to confirm something that is being asked. In the standard Slovenian, you can use seveda instead of “itak.”

Here are some of the examples:

Slovenian SentencesEnglish Translations
A: Ste jo pozdravili?A: Did you welcome her?
B: Itak!B: Duh!
A: Vam lahko pošljem pismo?A: Can I send you a letter?
B: Itak!B: Duh!
A: Torej ste imeli dober dan?A: So you had a good day?
B: Itak!B: Duh!
O: To ni povezano z vami.A: That is not related to you.
B: Itak!B: Duh!
O: Njeni koncepti so čudni.A: Her concepts are weird.
B: Itak!B: Duh!

A Veš?

Moving on to the following slang, “A veš?”. Can you guess its meaning? Slovenians often use “A veš?” which means “you know?”. The equivalent of this slang can be found in almost every language. However, how a Slovenian would speak using this slang might make you want to hear it again.

It is one of those slang words that can lighten up your mood because people don’t use it in a rude or boring way in Slovenia. Instead, it is used curiously or delightfully, which might make you fall in love with Slovenian. Here are some of the examples:

Letters č, š, and ž have slightly different pronunciations. So while you say “A veš?” make sure to pronounce it right.


There are many words in Slovenian which have been adapted from other languages. Similarly, this is an example of that kind of word. Ful is used to imply a meaning of having all the aspects of “something.” Its English equivalents can be “completely,” “really,” “truly,” etc.

Slovenian SentencesEnglish Translations
Povej mi svojo ful zgodbo.Tell me your full story.
Pokaži mi ful državo. Show me your entire country.
Daj mi ful nasmeh.Give me a big smile.
Prinesel sem ti ful hrane.I brought you a lot of food.
Sprašujem se, ali bo življenje kdaj ful.I wonder if life will ever be full.
Dajte ful od sebe, da jo navdušite.Give your best to impress her.
Lepo se imejte!Have a lot of fun!
V Sloveniji “te ful glasni.You are so loud in Slovenia.

Tristo Kosmatih Medvedov

A funny phrase used by almost all the Slovenians when they are mad is “Tristo kosmatih medvedov,” which can be translated to “three hundred hairy bears.” Since this is one of the most common slang phrases used in the Slovenian language, it must have a long history behind it.

Naj Te Koklja Brcne

Presenting you with yet another slang to use when you are mad, but its translation will make you crack up. “Naj te koklja brcne” means “Let the mother hen kick you.” Sounds weird, right? This should be your go-to phrase while you stay in Slovenia and want to express that someone infuriates you.

Please note that this can be a bit harsh, and therefore, we encourage you to use it among the people who are close to you. It will help if you do not use this in official/ professional settings and with strangers.

Wrapping Up

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