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Slovak Blog

15+ Easy Cooking Verbs In Slovak

January 28, 2022
Slovakia has a rich culinary heritage, as evidenced by the many delightful dishes and words related to food. Because of...

Differences Between Czech Slovak And Polish: Easy Guide

January 24, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic - The languages ​​of Central Europe, including Czech, Slovak, and Polish, are among the most challenging languages...

9 Slovak Question Words: Easy Guide With Examples

January 23, 2022
Going on a trip or planning to move for good? Questions, also known as Otázky in the Slovak language, are important...

40+ Vegetables In Slovak Language: An Easy Guide

January 17, 2022
Got yourself hladný (Slovak word for hungry) or craving for something healthy? In today's post, we will walk you through the most...

3 Easy Christmas Greetings In Slovak

December 24, 2021
The Christmas season is knocking on our doors again! You've been studying Slovak for a while, Christmas is coming, The...

4 Religions In Slovakia: Easy Ling App Guide

November 10, 2021
Do you think Slovakia is secular religiously as a country? How about if the country has the same outlook towards...

20+ Easy Common Slovak Slang Words

October 26, 2021
Interested to learn what are Slovak slang words exist today? Impress the locals with your skills by belting out the...

5 Famous Sports In Slovakia

October 11, 2021
Wondering what are the common names for the šport or sports in Slovakia? Get to know more about this in...

6 Rare Animal Names In Slovak: Boost Your Vocab

September 23, 2021
Have you ever heard of the High Tatras? The high Tatras are mountains that can be seen along the borders of...

Slovak Blog

Slovak Blog


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