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Slovak Blog

An Easy Guide To Slovak Numbers (From 0-1000)

September 6, 2021
Ahoj! Vitaj späť. Are you wondering how to count and use the Slovak numbers like a real pro? In this...

11 Beautiful Languages In Slovakia

August 31, 2021
We are back again to another insightful episode about the Sovak Language! You mastered so many phrases in Slovak in...

40+ Easy Slovak Vocabulary For Family That You Must Know

August 2, 2021
Not sure what the locals mean when they ask you, "Kto je váš otec?" Don't run away from the conversation!...

Top 10 Delicious Slovenian Food To Try Out Today!

June 27, 2021
Looking for some of the famous Slovenian food? Well, look no further as this post will walk you through why...

Slovak Alphabet And Spelling: #1 Explained In Easy Way

June 9, 2021
In this blog post, I will try to teach you Slovak Alphabet And Spelling in the most simple possible way. ...

10 Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday In Slovak

June 4, 2021
If you have a friend or family member from Slovakia and would like to know how to say Happy Birthday...

150 Useful Words About Transportation In Slovak

May 26, 2021
Whether you are going on an exciting road trip through Slovakia or just catching the plane, the words about transportation...

20 Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

May 18, 2021
In this blog post, I will try to teach you 'love words and phrases in Slovak' and express other beautiful...

16 Greetings In Slovak That Are Useful To Know

May 15, 2021
Have you ever wondered how to say Hi in Slovak? Slovaks greet each other very often, and it is considered...

Slovak Blog

Slovak Blog


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