15+ Best Phrases To Say Congratulations In Slovenian

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 05:55 am

Got a piece of good news to celebrate or want to congratulate someone? Well, then you are in the right place. The word for congratulations in Slovenian is “čestitke,” but there are other words and expressions that you can use. In this blog post, we will tell you all about when and how to say congratulations In Slovenian in the most interesting ways. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Different Situations

There are many formal and informal situations in which Slovenians congratulate each other. 

Like in other countries, Slovenians congratulate a person when a child is born, on gaining success in any field, commend on the hard work one has done, when a person gets married and on hearing exciting and wonderful news.

Slovenia is a small country and people are connected to each other, both in terms of physical distance and emotional association. In formal situations, you must congratulate using a formal tone and words. Here is an example.

Congratulations On The Job Promotion

Would you like to learn about a message in Slovenian which would be a perfect thing to mail to anyone in your vicinity/organization who just got promoted? Check this out!

Čestitke, to je čudovita informacija! Navdušen sem zate! Zaslužiš si to napredovanje bolj kot kdorkoli, ki ga poznam po dolgih odsekih težkega dela in predanosti. Za vaš napredek in vse vaše prihodnje dosežke.

Translation: Congrats that is magnificent information! I’m excited for you! You merit this advancement more than anybody I know after your long stretches of arduous work and devotion. Here’s to your improvement and all your future achievements.

How Do Slovenians Celebrate?

As you might have guessed, Slovenians drink a lot at every celebration. Drinking is no biggie for the Slovenian people. Hence, they need no excuse for this. But occasions like this serve as yet another opportunity to get drunk heavily.

Slovenians produce the highest number of good quality wines, and since they tend to love their wine a lot, their import constitutes seven percent of their entire production. Slovenians also use cakes on special occasions.

Aside from that, cakes are important too. The cake is a traditional dish in Slovenia, so their celebration would be too bland without serving cake. Their cakes are specially made of walnuts and tarragon.

Congratulations In Slovenian

Congratulations In Slovenian

And finally, let’s learn some epic sentences/phrases which are an absolute must for you to learn.

English PhrasesSlovenian Phrases
Best wishes and bravo!Lep pozdrav in Bravo!
Best wishes on your well-earned achievement.Vse najboljše ob vaših dobro zasluženih dosežkih.
Cheers and best of luck on your upcoming journey!Na zdravje in veliko sreče na prihajajoči poti!
Heartfelt congratulations for your success.Iskrene čestitke za uspeh.
I can’t wait to watch what you accomplish in your new position as IT director.Komaj čakam, da vidim, kaj ste dosegli na novem položaju direktorja IT.
In your leadership job, I’m confident you’ll accomplish a lot, and I’ll support you as you go.Prepričan sem, da boste v svojem vodstvenem delu dosegli veliko in podpiral vas bom na poti.
It was only a matter of time, I knew. Good work!Vedel sem, da je samo vprašanje časa. Dobro opravljeno!
I’d want to use this occasion to commend you on your recent job advancement.To priložnost bi rad izkoristil, da bi vas pohvalil za vaše nedavno napredovanje v službi.
I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve improved over the last four years.Presenečen sem, kako hitro ste se izboljšali v zadnjih štirih letih.
I’m delighted that you’ve succeeded and knew you’d thrive.Vesel sem, da ti je uspelo in sem vedel, da boš uspeval.
I’m really happy to see all that you have accomplished.Resnično sem vesel, ko vidim vse, kar ste dosegli.
Please accept my sincere congrats.Sprejmite moje iskrene čestitke.
Thank you for your recent raise.Hvala za vašo nedavno povišico.
This merits a celebration! Kudos!To si zasluži praznovanje! pohvale!
You did an excellent job with the network update the previous year, and I admire your determination.Preteklo leto ste odlično opravili posodobitev omrežja in občudujem vašo odločnost.
You succeeded! So happy for you!Uspelo ti je! Tako vesela zate!

Fun Fact

Did you know that many people confuse Slovenia and Slovakia? I bet you didn’t know about this and maybe you’re also among those people who mixed these two countries.

Slovenia and Slovakia are two distinct countries that do not even share a border. Interestingly, despite being separate countries, they have a lot in common regarding their language and culture.
One reason behind the similarities between Slovenian (slovenščina/slovenski jezik) and Slovak (slovenšcina/slovenský jezyk) is that they fall under the umbrella of Slavik languages.

Slovenian or Slovene is a South Slavic language primarily spoken in Slovenia, where it is one of three official languages. Slovak is a West Slavic language majorly used in Slovakia, where it is the official language. Both these are among the official languages of the European Union. There is almost thirty to forty percent mutual intelligibility between these two languages.

Well Done!

And there we have the complete guide on how to say congratulations in Slovenian. If you liked this blog post, then you should also check out Spaceship Related Slovenian Vocab and Slovenian food. But if you want to learn the language better, you should check out our recommended resource below.

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Congratulations In Slovenian

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